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    Why a t-rex or a spino? theres other big dinosurs other than those 2

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    Nov-25-2012 7:02 PM

    Bring in a new dinosaur and make it interesting!

    15 Responses to Why a t-rex or a spino? theres other big dinosurs other than those 2


    Nov-26-2012 3:34 PM

    well...... I think you have to have a T-Rex just because they are so very cool!!!! and they have featured in the other JP and I would feel cheated if they didnt include one But I completely agree with you that some new Dinosaurs would be brilliant and certainly add to the fun!! I would like a Gigantasaurus [img][/img] I would love it if they included some marine Reptiles : ) [img][/img] Imagine big game fishing for Megalodon!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!! [img][/img]

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    Dec-07-2012 10:41 AM

    Bring in some aquatic dinos, like Chasmosaurus or Mosasaur. We can say that they somhow broke the gate keeping them in the marine exhibit and they fled into the ocean, then they stayed in the area around the island. I also vote for Spinosaurus as the main big 1, but some other big ones would b kool 2. Alasaurus, ceratoraurus, or maybe a Acrocanthosaurus if that would b a good idea. But i think you hav GOTTA have raptors no matter what! Troodons and dilophasauruses r also rlly awesome!


    Dec-07-2012 10:43 AM

    o ya and some PACHYCEPHLOSAURUS action should b in there. They may b herbivores, but they sure r strong! PTERADONS should b in there too. They were awesome in the 3rd JP movie!


    Dec-07-2012 11:16 AM

    gigantosaurus for sure.. that would be a huge epic battle if a spino and a T-rex battled that beast!


    Dec-08-2012 10:30 PM

    If they are to bring T-rex back into the next movie, I would like to see them using the new findings about T-rex's nature. For example, new evidence has shown that T-rex may not have been a solitary hunter but hunted in small family packs. I would also like to see new dino's and hope that they look even more realistic and give us a better glimpse on what dinos possible looked like alive.


    Dec-09-2012 10:57 AM

    Well T-Rex is T-Rex :P If you're making a movie about dinosaurs then the lead spot really belongs to the T-Rex which is what happened with the first two movies. There's no image of dinosaurs in the mind of hte public that does not include a T-Rex, so he became the symbol of the franchise. By the third movie the filmmakers just wanted something different, and Spinosaurus is as alien looking as you can get really. The problem with bringing in any other large therapod is that none of them are really gonna look that much different than a T-Rex on screen. And the question filmmakers will be asking themselves is, "Why bother introducing this new dinosaur for an audience to root for that looks very similar to the dinosaur they already know and love other than the fact that it has one extra claw." I'm thinking prehistoric aquatic reptiles are the way to go, because it's legitimately new. It'll be refreshing. That or some of the recently discovered feathered therapods, that could definitely be fun visually. Seeing a 15 by 40 foot rainbow-feathered carnivore would really be something.


    Dec-14-2012 8:43 AM

    I think Dilophosaurus is the dinosaur .


    Dec-15-2012 10:19 AM

    It is Giganotosaurus tankgirl, becuse Gigantosaurus is a sauropod.


    Dec-16-2012 12:42 AM

    Regardless of what other dinosaurs are put into the movie. The poster child, the one the whole world recognizes, and the one that everyone know by name is the T-Rex. Honeslty I felt insulted in #3 when the Spino killed the T-Rex. That's like killing your biggest attraction, or trading your best player. I've never ever in my life heard of the Spinosaurus Egypticus. Until #3 and it will never be a symbol like the T-Rex or the Raptors. That's the same way. If they remove the T-Rex and the Raptors. You will be looking and a disaster waiting to happen. Those 2 names are know around the world. You must have them in the movie. There is no other direction to go. That's proven in the first 3 movies. They had the raptors in all 3 and took the T-Rex out of #3 and that was the biggest disappointment I think in the entire franchise.


    Dec-18-2012 10:24 AM

    Space Cat, I think that the idea of having a fish based Dinosaur is ok but I don't know how u would integrate it into the movie. There in my opinion isn't a way. If they woulda shown a waterbased dino in the previous 3 then I could see how they could build up to it in 4. Much the same way they did with the ending in 2 where the had the birds, and the bird cage in 3. That I think is where it should be built up. If they did make a water based dino how would they contain it? Those were the biggest animals to ever roam, swim, walk, or fly on the planet. If Jurassic Park had a dino-fish then when the park was destroyed it woulda gotten out. I just don't see how you would/could go about integrating a fish based dinosaur into the movie.


    Mar-23-2013 6:57 PM

    Well people think T-Rex and Spinosaurus were the most famous dinosaurs, but other than that there should be a Carnotaurus (the big carnivores in the movie Dinosaur) or a Gigantosaurus.


    Mar-23-2013 8:10 PM

    t rex was the biggest and fearsest "known" predator back then and the most iconic you see they were from te Cretaceous period the last one giagantasaur was from an earlier period of time they wanted to go with the one everyone knew that was a t rex most of the other dinosaurs where picked by two reasons they were in the book and they were highly iconic to paleontology "so quit your belly aching"- bakker jurassic park redemption

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    Mar-25-2013 1:56 PM

    Would love to see the spino taken down by a pack of mean allosaurs, which are then challenged by an adult bull Rex for the food, who instantly takes down the packs alfa male with one bite to the neck, the Rex's family then turns up, so the rest of the pack scatter. Leaving the Rex's to eat spino. Now you no longer need to see the Rexes for the rest of the film and the allosaurs pack can be the main antagonist for the people in it. Making the Rex king again but with new dinosaurs involved.


    Mar-25-2013 4:12 PM

    Because T.Rex is an icon, but is also the most powerful of all. Anyway there many large theropod such as; Torvosaurus, Saurophaganax, Tyrannotitan, Mapusaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and I've read that recent investigations have determined that the Suchomimus can become as large and heavy as a T.Rex.


    Apr-12-2013 7:37 PM

    I agree with raptorize1000, we should have an allosaurus, a medium-sized predator, b/c all we see are small raptors and a giant t-Rex. I also agree with the Acrocanthosaurus idea. If you watch monsters resurrected there is an ep. That explains how acro was designed to kill large dumb prey, like giant sauropods, while Trex was designed for small smart/protected prey. BRING ON THE ACRO!

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