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    Velociraptor Awareness

    Started Apr-15-2016 1:42 PM by Sci-Fi King25

    Last reply by scilover on Nov-24-2020 8:29 PM

    Lost in The End: Parts 1-3

    Started Jun-11-2017 6:44 PM by GG

    Last reply by GG on Jul-02-2017 11:46 AM

    The official dinosaur meme thread

    Started Jan-10-2015 9:37 PM by Carnosaur

    Last reply by Kattozilla on Sep-23-2019 9:50 AM

    Lost in The End Part 12 the Final Chapter: The Tyrant Guard

    Started Jun-27-2018 5:47 PM by GG

    Last reply by TheLazyFish on May-28-2019 10:55 PM

    A New Era of the Dinosaurian Empire

    Started May-29-2016 6:30 PM by I Meme Everything

    Last reply by Suchosaurine on Mar-20-2018 4:26 PM

    The End 2: Verum Finem

    Started Nov-20-2016 11:07 AM by GG

    Last reply by I Meme Everything on Jun-15-2017 5:45 PM

    The End 2 Part 7: For the Fate of the Future, the Battle of Lords

    Started Nov-12-2016 5:58 PM by GG

    Last reply by GG on Nov-15-2016 10:22 AM

    The End 2: Parts 4-6

    Started Oct-31-2016 5:21 PM by GG

    Last reply by Darth Shiro on Nov-09-2016 10:07 PM

    The End 2: Parts 1-3

    Started Oct-21-2016 11:35 AM by GG

    Last reply by Darth Shiro on Oct-31-2016 7:51 AM

    Tyrants Chapter 30, the Final Chapter: True Redemption

    Started Aug-24-2016 7:48 PM by GG

    Last reply by GG on Sep-04-2016 10:24 AM

    Tyrants, The Final Battle: Tyrance vs Tyrantic

    Started Aug-21-2016 3:28 PM by GG

    Last reply by I Meme Everything on Aug-24-2016 5:22 PM

    The End Part 7: The End

    Started Oct-09-2015 7:12 AM by GG

    Last reply by I Meme Everything on Apr-03-2016 2:27 PM

    The End Part 6: Tyrance Vs Nequit Dominum, the Fate of the Future

    Started Oct-05-2015 10:35 AM by GG

    Last reply by Raptor-401 on Oct-08-2015 7:24 PM

    DBG: Dacentrurus vs Coahuilaceratops

    Started Jul-04-2022 8:48 PM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    Top 10 Dinosaurs That I HATE

    Started Jul-04-2022 7:30 PM by ErlikoIsCoolALT

    Top 5 Favourite Sauropods

    Started Jul-28-2017 6:49 PM by I Meme Everything

    Last reply by ErlikoIsCoolALT on Jul-04-2022 6:40 PM

    I am now a Wiki Holder.

    Started Jul-03-2022 11:25 PM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    Last reply by ErlikosaurusIsCool420 on Jul-03-2022 11:28 PM

    My Top 10 Favorite Dinosaurs

    Started Jul-03-2022 7:56 PM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    DBG: Antarctopelta vs Anzu

    Started Jun-24-2022 1:52 AM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    DBG: Fukuiraptor vs Shaochilong

    Started Jun-29-2022 11:15 PM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    ABG: Hybodus vs Birgeria

    Started Jun-23-2022 8:14 AM by ErlikosaurusIsCool420

    Dinosaur Evolution

    Started Aug-10-2016 9:27 AM by Xenotaris

    Last reply by Xenotaris on Jun-28-2022 10:05 AM

    Clash of Aquatic Titans: Kronosaurus vs Brygmophyseter

    Started Sep-01-2014 8:25 AM by Rex Fan 684

    Last reply by ErlikoIsCoolALT on Jun-22-2022 6:40 PM

    I am writing a book.

    Started Oct-10-2021 7:07 PM by モンスターゼロ9

    Last reply by AnnaK on Mar-22-2022 12:10 PM

    Machairoceratops vs Magnosaurus

    Started Jun-10-2022 7:16 AM by ErlikoIsCoolALT

    Last reply by Xenotaris on Jun-10-2022 1:56 PM

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