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    Is Doctor Henry Wu evil or not evil? ( SPOILER ALERT! )

    Is Doctor Henry Wu evil or not evil? ( SPOILER ALERT! )

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    Is He evil?
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    No, he is innocent!
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    He is right and wrong
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    Cool Godzilla

    BrachiosaurusMember1359 XPSep-23-2022 12:01 AM

    Bad side- He is the cause of the lives and destruction that has been happening for years. Good side- He was just making a new discovery breakthrough and had nothing to do with the destruction. 

    7 Responses to Is Doctor Henry Wu evil or not evil? ( SPOILER ALERT! )


    AllosaurusMember3635 XPSep-23-2022 6:15 AM

    1993: He seemed like a decent scientist who wanted to break the boundaries of genetic engineering.

    1999 (according to lore): He helped create the illegal dinosaur genus/species on Isla Sorna (Spinosaurus, JP-3 Ankylosaurus, JP-3 Velociraptor, Corythosaurus, JP-3 Pteranodon, and the Ceratosaurus)

    2015: He created the Indominus rex

    2018: He created the Indoraptor and wanted to capture Blue to raise his newer Indoraptors.

    2022: He helped create those annoying giant locusts



    BrachiosaurusMember1160 XPSep-23-2022 6:46 AM

    Not evil, just misguided. He wants to make scientific breakthroughs that could change the world, however, his accomplishments fueled his ego to the point where he wasn't able to see the faults in his creations. His creations weren't the result of him alone though, his bosses played a role in creating them as well. While Hammond and Masrani had good intentions, his later bosses didn't and they forced him to go down the wrong path. Wu wasn't evil, Mills and Dodgson were. If Wu was truly evil, he wouldn't have tried to fix his mistakes.

    "Neither beast nor man. Something monstrous."


    AllosaurusMember3635 XPSep-23-2022 2:07 PM

    That's true however, I felt Dominion kind of ass pulled a redemption arc for Wu since after Fallen Kingdom, his actor said he wanted his character to have a karmic death like he did in the book.


    Cool Godzilla

    BrachiosaurusMember1359 XPSep-23-2022 5:33 PM

    OK, but now I wonder. What happened to Masrani?


    AllosaurusMember3635 XPSep-23-2022 5:37 PM

    I guess Masrani Global went belly up after Fallen Kingdom, they didn't really elaborate InGen and Masrani's fate in detailed in Dominion, other than saying BioSyn bought out their competitors (I think, i need rewatch the movie) 


    Cool Godzilla

    BrachiosaurusMember1359 XPSep-23-2022 8:43 PM

    Google said that Pteranodons attacked the helicopter and Masrani was trying to control the helicopter but failed and he died in the explosion. I don't know if that is true.


    AllosaurusMember3635 XPSep-24-2022 11:55 AM

    Oh Simon Masrani, yeah he died in Jurassic World just like that. Because after the Pteranodons attacked his helicopter, he lost control of his helicopter and it crashed into a fiery inferno near the Indominus rex.

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