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    CompsognathusMember67 XPMar-10-2016 6:54 PM

    ^^^^^^^ Don't judge me by my titles. There are too many contestants to fit in the title so I named it that.

    Would you rather me call it Spinosaurus vs Tyrannosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus vs Iguanodon vs Deinosuchus vs Sarcosuchus vs Ceratosaurus vs Daspletosaurus? No? I didn't think so.

    Vortex (so named for the unusual swirls on his sail)


    Height: 12 feet

    Weight: 10 tons

    Length: 60 feet



    Height: 12 feet

    Weight: 8 tons

    Length: 42 feet



    Height: 11 feet

    Weight: 8.5 tons

    Length: 43 feet

    Guano (named before he proved his worth to the herd, when he was just a runt and his slight gigantism and battle prowess hadn’t yet kicked in)


    Height: 11.5 feet

    Weight: 4 tons

    Length: 45 feet

    To the iguanodons, looking someone in the eye can either mean respect or disrespect. It implies the two are on the same level, so a superior making eye contact with an inferior could be very encouraging to the lower. If an inferior looks a superior in the eye, he or she is showing disrespect.



    Height: 6 feet

    Weight: 1.8 tons

    Length: 22 feet

    Ceratosaurus custom states that the parents should name the firsthatched, who then names the next hatched, then the two name the third and so on. Rat’s first reaction to the outside world was to bite his brother, so they mercilessly bestowed the name ‘Rat’ upon him.



    Height: 7 feet

    Weight: 2 tons

    Length: 23 feet



    Height: 7 feet

    Weight: 2 tons

    Length: 19 feet



    Height: 4 feet

    Weight: 6 tons

    Length: 35 feet



    Height: 4 feet

    Weight: 6 tons

    Length: 36 feet



    Height: 10.5 feet

    Weight: 3 tons

    Length: 30 feet


    It was a perfect morning on Isla Sorna. A brisk wind blew from the south, stirring up life in its purest form. The water was flat as glass, save for a few ripples here and there where a spinosaurus sat munching on a bus-sized sawfish. Thunder sucked in a breath of fresh air, relishing the scents of prey on the wind. Everything was perfect.

    Dammit, thought Thunder, remembering to be grumpy and donning the ever-present scowl. I hate perfection. Summer, apparently, did not care if he liked it or not. Everyone else enjoyed the palm trees rustling, the sky dotted with wisps of cloud, the river bringing tastes of never-before-seen exotic fish and seafood- all of which made Thunder scowl harder. At once, all common sense fled Thunder’s mind. A thundercloud darkened his vision. ‘Perfect’! He hated the word! Why did everything have to be so DAMN PERFECT??!!!! Irrational anger swept out all remaining logic and reason as Thunder stomped over to the cheerful spino and bit him.

    The spinosaurus’ peaceful demeanor vanished in an instant. The injured spined lizard jumped back with a pained screech and turned to face Thunder. A battle! Thought Thunder. A battle was just what he needed. It would swamp the woody scents of the forest with blood, and by the end of the slaughter the fine white sand would be slicked with scarlet. Why not?

    He was about to find out.

    Vortex roared in pain and struggled free as 12-inch teeth drove themselves into his shoulder, propelled by a force more powerful than gravity acting on a falling pick-up truck. His shoulder bones crunched and his deadly arm fell limp. Reacting on pure instinct, Vortex whipped around and tore into his attacker’s side with his good arm. His attacker fell back, and Vortex took the chance to scramble back and size up his opponent. He was a decent-sized tyrannosaurus, about 12 feet shorter but a good deal more muscular. The tyrant glowered at him for daring to fight back. Vortex returned the stare with a snap of his jaws that echoed across the water. His opponent’s back was to the sea- that could be to his advantage. Growling softly and menacingly, the two massive superpredators got to their feet and started circling. Suddenly the tyrannosaur lunged forward and rammed Vortex. Vortex broke away, the impact breaking ribs, and slashed his enemy’s flank. Thunder responded with a quick bite downward that skimmed Vortex’s claw before dashing after the spinosaur and clamping his jaws down on his tail. Vortex howled in outrage and pivoted on the spot, churning up vegetation and sand, and did what he had seen many allosaurs do on hunts or in battle. He unhinged his jaws as far as they could go…

    Then slammed them down on Thunder’s neck. The tyrannosaurus threw up a useless arm to shield himself. He didn’t yet know that the spinosaurus’ jaws weren’t nearly the right size or shape for axing. Neither did Vortex.

    Bullet-like teeth shredded Thunder’s arm and reduced it to a bloody mess. Triumph flashed in Vortex’s eyes. Then things went bad.

    A spurt of red shot up like a geyser. Vortex’s teeth stabbed deep into Thunder’s neck and stayed there. A thin snap echoed. Vortex’s vision clouded red. It took the spinosaurus a moment to realize it was his own blood. The front of his top jaw had crumpled upwards. Searing pain shot through Vortex’s neck as his slightly fractured collarbone snapped altogether. A dull thump carried faintly over sea as the spinosaurus fell dead. And Thunder, straining weakly in Vortex’s death embrace, could only watch as a trio of ceratosauruses ate him alive.

    The smell of dead tyrannosaur ruined the morning. Guano (never the most popular in his family) woke up to the pungent odor of rotting meat and maggots. His herd paced agitatedly around him. “Move out!” he bellowed to the rest of his herd. The carnivore scent clearly marked the dinosaur as dead, but soon scavengers might happen upon them, and that was never a smart risk to take. Guano led them into a sparse forest where less large carnosaurs might attack them. As it turned out, some predators had already anticipated that. As soon as the whole iguanodon group was fully enclosed in the forest, a lone daspletosaurus burst from seemingly out of nowhere and stared Guano straight in the eye. The groans and honks of his extended family died down. Despite facing a 30-foot tyrannosaur, Guano felt a bit of pride at his herd’s trust in him to the point where nobody tried to flee when a three-ton tyrannosaur challenged their leader. Guano grunted at the tyrannosaur and brandished his thumb claw. Sunlight streamed through the sparse tree branches and glinted off the smooth keratin of his thumb spike.

    With sudden acceleration and unprecedented ferociousness, the Das surged forward. And flopped to the ground. Guano stabbed it one deadly time, not merely puncturing, but severing, the jugular vein, before walking over its carcass and continuing on his way. His herd followed loyally, trampling the Daspletosaurus’ name into mud and dust.

    The ground shuddered. The tiny creatures at their feet squeaked warily. Rat screeched in alarm and jumped back, scanning the trees for danger. Whiplash, the firsthatched, finally looked up from his meal. The thunder was rapidly approaching, but still unseen behind the cover of the forest. Whip shrugged nonchalantly and flung an unfortunate coelophysis at the oncoming thing, then resumed eating. SPLAT! A direct hit. A male carcharodontosaurus lumbered out grumpily, clutching a thrashing coelophysis in his jaws. The mere sight of such a beast unnerved Whiplash, but he assured himself that with his sibs they could bring down the monster.

    Confidence regained, Whiplash hurled insult after insult at the shark-toothed lizard. “What are you doing?!” hissed Rat. The carc didn’t exactly understand, but the gist of the message got through. Growling in anger, he charged, building into a sprint, and finally rammed them in the chest. By them, I mean the ribcage of the spino’s carcass. A force like three ceratosauruses rammed Mako from behind. Mako whipped around and grabbed a ceratosaurus in his jaws. The creature struggled, but Mako’s grip was like iron and obsidian and death. Luckily for Rat, Mako finally let go when the third horned lizard slammed into his gut. Which led to a direct consequence: Mako the 8-ton carcharodontosaurus flopped onto a carnivore barely 1/3 his weight. Which was bad for both parties involved. Underneath Mako, Ripslash did things I will not tell you about. “OOoooohhh…” groaned Mako, clutching his underside and pointing his knees inward.

    Whipslash laughed.

    The carc looked him dead in the eye. Whip saw every single measure of malice he had ever seen concentrated in that look.

    Then all hell broke loose. I’m serious. Cerberus even jumped out of the ground and ate a- NO. Mako leapt to his feet, leaving the flattened ceratosaurus to the crocs, and rushed the ceratosaurus pair. They split to the sides and each bit his flank, before dodging out of the way and repeating the action on Mako’s legs. Mako was beside himself with rage, roaring and chomping and slashing like a banshee (whatever that is). But the ceratosauruses each time leapt out of danger with impeccable speed and agility.

    The problem with Whiplash and Rat’s fighting style was that it tended to make opponents really, REALLY mad. And the problem with making opponents really, REALLY mad was that it tended to make them really, REALLY fast, really, REALLY strong and really, REALLY committed to murdering that maddening thing.

    In this case, “that maddening thing” happened to be Whiplash and Rat. The ceratosauruses were beginning to tire, but Mako showed no signs of slowing. Until the croc happened.

    From the rippling lake burst an impossibly huge croc, at least 38 feet in length and 6 tons of muscle and armour. Rat just barely dodged out of the way as the sarcosuchus met Mako in a massive 14-ton collision and latched onto his neck. But Mako’s fury was so great that he hardly noticed. All he wanted was revenge. And so it was that the exact moment Sarco tried to shift his grip, Mako threw himself into a spinning turn… so that the sarcosuchus flew off his body towards the ceratosaurs. Sarco, having no opinion on the battle, just saw Rat and Whiplash as smaller targets, and so latched on to Rat’s face, almost obscuring it completely. One swift downward stroke was all it took to mutilate the ceratosaurus into a bloody heap. With his brother annihilated before his very eyes, Whiplash turned and fled…straight into an iron wall called Mako. The water churned and seethed with crocs and sharks vying for Sarco’s horned supper. The frenzy of blood-thirsty predators tore Rat limb from limb, and in their madness occasionally ripped each other to pieces. Whip gulped in fear. Mako gulped in hunger for blood and revenge.

    Oh, this is really gonna hurt, thought Whiplash. It did.

    Mako’s meal of Styracosaurus steak (rare, of course) seasoned with Hypsilophodon Achilles’ Tendon and aged Archaeopteryx wings was interrupted just as he was getting to the juicy (and admittedly somewhat naughty) bits. A hissing, spitting crocodile not unlike Sarco dragged itself out of the water and let loose an ear-splitting bellow. Free meal, thought Deino. He thought wrong.

    Growling, the 43-foot giant rose from just above eye level to his full height, over 14 feet tall.

     An explosion of sound came from everywhere at once. The water churned with fleeing sea creatures, while the skies teemed with panicking pterosaurs. The iguanodon herd lurched from the sound, even a kilometre away. Still roaring, the 8.5 ton juggernautic monster advanced on the relatively tiny deinosuchus. Deino did not understand his words, but the message was clear: MY MEAL. GET OUT. Over my dead body, implied Deino’s hard-set jaws and flinty glare.

    Gladly, replied Mako, and he lunged for Deino just as he dodged underneath the cavernous jaws. With surprising agility for a 35-foot sprawled-out reptilian pancake, Deino propelled himself up using his tail as a springboard and snapped at Mako’s throat. Luckily, the carcharodontosaurus slashed him just hard enough, so Deino came within inches of ending the battle right then and there. With no further momentum to replace balance, and his tail being lousy support in the first place, the Deinosuchus crashed belly-side up to the ground. Unfazed, the creature scrambled right back up again and this time latched onto Mako’s arm, which the carc countered by ripping open the roof of Deino’s mouth with his claws. The prehistoric croc gave a primal shriek of pain and promptly crushed Mako’s forelimb. Whoops, thought Mako. Not a good move. Followed by OWOWOWOWOOWWWWWWW#! @%%%$##@^&*&^ $#@$%!!!!! Blind rage took over in an instant. Mako whipped around and sank his shark-like teeth in, first skidding along the bumpy osteoderms but then finding a weak spot and shredding through the armour. The deinosuchus let go and flopped to the ground with a nasty snap! Still unwilling to accept defeat, he flipped himself over and charged headlong at Mako. Mako rushed him head-on. BANG! A resounding echo rolled over hills, mountains and seas to be heard hundreds of miles away as the two titanic superpredators met in an awesome, terrifically bloody collision. Blood geysered everywhere, enticing any sharks who hadn’t yet heard the Snap! And BANG! of a soon-to-be meal. Some fish even launched themselves ashore, becoming easy pickings for scavengers and hunters alike. Mako’s vision flashed and blurred like a TV during a thunderstorm. At that moment the sky decided to open upand drench the land, lending the beached sharks precious moments more to live. The hissing rain did little to calm either massive combatant’s even massive-er fury, but it gave Deino, a cowardly creature to the last, a chance to escape the rapidly turning fight. Turning tail, Deino fled into the turbulent surf, the foaming waves and pitch-black night hiding his cowardliness. A few flashes oflightning illuminated the blackness just enough to give Mako a glimpse of his fleeing enemy. CRUNCH! Deino saw nothing, but felt the 8.5-ton juggernaut plow into him, thrusting out wildly in a blind craze of bloodlusting fury. Deino thrashed in the menace’s iron grip and finally struck gold in the form of Mako’s eye. Mako loosened his grip, allowing the Deinosuchus to flee into the “safety” of the water… where he was promptly torn apart by sharks and crocodiles. Mako watched him go and dropped and dropped the limp 4 inches of the croc’s tail. The water boiled with blood and sharks in a feeding frenzy. Mako picked up the green, scaly lump and spit it into the ocean, where it lasted approximately 2 milliseconds. Back to my meal, thought Mako wearily as his adrenaline rush began to wear off.

    Boy, was that Styracosaurus good.

    WINNER………………………….:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CARCHARODONTOSAURUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the iguanodon survived too, but I’m pretty sure we all know who would win in Carc versus Iguanodon.


    Really? You don’t know?

    Carc. DUH.

    Oh, and Sarco.

    Bye for now! ::POOF::

    3 Responses to MEGABRAWL

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPMar-10-2016 8:09 PM

    ANKYBEATSALL2468 - Hahaha! That was a very fun mash-up! When I first saw that you had included a poor iguanodon, I was dreadfully saddened for the hapless herbivore - especially upon seeing the lineup of beasts against which he was arrayed! However, I am very pleased that Guano (dashing name, by the by) managed to survive the prehistoric carnage! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this with us ! :)

    I Meme Everything

    AllosaurusMember4115 XPMar-11-2016 3:11 AM

    This was fun, and the dinosaurs' thoughts and "dialogue" made it funny. Nice fight. Was rooting for rex and Spino, but then they died, so I prayed that the Ceratosaurs would win, but THEY lost, so I rooted for Carc.

    "Part of the journey is the end..."


    CompsognathusMember3 XPApr-20-2016 2:36 PM

    WOAH. They don't say MEGABRAWL for nothing! :D

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