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    How good of a movie is Jurassic World?

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    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-25-2015 7:34 PM

    This day I finally rewatched Jurassic World. And before and after rewatching it I come to a question I've talked with to some people.

    How good of a movie is Jurassic World? Like is really that great and praiseworthy as many, perhaps millions you could say it is?


    And thinking about it, the answer, I think, is simple.


    The movie is good... But definitely not great. I mean you could argue it is the best sequel out of the Jurassic Park sequels, but personally I think it was just a good and fun movie, some things that might be thought-provoking, but overall not that great as people are saying.


    And when I continue on what I personally think of it remember to just think of Jurassic World as how good of it is just as a movie as in context of the story, characters, plot development, etc. WITHOUT bias and nostalgia.


    So the movie starts with some raptors coming out of eggs, cool cool. Then we see two kids go to the park, and the story goes on.

    The reason why I think the movie wasn't that great was many reasons. First off there were many things I and others found simply illogical. Such as the Raptor training. First off, it takes hundreds, thousands of years for animals to be domesticed. Examples: cats, dogs, Perenguine Falcons, llamas, horses, etc. All of those animals are able to co-exist with humans because of being with each other for thousands of years. Even then many of those animals have a tough time bonding and listening to humans.

    There are stories of wolf-dog hybrids hunting their owners in desperate survival situations. Bears are known to attack humans even if who they attack is their life long companion. Keep in mind these bears were well fed. Horses can kick you harshly. Domestic cats can scratch you up. A pack of dogs can kill somebody.

    It goes on. Now if those animals that have been trained by humans for thousands of years, and still they can't fully cooperate what logic is it that an extinct species could be trained by humans in 5 years to the point of how Owen's raptors are trained? Logic would certainly lead to that the raptors would kill Owen any minute they could, possibly even if they're not hungry!


    Another thing: Raptors in the military. Dogs, extremely obedient to humans, have many times been attempted to be used for war many times; and they all went wrong.

    Now why the hell would bird-like hybrid dinosaurs who have only been "domesticated" for several years be able to be used for war? How exactly would they be used, protected, and be ready for war?


    The point is that is illogical... and kind of really stupid to be honest. Like seriously. Even if that was in a video game that would be stupid.


    Another thing that made Jurassic World not a great movie to me was the load of one-dimensional Characters. I mean I only remember some of their names because of reading the news. You have Claire, a woman who's CEO of something, I think...

    Then there's Owen who basically was a one-dimensional sober version of book and movie Muldoon...

    They're kinda wearing similar apparel... And their jobs involve observing and keepin the raptors contained... They both seem to have good knowledge on weapons. They both have respect for animals. Only to be honest I found Muldoon to be much cooler than Owen.

    Then there's the kids... Not to mention Zac seemed creepy...

    Then you have Masrani whose character I actually found developing well only for him to die... Wait... He's Indian... and he died... THAT'S RACIST!!!


    And then we have the romance... Did they not learn from Jurassic Park 3 that romantic comedy is not an aspect that makes a Jurassic Park movie great? I mean it was sort of in the first two but the way it was done here I found very cringeworthy and annoying.

    Then the final scene... It's awesome and all but kind of dumb... I mean those raptors would not be able to communicate with an I. rex just because of DNA. Just to think about it and you'll realise it's rather illogical.

    Also the T. rex would not want to charge an animal as big as itself simply due to the fact that any predator with any intelligence would not randomly attack other predators. When do you hear of hyenas attacking lions? Would you go to a zoo and try to beat up a silverback gorilla?

    No. And I'm sure a T. rex wouldn't do so.


    But THAT FIGHT SCENE WAS AWESOME!!! And the mososaurus, I mean how come it didn't jump out before? How did even know where the I. rex was precisely located? Well it's kinda stupid... But awesome...


    Also the Jeep cars... I'm no expert but I'll assume those cars wouldn't be working after 22 years of being left there...

    Not to mention I think it would be nice to see a funny dino death scene such as Nedry's or Gennaro's. Those will never get old.

    Also, raptors.. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO DIE!?!!? Also, raptors are supposed to be clever killers, not friends of humans.

    There should have been more dinosaurs.



    And in general when I rewatched Jurassic World this time I just found it to be entertaining... But not an incredible thing to see and praise. And I felt that it actually was a bit slow at many parts.

    There were things about it I did of course like. Blue, final fight scene, music, CGI was pretty cool, etc.


    Overall I say it's a good movie by all means but not great. It was fun to watch but not something to obsess over and say that it's the best movie of all time. (I'm seeing many fangirls saying that and it really annoys me.)


    Well that was my opinion, what is yours?


    46 Responses to How good of a movie is Jurassic World?


    TriceratopsMember196 XPOct-25-2015 8:02 PM

    I agree with most points, but I do have to point out why some things in the movie were done.

    JW wanted to show how stupid it would be to develop a plan for using raptors in combat.  However, these are genetically modified dinosaurs, so Hoskins and Wu probably tweaked the genetic codes of each raptor to make them trainable, since we never directly changed the entire genotype of cats and dogs while earlier humans were developping their domestication.  As well, it was pointed out early on that the raptors were absolutely willing to turn on Owen and Barry, given the chance.

    Again, genetic manipulation at hand here, but this time for I.rex.  She was a prototype animal weapon, so a future plan was probably if the raptors and later I.rex breeds could work together.

    Hyenas attack lions?  Certainly.  Different weight classes, but when the hyenas outnumber the lions by a wide margin, they won't hesitate to initiate a mission to attack.  One on one?  Only if the lion was severely weak.  And Rexy was most likely aware of a huge threat trespassing on HER island!  Those roars, shrieks, gun shots, and fights (not just from the raptors and I.rex, the Dimorphodons and Pteranodons contributed to the noise as well) along Main Street were loud enough for people AND dinosaurs to take notice, and Rexy was no exception, because of her great hearing.  She also SMELLED a large carnivore close to her enclosure, and given how the hypothesis that T.rex was a very territorial animal and frequently fought each other, Rexy wanted to defend her home when the chance was given.  Also, there was a brief standoff between Rexy and the I.rex, as the last resort for the I.rex could back down, given how she's younger and less experienced than Rexy, who has been the "island's ruler" for at least 10 years.  Rexy had a short temper, and when I.rex gave that last roar, she basically "asked for it".  Then, in the fight, there was no way Rexy would let I.rex live and still threaten her home.  She capitalized on every chance she got to wound and wear down I.rex after Blue came along.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-26-2015 8:07 AM

    I would agree with some things but also disagree.

    Yes, the 22 year old car thing I totally agree with, I mean, It wasn't a Toyota.

    Some things like the obidience thing, I both agree and disagree.

    Based on our knowledge with the animals we know today might and probably are completely different as they were 65 million years ago. based on that reasoning, we cannot really get a sense on conclusion on what might of happened or why they did what they did.

    For instance, the thing with the T-Rex attacking the I-Rex could be a possibility. Dinosaurs might of had an instinct of proving themselves by challenging those bigger than them but who knows since they are no longer here.

    But based on what we know and see today, we can infer on how they might act, but around that topic, we can't really complain.

    I was amazed on the thrill and story and fight scenes, and I didn't predict the raptors dying (other than Blue) but i often hear people complaing about some scenes that are completely off topic (for example Grey crying about their parents) but who knows what this little detail might do to the next Jurassic World, think of it as a part 1 and a part 2, we can only view Jurassic World as one whole movie with the two combined parts to get an overall movie review i personally believe.

    But this is my opinion.


    AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-26-2015 9:11 AM

    It's cool that you used the points we talked about and made them into a thread; I agree with everything stated here. Just to point out the Indominus was most likely the Hyena and Rexy was the Lion. The Hyena/Indominus could have taken out the Lion/Rex but in real life it would have been far too scared for it's life most of the time.

    I mean even it had to know that it's arms were the only thing that surpassed T.rex.


    Good grief.

    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPOct-26-2015 12:50 PM

    I agree with a few thins here (especially the racism issue), but just one point-


    The eggs hatching at the beginning were the Indominus and her sibling.


    (Also, DON'T get me started on the fangirls and such for JW. Most of them haven't even seen at least the first film. Also, the JW fandom (not to be confused with the JP one (which includes JW) is slowly ruining itself. (JW is part of the JP fandom and has its own established fandom)).


    The WORST thing about Jurassic World?









    The cheap Hasbro merchandise.







    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-26-2015 4:18 PMI agree bout the hasbro merch above


    TriceratopsMember196 XPOct-26-2015 4:33 PM

    @GorillaGodzilla, the fight was supposed to have taken place in real life, that's why we saw it.  She was a deranged, psychotic animal with great strength and cunning.  Of course she'd be more than willing to fight a similarly-sized animal as her.  If she was sane, and was raised in a healthy environment, she probably wouldn't have dared stood and fought the Queen.  And she had everything going for her...nothing up until that fight was able to stop her rampage. 


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-26-2015 4:36 PM

    @Aplphadino65 you are corrects, nothing else was gonna really stop that deranged mental badass from destroying every piece of living ass


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-26-2015 5:24 PM

    Alright, this is gonna be a long reply, haha.

    @Alphadino65- Still, I've read about gene studies and it is not simple at all to insert genes here and there and just easily achieve what you want. Not to mention genes are very difficult to see how they all work with each other within each organism. For example, if you manage to "deactivate" a gene, then several other genes that are affected by how that gene works will be affected, and then those genes associated with those other genes will be affected, etc. It's a long process, which is why it takes several years for researchers to finally achieve what they were tyring to engineer.

    Trying to get obedience out of genes is even harder as there will be some side effects. For example, I read of a study where some silver foxes in Russia show that in some breeds floppy ears is linked to "obedience genes". Not also that, but you can't simply go to a set of genes and just randomly know which genes will affect the trait you're trying to engineer. Jack Horner talked about how it took several years to locate the genes associated with beak development in a chicken, not to mention they had to observe crocodiles, lizards, and other birds to even know where to start.

    To me it wouldn't make too much sense even if Wu (established as a genuis in the novel and movies) were to somehow figure out how to engineer the raptors to any degree of obedience specifcally to humans in a short span. (20 years isn't that long when it comes to that type of research.) Of course the movie showed the raptors were willing to "betray" Owen but logically it should have happened way sooner, such as right away in the scene where Owen tries to stop the raptors with his hands.

    Still, the raptors for war was still dumb to me, I mean dogs were used many times as weapons of war by the French and in World War 2, each failed, and dogs are arguably the most obedient animal to man. And dogs have been around with humans for at least 12,000 years to achieve that.


    In this case I was talking how you don't see a hyena randomly attack a lion. Of course I can see scenarios where they would fight but the way it was in Jurassic World did not seem logical to me. I. rex I can understand since she's a killing machine but Rexy wouldn't want to randomly run towards it and just start attacking. Even if Rexy was territorial I don't think she would want to risk losing her life to an animal bigger than her.


    I do understand what your viewpoints are.

    @Darchrys- Of course there are many things we will literally never understand about the extinct dinosaurs with just their bones. However if it is true that dinosaurs such as T. rex were territorial wouldn't it be common to see injuries/scars inflicted on their fossils?

    And it still wouldn't make sense if they fought a lot, unless they bred A LOT it would require a lot of natural selection that wouldn't make sense when it comes to the process of evolution.

    The fight scene was still awesome but it still did not have a lot of logic behind it to me.

    Perhaps you are right, but it doesn't seem like Zac and Grey will be in JW 2, but there's plenty of time for that to change, and that would be interesting to see how they developed that.


    @GorillaGodzilla- Exactly, and yes I did use one of your points (hyena and lion) because it was an excellent example.

    @Sci-FI King 25- Hmm, I guess that would make sense for the eggs being of the I. rex... I'll check for that later, but I feel it was raptors...

    Yes, the unbirdled racism in Jurassic World absolutely disgusted me, especially by saying blue striped raptors were cooler than "plain" colored raptors!!!

    #EndRaptorism #OrangeLivesMatter #RaptorEquality

    UGHHH, those fangirls though. I don't think any of them have seen any JP film other than JW. One day I'll ask "Who is Michael Crichton?" and they probably wouldn't have a single clue.

    My face when I walked into Target and saw the toyline was just dissapointment, the epitome of it...


    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 5:41 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - Now this is a compelling thread! Hmm...was Jurassic World as good a film as many state? I would have to say that it is the best sequel to Jurassic Park - no mistake. However, it lacks the feeling and depth of character that makes a film truly fantastic. Given today's extraordinarily chaotic cinematic atmosphere, it may be some time before we see a true renaissance within the world of character and story-driven film. Regardless, Jurassic World was an enjoyable thrill ride! :)

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 5:48 PM

    SCI-TO KING25 - What is a Jurassic World fangirl? I am female and enjoyed Jurassic World. ;) 


    AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-26-2015 5:50 PM

    AlphaDino- By real life I meant if the animals were actual dinosaurs, in OUR world not the film world lol. In real life, T.rex would only have attacked the Indominus had it attacked it first and challenged it's territory. In JW, Rexy just charged the Indominus for no reason, it was just standing there.

    Tyrannosaurus was a very territorial animal, even within it's own pack. However, it was territorial to an extent and would only truly attack other predators when it was challenged.

    Tbh, much like my own Nequit Dominum, Indominus Rex was a insane creature. But I caught a vibe that it still had intelligence involving other predators. It didn't up in-front kill the raptors like a deranged predator would have done (Nequit Dominum would have). It seemed like unless it was really angry it would have tried to communicate with Rexy before an attack.

    Don't forget it killed things that couldn't truly do anything to it. Tyrannosaurus could and did destroy the Indominus rex, therefore I believe it was smart enough to realize and understand that T.rex is the one true Alpha Predator. Remember, Rexy roared first, Indominus retaliated like it did when the raptors fought back.


    Good grief.


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-26-2015 6:08 PM

    @Something Real- Well I personally went with The Lost World being the best sequel to me, but you could argue Jurassic World was the best sequel. It was enjoyable and a fun movie, and a worthy successor but what I meant with this topic that it wasn't as great as people are saying.


    And Somethign real, there's a difference between fans and fangirls/fanboys. I mean one's annoying and one is not. I consider all of us here to be fans. :D


    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 7:21 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - Indeed; it is not the exceptional film some laud it to be. It is a fun film, but not an amazing one. As for The Lost World, I would say it is on equal standing with Jurassic World in my eyes. They're both very entertaining!

        With regards to the fangirl statements: I know. I was simply attempting to have a little fun with SCI-TO KING25. I could not resist. ;)

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 7:21 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - Indeed; it is not the exceptional film some laud it to be. It is a fun film, but not an amazing one. As for The Lost World, I would say it is on equal standing with Jurassic World in my eyes. They're both very entertaining!

        With regards to the fangirl statements: I know. I was simply attempting to have a little fun with SCI-TO KING25. I could not resist. ;)

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 7:25 PM

    Ugh! I meant SCI-FI KING25. Why does this new platform insist on utilizing the wrong characters? I deduce it takes exception to me and, as such, I must state that the feeling is mutual! Grr!


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-26-2015 7:41 PM

    Even then I thought The Lost World had more amazing moments such as the T. rexes getting their baby back from the trailer. To me it's a perfect scene. The scenes with the raptors in the tall grass will always be one of my favorite Jurassic Park moments.

    lol, Sci-to King...


    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-26-2015 10:30 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - I completely understand and respect your viewpoint. Indeed; the moment in which the baby T.rex is reunited with her mommy and daddy is wonderful! 

        As for the SCI-TO KING25 mishap: laugh it up, goofball! ;)


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-27-2015 8:43 AM

    My main gripe was how they got rid of the The best and most accurate(For JP standards) Raptor design.

    I don't know what to put here 

    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPOct-27-2015 12:49 PM

    @Raptor-401, I agree! #EndRaptorism #AllRaptorsAreEqual #AreWeReallyStartingThisAgain #WhyAmIUsingSoManyHashtagsThisLongAgain #RaptorismAgain #IShouldStop


    Also, it slightly saddens me when someone hasn't seen at least the first film before watching JW. So many overlooked Easter Eggs! I found around 10 of them!


    @Something Real, The JW fangirls (term used in this topic to describe a few JW fans), are the people who call JW the best movie of all time without seeing any of the first three (I saw one on the Internet who loved JW but hated anything to do with the first 3). (They also have a tendency to like Blue... BUT NOT ANY OF THE OTHER RAPTORS! #ENDRAPTORISM)


    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-27-2015 6:24 PM

    @lopsquid- I was like that at first but then I liked it because it shows a theme of Jurassic Park that no matter how hard you try you won't be able to bring a real, 100% authentic dinosaurs. (Except birds, of course.)

    @Sci-FI King25- #IHateHashTags #WhichMakesMeKindofaHypocrite #RaptorEquality #PrepareForARevival

    I know it is annoying. Not to mention a top of those references to the movies alone, there were MANY references to the novels. So many it made me happy they kept the spirit of Crichton AND the movies.

    God all those fangirls love Blue, where as I like Blue but my problem is Raptors are supposed to be the VILLIANS not helpers... Still annoys me. Not to mention T. rex is supposed to be an antihero, not really a full out "hero", if that makes any sense.



    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPOct-28-2015 12:55 PM

    ^Yeah! Well, at least the raptors got to kill some people at the end...





    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-28-2015 4:18 PM

    I mean I know they kill some people but not the way they did in the other movies, a in a clever way.




    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-28-2015 5:59 PM

    SCI-FI KING25 - That is extremely strange to me. Why on Earth would anyone want to exclude Jurassic Park from their viewing enjoyment? Hmm...I shall have to look into this phenomenon. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. :)


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-28-2015 10:12 PM

    The WORST thing about Jurassic World?


    The cheap Hasbro merchandise.


    ^ WE never get merchandise here, but JW all of them the same weekend that usa got it, all for what? :( 


    @SR , I guess the girls didn't take in count the.. old old movies , haha, since they migth be like 12, and all inlove of the sexy co-star, look at his hair XD




    The world will spin well past our last breath, but I will always care about you

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-28-2015 11:21 PM

    **AL** - Hahaha! Oh, indeed; he is just so very dreamy! Allow me to expound a bit: as a woman, I found that young fellow to be more of a twerp and slightly strange than a hunk in training. He really should learn that we ladies like conversation - not being stared at soundlessly! ;)


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-29-2015 8:10 AM

    Is it just me or that guy, Zac I think was his name, seemed very creepy and kinda like a future serial killer developing?



    AllosaurusModerator3811 XPOct-29-2015 12:31 PM

    ^ You always jump to the creepiest possible conclusion XD.

    Good grief.

    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPOct-29-2015 1:24 PM

    Also, another issue. They didn't show enough of the park. Even a minute more would be enough. Barely any of it was shown (Probably due to pacing and budgets and stuff but still).


    ALSO, did you know that the Mosasaurus was allegedly confirmed by the filmmakers to be just over 72 feet long (but the website says sixty)? The thing I read said that they upped the size to make it more possible that it could jump out to get the Indominus.

    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-29-2015 1:49 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - Hahaha! Well, I would not necessarily jump to such an, um, "extreme" outcome. However, I will say that Zac is likely to have problems with establishing relationships with women as he matures. Only King Kong gets a free pass at staring at women like an oaf! ;)


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-29-2015 6:54 PM

    @Gorilla Godzilla and Something Real- Well sometimes I do jump to the "creepiest" conclusion but come on the staes he gives kind of evoke something sinister to come... I mean he had a girlfriend but was staring at those girls... Just creepy...

    @Sci-Fi-King- That too, would have been cool to show a minute montage of the park, such as various attractions and exhibits. That makes sense on the mosasaurus, after all one of the themes of Jurassic Park was to show how inaccurate they made the dinosaurs to the point where they were barely dinosaur-like.


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