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    A Jurassic World Escape

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    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-19-2015 7:36 PM

    Hello, this is another short story I posted, a story that liek my last short story will stand by itself. This one I feel may have mixed results, so if you could please comment afterwards on your most honest opinion, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I tried to make the story a bit "scary." I tried to make the story ambiguous kind of like my last story, "A Night at Jurassic World."


    I hope you enjoy.


    Ramon walked along the street, the sky was dark, the stars up in the sky with the moon half-shone. He had just arrived at his house.


    He live in Costa Rica, very close to the famous Jurassic World that many of the white people enjoyed coming to. He never really got why people got so excited about it, he once hopped a boat and managed to get pass by the dumb security and all he saw was some dumb bumbling scaly reptiles.


    Dinosaurios estupidos, thought Ramon. He was a young latino, walking away from his shift from a restaurant that sold fresh fish.


    He arrived at his house, and on his right he saw some of the white people come in their big fancy cars. They were probably off driving in the wrong direction, not knowing where to stop and ask for help. Most of them didn’t even take the time to learn any new language.


    Americanos estupidos. Ramon always was disrespectful of people and anything in general. It was why he always stayed alone and no longer served as a waiter in the restaurant he worked out. He arrived home at his apartment, and after freshening up, he sat down and turned on the television to catch up on the futbol game he missed.


    Mexico had won again.


    Mexicanos estupidos. His unbridled hatred and racism had not limits, after all… Sometimes he even said offensive remarks to his native peoples.

    He then turned on the radio, and listened to the song on.


    Fue en un café donde yo la deje

    Fue en un café donde yo la abandone

    Fue en un café donde la vi llorar


    The song went on. Again he thought of how stupid the old songs were. He was about to fall asleep where he was when he heard a report on the radio about a warning. It was in spanish, but this is what it said when translated.


    “A new report has been sent from Jurassic World warning about a boat that had stray dinosaurs sneak into the boat. It is not known which dinosaurs left the boat, but they warn to stay away from any scaly dinosaurs that almost look like featherless birds. They also say not to worry as government enforcement is cooperating with Jurassic World to determine which animals escaped and to bring them back unharmed. If you want to feel safe, it is advised not to go out alone and make sure to stay away from…”


    Ramon thought of now no “dinosaurio estupido” would harm him. He felt hungry and decided to go out by the taco stand near the ocean that was always opened late. He decided he would get 1 of each taco available.


    He began walking outside. It was quiet.


    Very, very very…


    He began to have illusions… He heard the hooting of owls, similar to those frilly “estupidos” he saw at Jurassic World…


    But whenever he turned around to the bushes, he saw nothing…

    He was halfway to the taco stand… When something fell out of the bushes. He screamed, thinking it was the frilled-dinosaur…

    It was a dog. He tried to kick the dog but fell… After the dog ran away it was quiet, except for the gentle rustling of trees… the breeze was beginning to scare him, as he began to hear the sounds of the bird-like creature with four wings over him… He was imaging things, he must have been…


    He fastly walked and arrived at the taco stand. He ate and drank his coke… He realised he would have to walk back. Ramon began walking when out of nowhere some beggar ran behind him and pushed him, and stole the wallet which was too big for his pocket. Ramon chased him, with the beggar running through some bushes. Ramon, determined to get his wallet back, ran through the bushes and stumbled down what was a hillside…


    He fell into complete darkness. Tired, he got up in fear… He was lost.


    As he walked, trying to find a street he knew about, he began hearing to owl-like hooting again. He heard more sounds… The calls of the raptors he saw at Jurassic World, he heard loudly in the bushes…


    Just an illusion.


    But he kept on hearing the sounds…

    The tide was bringing wind against the bushes in a way that made it seem like some things were hiding within them. Heavily breathing, he was walking very fast now, sweat covering him…


    Through the bushes he saw eyes blink a demonic bright green… He shrieked and looked again to see it was an illusion.

    He is still scared… He swears to God that he hears the call of those four-winged birds flying through the night sky, squawking threats that suggested they wanted to come down and peck at him, slowly eating him like rats…


    He saw several birds move through the trees. He is panicking now. He begins running as he hears raptor calling harshly, their claws scraping against the rocky road he is running on.


    He hears the raptors nearing them, and turns around to see the alpha with red eyes and the creepy smile, evoking death approaching him with some devilish smile… Ramon fell out of fright, he closed his eyes, expecting for the attack to come…

    He opened his eyes. Absolutely nothing was there… He quickly got up, shaked all the pebbles and dirt off him and wiped the sweat off his forehead. What the hell was going!? Was he going insane!?


    Out of nowhere his ears began to hear the hooting of owls, the deadly squawks of the four winged animals, the calls of the raptor…





    Very, very loud. It was banging in his head, he was beginning to get a headache. He looked through a window to see the demonic green eyes of a raptor, smiling at him, its claws about to slice his throat. He screamed backwards, his eyes beginning to water with pure fear.


    Instead was a little kid asking for any loose change… The noises stop, and he rudely shrugged the kid off. His head was shaken back… He heard the noise again…


    He heard the raptor calls with excruciatingly painful effects on his ears. He began screaming maniacally… He ran forward into the street, the poor kid running away, scared of this strange mean man…


    Ramon reached an intersection, this time he saw the four-winged creatures flying towards him, their beaks covered with small specks of blood, bright red eyes, their smiles staring at him, a childish smile.


    He ran farther down the street, screaming loudly, wildly shaking his hands, appearing like a complete psychopath in the darkly lit town. He was trying to blot out the sound of the loud, numerous, non stop shrieks of the microraptors as he felt them coming closer and closer.


    Then he felt something hit his side with a loud screeching sound. It was a car. The noises of the microraptors stopped, as he felt some little pain from the car that almost ran over him. The man in the car cursed at him with the middle finger. Ramon walked away quickly. He wonder what the man meant by that motion he made with his hands. But Ramon immediately thought of all the microraptors… They looked, they were real…


    His head still felt some pain from the sounds… But then they started again. This time he heard the hunting calls from the raptors, all over him, coming above the small houses and beneath the tropical plants. He began to run now, wanting to scream and just cry in anguish and confusion, but he still runs, trying to escape all the terror he is experiencing.


    He saw a street he recognized, he now knew how to get back home. Running faster, he began to head to his home, where he would escape all of this sanity and try to figure it out there.


    He is running now, the sounds of the jungle surrounding him. He hears sounds he has never heard before, probably other dinosaurs. as he runs to his home he sees the herbivorous dinosaurs from Jurassic World lying dead surrounding the street, their ribcages ripped open with velociraptors pecking flesh from the skin, their faces covered with loud, big, buzzing flies. They begin to smile at him, there cherry-stained teeth shown.


    They begin to charge at him. He runs faster. He turns left and sees his home. He sees his apartment. Breathing and sweating profusely with the sounds of the jungle and dinosaurs, he runs closer to his home, seeing more carcasses of herbivores. He arrives at the entrance to the apartment complex, opens the door, enters in and slams the door loudly.


    All the noises stopped. Ramon turned around. There were no more carcasses, no more blood, no more dinosaurs, just the quiet street he was accustomed to. He turned right where Alejandra, the receptionist, would usually sit by. No one was there…


    What the hell was going on? Was it a prank? An illusion? Did someone drug him at work as a sick joke? Was he insane? Was it anxiety? Was it a mixture of all these events?


    Whatever, it didn’t matter now. Ramon was in his home, safe, he was with people.


    He walked 3 floors and walked down the hallway where he would open the door, and go to sleep and just relax, maybe sleep with the lights on just to feel more comfortable.


    As he is walking, he sees the door open for his neighbor across his door, Maria… It was definitely past one or two in the morning… Ramon knocked on the door even though it was open to see if she would answer… No answer. Knowing he was safe now he walked in. He turned to the right to see Maria, lying in the kitchen, with bite wounds all over her, her blood all over the kitchen counter…


    His eyes widened as he stumbled backwards. he rubbed his eyes. This was no goddamned illusion. He walked backwards towards his room and fell. He sprang up and ran to his room, shut the door, and walked to the phone. He grabbed it up.


    The phone wouldn’t work. He hears a growl behind him. He turns around, barely noticing and raptor behind his bed, walking upon the bead… It had blood on its teeth, with somewhat of a smile on its face… He looked from the raptor to his left, where the door he slammed shut and locked was their, opposite to him…


    He kept on blinking… This was no goddamned illusion either.

    The raptor made a call, and jumped with its claws spread out.

    A loud scream could have been heard, so loud it was heard around the continent.


    7 Responses to A Jurassic World Escape


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-19-2015 11:50 PM

    Awesome story!! Kept me riveted.


    AllosaurusStaff3811 XPOct-20-2015 12:12 PM


    I CAN'T THIS IS TOO MUCH IT'S TOO HILARIOUS. This is the greatest thing ever written, I have never read anything funnier in my life. The fact that a mere taco-stand journey evolved into this madness is killing me right now. Accompany that with the hilarious grammar mistakes this is the funniest thing ever.

    Good grief.


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-20-2015 1:17 PM

    Thanks Jurassic5000!


    And Gorilla....



    Lord Vader

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPOct-20-2015 5:25 PM

    This was interesting. The taco stand leading to Ramon's ultimate demise is mildly entertaining, but it was suspenseful nonetheless. Nice job, though did prefer your other one of these. 

    Jack of all trades. Master of none


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-20-2015 5:40 PM

    Thanks, it's okay to be honest, guys I accidentally made a spoof horror post, I've been laughing about it since the morning.



    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-23-2015 11:11 AM

    This was in was interesting. It reminds me of when John Hammond died in Jurassic Park the book. He was seeing things and hearing things before his death. Just like in this story. Nice job!


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-25-2015 6:49 PM

    Thanks for the compliment, I hoped you found the Demise of the Taco Stand entertaining, lol.


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