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    Jurassic World and Site B (Sorna)

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-06-2015 9:06 PM

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are. So far all information about the film indicates that the new story focuses greatly on returing to the original island (Nublar) and the nostalgia factor related to. I couldn't be more pleased about that. However there is the jarring question of what is going on with Site B (Isla Sorna) at this time? With Masranni (sp?) having aquired Ingen, it appears shortly after the events of The Lost World, does this mean they also aquired the second island (I know it was at least implied that it was now an official nature reserve which would also imply that it was under the juristiction of the Cosa Rican government)? could it be they who cloned the Spinosaurus seen in JP3 as a test for their own new (at least to some extent I'm sure) team of scientists led by Dr Wu?

    Lots of questions, so few answers. Regardless I can't wait for the film. Thoughts?


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    TriceratopsMember196 XPFeb-06-2015 10:43 PM

    I think that the Spinosaurus was already cloned before Masrani took over.  Probably just before the events of TLW.  I think TLW and JP3 took place in different regions of the island, with the rex pair ruling one part and the Spino ruling the other.

    Now, call me crazy, but I think that Masrani listened to Hammond's interview on CNN at the end of TLW, and left Sorna alone.  He learned from Ludlow's mistake of transporting dinosaurs to highly populated areas, and decided to keep these dangerous animals isolated on an island.  Less people would have been at risk that way, and that is where Hammond succeeded over Ludlow.  That is one advantage of having it on an island.  Sure, there's a greater distance to travel, but LA, San Diego, Montreal, and London were safe.  

    Yes, I know that (novel) Hammond planned to open Jurassic Park in several large cities after JP Isla Nublar got up and running, but good thing that he didn't, right?

    One thing's for sure:  movie magic is at work here.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-07-2015 7:46 AM

    Interseting Theory! I just checked Marsani's website and it said they began talks of aquiring InGen shortly after Hammonds death in 1997 (Year of TLW), and then they aquired InGen in 1998. In the years 2002 to 2004 Construction began on Isla Nublar for Jurassic World. 


    Here's the section of Marsani Website where it says that;

    TLW and JP3 taking different places on Sorna is what I've thought since it is big and the locations are pretty different and I don't think Marsani did much with Sorna, or at least not from when they aquured InGen in 1998 to the events of JP 3 in 2001. 



    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPFeb-07-2015 1:31 PM

    I agree with @AlphaDino65.

    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-12-2015 5:42 PM

    Yeah I have to agree. Extremely likely that TLW and JP3 too place on different parts of the Island. I also agree that it's likely Masrani learned from InGen's mistakes and knew an island setting presented much more secrutiy for the general public when it comes to these animals. Looks like we'll see the flip side of that in JW as now you've got 10 000 people on and island with no where to go when s*** hit's the fan.

    I just can't reconcile the Spinosaurus even being there within movie cannon. Where did it come from? Why was it not on "ingens lists" (which I assume were made public pending lawsuits after godzilla-rex stormed through San Diago)?

    Also I can't imagine a company like Masrani would just leave Sorna alone. For a company that invested hundreds of millions if not billions (looking at the tech) into their own Jurassic World to just leave a second island out there for potential competitor companys to plunder (take animals and start their own park) seems unlikely. Would make more sense for them to bomb Sorna into the ground at minimum than to just leave it. Don't forget this is the same company that decided to combine a T-Rex, Raptor, Cuttlefish, etc into a new dinosaur (for profits). Why would they leave a second island just out there?

    Lastly, if Hammond's InGen needed a "factory" island per say in order to make their whole concept and business plan for Jurassic Park work, why shouldn't/wouldn't Masrani's InGen? Doubt it's on Sorna regardless, but it's an interesting question. Maybe that's the answer to the "restricted" zone at the top of the island. Maybe it's where the real production facilities are?

    If you are correct, and they did just leave it alone, I hope they at least say that plainly in the film. If they just don't mention the place I'm gonna be very dissapointed...

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