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    Jurassic Park 4, possible approach?

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPMay-27-2013 8:16 PMAround the world, dozens of ordinary people are witnessing estranged animals walking around effortlessly. This raises awareness to the U.N. The governments decide to capture these animals and send them back to Isla Nublar. In the Congo, a hiker spotted a Triceratops. Just off the costal lines of Costa Rica, a Stegosaurus was spotted. Dozens of animals where captured, one man who worked with InGen before, refused to help. They then persuaded him, and he decided to help. As InGen successfully captured all the animals, (we see flashbacks of them capturing them). Dozens of helicopters fly over the pacific as they ship the animals by air. After successfully placing the animals safely. They set a military base to monitor the animals. From there, InGen creates drones to monitor the island. One drone suddenly gets destroyed by an unknown dinosaur. The man is ordered to go and see who caused this, as he is assembled with a team. They walk to a thick forest, but are suddenly ambushed by a Triceratops. Behind them is an Anklyosaurus. The men are in this titan battle, and suddenly, a T.Rex comes for a fight. As the Rex charges for the Triceratops, the team quickly hides in some of the trees. One of the men hide under the tree trunk. As he documents the Rex ripping off the Triceratops horn. The Rex comes out victorious. As the Rex feeds, he spots the man hiding under the tree trunks, as the Rex tries to get him with his mouth. A sudden smoke grenade comes out of no wear and scares off the Rex. The team is rescued by an unidentified group of people. These people lived here before the island was Jurassic Park. The team explains they want no harm, but the indigenous people want them gone. The people living on this island live on the trees. With high tech equipment, they monitor the jungle for intruders. They have adapted to the island filled with dinosaurs. The people say that they tried to send these creatures out of this island so they can live in peace. But now that the animals are brought back, it is difficult to live. They force InGen to leave the island by using one of their men as force. InGen gets upset, as they open the gates to their compound, with guards, order them to release and in exchange they will leave. InGen quietly releases velociraptors on the people, as they try to shoot at them, the man successfully makes it inside. He orders InGen it is time to leave. But they insist on staying to fight, and take back what was rightfully their's. The epic battle as the people use trained velociraptors to kill the InGen team. They head inside. The man tries to kill them, but they poison him. He wakes up hanging by tree trunks. A death sentence. They tell him to survive in the island, as he has 48 hours to save his skin, as the leader Norah, will find him and kill him. He quickly manages to escape. As he runs, he finds an abandon vehicle from InGen. He manages to start it, and drives through a Gallimimus heard. While driving through the heard, he is interrupted by a group of full grown Dilophasaurus. As he tries to manage to drive through the terrain, one of the Dilphosaurus spits at his windshield. He looses control of the vehicle, and the car turns over. As he wakes up, he tries to get out, as a Dilophosaurus spots him, it jumps on the car, and tries to kill him. A sudden blast comes from no wear and we see a man holding a gun on his shoulder, "You coming or not." As it turns out to be Ray Arnold. He managed to survive the island! He was saved by the people, thanks to their equipment, was able to repair his arm, with a mechanical arm. He explained his death to him, and how the others saved him. The man asks Ray how to survive this island, he says any way you can. He offers to help, as his mechanical arm will save them for luck. They hop in Ray's old Jeep. As they drive down a dirt road, they see the abandon fence. They have to somehow override the doors. As the man tries to crack the code, Ray hears something in the bushes. As a sudden Rex's foot comes out! Ray jumps at the man, as the two hide. They quickly hide in the Jeep. The Rex hears them, as it looks around the Jeep. It's eye piercing at Ray. Ray slowly gets the shifter, and puts the Jeep in full force, as the Rex roars, it chases them, as the Rex breaks the Jurassic Park gates. The two drive down the dirt road, as the Rex continues to chase them. They spy an abandon InGen Helicopter just 10 clicks. Ray asks the man to take the wheel. As Ray shoots at the Rex. The Rex suddenly grabs his metallic hand. Ray tries to shoot it in the mouth. He suddenly drops the gun. He gets his knife, and scares the Rex on her eye. Ray falls, manages to grab the tree branch. As the Rex is half blind, confused, it gives up. Ray quickly goes in the Jeep. He tells him to drive. As nightfall approaches, they pull over the dark road. As they see Nedry's abandon vehicle. They decide to try to take the Jeep off the branch. Ray opens the door, as they see a dead carcass. It frightens Ray as the skeleton is seen with eggs inside it's stomach. The man looks, "What the hell did this to him?" Ray tells him Troodons did this. They where a secret project that InGen was doing on this island without telling anybody. The man spots a hill full of mud, he climbs down the waterfall, as he digs out the mud hill. And finds the shaving cream can! He hides it in his pocket. Ray and the man manage to get the Jeep off the branch. As the Jeep suddenly goes full force, it hits the tree, accidentally sounding of a horn. The two quickly try to turn it off, as Ray sees the Troodon in the distance with glowing eyes. The two manage to turn it off. But one of them wounds Ray in the other arm. The man grabs Ray and he puts him in the Jeep. He quickly scans the wound, as the computer says it is a unknown substance, only treatment is neurotoxin. He quickly manages to get Ray a shot of Morphine. As the wound suddenly heals. A pack of Troodon jump on the Jeep, and the man drives down the dirt hill and to the East dock. As he drives, he sees several Brachiosaurus. As he drives underneath one, he stars at amazement. He decides to pull over, and grab a tree branch. He climbs to the tallest tree and the two play tug of war. As he climbs down, he goes inside the Jeep. He hears a radio call, and the radio call is military. He orders a helicopter to the Island. They confirm his location, and the helicopter will be there shortly. He tells Ray isn't that good news, as Ray is gone! He decides to drive, as he finds the helipad. As he drives, his Jeep is hit by a road grenade. The car is severely damaged. He is suddenly ambushed by the Others. The two are taken to Norah. "You have stayed on this island long enough". As him and Ray are about to be executed. As their execution is by a T.Rex. The T.Rex sees if the two are worthy or not. As it slowly approaches them it sniffs them, in sudden realization that they are not worthy. As it is about to kill them, a U.S. Air force comes out from hiding and scares off the T.Rex as it hides. The soldiers save the two, as they head to their vehicle, they drive off to the helipad. They soldiers come out, as they form a perimeter. As they hold their positions, the Rex ambushes them. They open fire as the Rex kills half the crew. The two quickly get in the chopper, as the man asks Ray, " You know how to fly this thing?" Ray says "Nope." As the Ray sets the helicopter to full gear, the Rex manages to kill some of the soldiers, as well as the raptors that also ambushed them. The Rex runs at the chopper, as it continues to fly, as it jumps, the Rex barely misses the chopper. As it roars it's famous roar. The two survivors notices the fuel tank is empty, so they pull over. They decide to use one of the boats. As they full the tank, they drive off to the sunset. Ray notices the barbosol can. He asks him where the hell you get that from? The man says he works for Biosyn, and pulls a gun at Ray. As they head to the mainland, the man walks over to Dogson, as he shows him the embryo can, he tells him that the embryos are still alive. Dogson turns around, and smiles. Screen turns black.

    2 Responses to Jurassic Park 4, possible approach?


    CompsognathusMember0 XPMay-27-2013 10:25 PMExcellent ALI3N, i like how it composes parts from the movie and the game and i think terranova/the stomping land but the embryos would've died within in the 24 hours of the accident, But a nagging part of my brain mentions that the mud that fell over top plus the cold dampness of the dilo area of the park IT MIGHT JSUT MIGHT BE ENOUGH TO KEEP IT ALIVE, but what about JPTG??? does that not come into effect? course it kills the whole plot... but nima was apart of the tribe that was originally on the island... I like how you also included Arnold, it'll be good to see him again... but i think ingen wouldve done a lot more to ensure that the natives to the islands originally stayed on the main land, given nima was very disappointed about what ingen had done in the game... IDK but i think for a sequel the team *all main characters with ray no lex/tim* Go and track down the man and biosyn with ingen and discover that they have hidden themselves in the JURASSIC PARK SAN DIEGO colosseum, and they begin hatching and breeding dinosaurs... Ingen tracks them down to there and assembles a large team of survivors and staff from JP/ingen and they assault the park... by the time they arrive its too late... the dinos have gotten out... and a reeking havoc on san Diego *or san Fran cisco i cant ever remember...* It goes all god zilla balh blah blah they go and tranq all of the dinos and load them up to ship to nublar... the Natives have left... and a new hell spawn arises on nublar... but ingen is too late to see it.... FIN and that leads into the third movie.. just some plot ideas... -paden

    Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way


    CompsognathusMember0 XPMay-28-2013 8:56 AMThat plot could, work I like it. Biosyn could use the Jurassic Park zoo as a place to clone their dinosaurs. The animals got loose, and then the dinosaurs break out of the zoo causing mayhem yada yada, and InGen captures the dinosaurs, and brings back the dinosaurs to the Island. And like what you said the animals reaked havoc of the island before the Natives have left, as they are stranded with dinosaurs once again!

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