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    The Only Idea that to me Works for JP4

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    Nov-23-2012 10:41 AM

    The only plot that makes sense to me and this is just the basic rough idea of it is that going on the second book majorly (the second movie going a different way then second book did). The idea I have is that because the movies didn't kill of John H. he has to be in the 4th especially if the rumors of the movie taking place in between the first MOVIE and second movie (not the books). So my quick summary of the plot is that good old Dodgson like in the second book gets info on the second island and gets a team to go to the island to find some DNA samples and because once again like in the second book the buildings there use a advanced generator technology the building after the few years its been empty(people at least-also remember its only a few years because the first book and second book are 7 years apart and the films suppose to take place between then) the DNA samples could still be salvaged. Now John H. finds this out somehow that Dodgson is trying once again to steel from him and he gets Alan, Ellie, Ian, back together to explain that they are the only ones that know the hole story of the island and they are the only ones that can help stop Dodgson. Now that being said how they get them on the island again, how they get kids on the island(this must happen) and the plot of them on the island and getting off the island is suppose to go I don't have the slightest idea, but if they want to make a new trilogy then they need Dodgson to get off the island alive with DNA samples and for the future movies to be him creating some dino's in a new location to introduce a new idea of where these animals could be located instead of an isolated island. To me this is the only plot that takes place between the two movies that works and can make sense to get the group together and to get them on the island in a way that somewhat makes sense. So my question is can anyone fill in my blanks? How they get to the island what happens there and how does Dodgson's team get the DNA.(This is without killing Ian, Ellie, or Alan or the kid/kids that end up on the island, or Dodgson, but kill some members of Dodgson's team, and possibly new members of Alan's team, and please when this movie comes out if Ian is in it he needs to have more conversations about chaos theory because that is such a major part of the books they need it in this new movie even more then ever.)

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    Nov-24-2012 12:16 AM

    OK...... Well..... I was thinking that the Military had paid huge sums of money for the stolen DNA samples....... and had started using these along with some minor genetic tampering to create Dinosaurs for Military use.... unfortunately Chaos Theory comes into play and things go unexpectedly wrong.....Dinosaurs have escaped into a rural or maybe an urban environment... urgent expert help is needed! call in our usual suspects : ) and maybe the kids have grown up into paleo-geneticists or micro biologists.. and maybe one of the kids has turned to the Dark Side and is part of the Military plan???

    \"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman


    Nov-24-2012 7:10 AM

    My thought for JP4. "If at first you don't succeed, try again!" Now that there grown Tim or Lex should get the idea of trying to bring "JURASSIC PARK" BACK!!!! Even with all that they gone through, the promise of fame, and the glint of silver in one or both of their eyes, make them fall into the same path as their grandfather! But here's the kicker for my plot. They send in a private army, and secure Site B. After months of tracking, herding, and building the island is suitable for the public. Jurassic Park is now a dream come true. After 9 months of success, and becoming the best theme park in HISTORY. Lex or Tim, now corrupt, invite Malcom and Grant. Who after tons of pleading, they both decide to finally see the new park. When the two of them step foot of Site B. The tour begins just like in the 1st. But a hurricane come in forcing the park to stop all events until it passes over. Just like at Disney-World. The power-grid fails (who didn't see that coming), and the Dinos break free once again. But this time....the island is full of the hundreds...if not thousands!!!! And the race for survival begins again with Grant, and Ian with a new set of characters. And we see the corrupt Lex or Tim see their short dream die, in the same cast of light as John Hammonds. I know it's just Jurassic Park 1.5, but sounds at lot better, than "HYBRID-DINO-HUMANS!!!!!" And the theme for my idea is still JURASSIC PARK!!!


    Nov-26-2012 3:57 PM

    I love your story plot T-IMP I think it would make for a cool movie : )

    \"My God, its full of stars\" David Bowman


    Dec-12-2012 12:21 PM

    I think they should just a re-imagination of the first movie. I don't see how they could possibly keep it within context of the original 3 movies and make a fourth one without looking stupid or cliche.

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