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    Jurassic Park IV Ideas?

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    Nov-22-2012 5:57 PM

    This is actually the beginning to a fanfiction I was GOING TO write but didn't end up posting past this: Harold Montgomery, a world renowned kooky English director, hires the attractive English icon, James Robinson, with one goal in mind; to make the biggest movie the world has ever seen. Harold knew there was only one place he could go, to recreate the scenes from Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler -now Dr. Degler - , and Dr. Malcolm's experiences – the Isla Nublar. He decided a little romance was necessary for that was what would capture the younger audience's attention (of course). For a little publicity he put up a competition. The winner would receive the part in the movie and was guaranteed to meet the paleontologist, the paleobotonist, and the mathematician. The only people who knew the true destination of the set was the director himself, his assistant, Joelyn, and his crew who were all paid a good sum of money so that the set's location would stay a secret. Millions of girls, who thought they'd be sent to a safe location in Hawaii where the director announced to the world that they'd be filming, applied. Sure this was something that excited Emily Vaughn, but not more than her getting to meet her idol, Dr. Alan Grant. She didn't even like the heartthrob James Robinson in the slightest (in fact she was annoyed by him... seeing him everywhere, hearing about him all the time). It was her essay that attracted the mystery judges the most. They all met up in Texas, where Emily lived and she discovered the mystery judges were the scientists themselves. Everyone boarded the tiny plane and now, unbeknownst to everyone but the pilots, they are on their way to the Isla Nublar. The behind the scenes crew set up in the area where the crazy Mr. Montgomery set up his own electric fences. How he did this without getting any dinosaurs in the area is a mystery to most but he did it. He already met his crew in the area while his actors are on the way. The dinosaur experts joined in for the most obvious of reasons, funding. LOTS of money. I say that Isla Nublar didn't have to have been wiped out like Hammond SAID in the movie (if they played it out like the book however, that wouldn't be possible seeing as everyone SEES the island being blown up in the book). I just have to say... I love Jurassic Park, it's my favorite movie and book. Ever since I was little I was telling people I want to be paleontologist. I really hope this movie is up to standards... but anyway, that's my idea. Let me hear yours! =]

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    Nov-23-2012 10:52 AM

    I like some of the basic ideas my only questions are how do you get some of the original cast onto the island? My thought is that they are on that plane to help out with the movie to be accurate. Then my other question is how did you get them to agree to it in the first place, the director would have offer to fund there digs, and to also do one of those cheesy lines about how there story will finally be told and the families of the lives lost on that island will finally have some kind of ease knowing the truth, and of course to Dr. Grant explaining to him how the movie will bring new interest into the public about Dinosaurs which could increase the want for more digs and overall sparking a new interest in Paleontology. Like I said I like some of the points you suggested and I get a King Kong kinda feeling to the movie which is fine.

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