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    Groundbreaking news for Big T

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    Oct-07-2012 9:56 PM

    1 year ago, in USA, a trex skeleton was found, but heres the funny part, it was as big as a sauropod. The diggers called it Titan Rex, or Grex, (Giant Rex). They thought they found the fictional Vastatosaurus, but this Big T skeleton was even BIGGER. 30 feet tall, and 75 feet long. The skull alone was 15 feet long. Its teeth were as big as assault rifles, and the feet were about as wide as a standard bedroom. Some think it could crunch bone with 6 tons of pressure. Which means Spino could be run over by this behemoth. The Rex in JP/// was a male subadult anyway. With its tiny arms, it would 90 percent of the time, fall over, and not get up. Same for abelisaurs, like Carnotaurus. So, HAIL TO THE KING!!!

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    Oct-08-2012 9:57 PM

    0_0....plz don't be trolling me. If this is real....faints!!!! But a head 15ft long...doesn't add up...the head height ratio is 1/4-1/5. Normal Trex is 14-18ft tall with a head 3.6/4.2 ft long. So if this G-Rex is 30ft tall it's head should be 6.5-7.5ft long! If this is real...great news for my favorite dino. :) The real "SHARPTOOTH"!!!!!!


    Oct-10-2012 2:10 PM

    yeh well if u think rthats big look at my discussion the spino is far bigger than that.


    Oct-10-2012 2:16 PM

    OH SOZ I FORGOT TO PUT THE NAME OF MY DISSCUSION ITS "giant news for spinosaurus fans"

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