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    is jp4 going to be extinction

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    life will find a way

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-28-2012 3:26 PMjurassic park extinction is a great plot what do you think of jurassic park 4 being jurassic park extinction
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    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-28-2012 7:20 PMThis is a concept I've been toying around with for a while... let's just say there are many ways Jurassic park 4 and the new trilogy could go and discussions have been underway with some consultants I know... this is one scenario I've extrapolated from what I've pried out of some ppl. I've posted this and other variations of this idea elsewhere: The movie may start with a mysterious rampage on the mainland, calling back to the other time a T rex showed up. But this won't be a T-rex, it'll be a large group of Raptors and other dinos who show up mysteriously alongside Pterodactyl and Plesiosaur sightings. I think the corporate espionage angle from the first movie will definitely be a part of it, and the reason for why the Dinos start becoming a problem again. Base it around the idea of Pterodactyl and Plesiosaur sightings at first, and then sudden unexplained rampages tying into the moles within the company idea. Biosyn could also be raiding what's left at site B and trying to learn all of the secrets that created the dinos. The characters think Biosyn is completely responsible for the outbreaks on the mainland, but it's also the genetics and the fact that life will find a way. The dinos are reproducing and spreading out of their cages... I also like the idea of keeping the plot partially on a cargo ship or military vessel that holds secrets; away from the mainland and the island for a lot of it. Making this first movie almost a character piece and reintroduction/farewell to some familiar characters. The main characters Tim, Lex, Malcolm, a government official, Military general, a board member of the Ingen company, Billy (instead of Grant-- grant is contacted but won't go and sends Billy), maybe another returning character or two, and a team of highly trained soldiers working under the military commander travel to site B to remove the illegal operations of Biosyn there. The gov't/military also wants the Dinos wiped out, but didn't tell Tim and Lex that.. Malcolm knows/feels this is the plan and informs them. Tim wanted to go and has a stake in it as he now works for the company his grandfather built, but they're more into cloning ancient flora now, for medicinal research. He wants to see the secrets of his childhood buried. His sister Lex won't let him go alone, despite the risks, and wishes to oversee the operation with the military/gov't being involved, and her grandfather's islands being the most likely cause of the reappearance of Dinos on the mainland. Tim and Lex are all grown up and either work for/are senior members of the company, or head the company. They and the company try to contain the dino/Biosyn situation and help the gov't investigate Biosyn's actions/the dino rampages. Biosyn has a team of mercs protecting their activities on the island that should be off bounds. Saddler comes in at the end in a similar way to JP3 to talk about paleo-botany. Military involvement is a factor and there's talks about what to do with the island so no other companies come in and try to steal their secrets again. At the beginning Biosyn seemingly hasn't figured out how to create their own dinos on the island, but they've been up to terrible things on the mainland and the characters suspect their involvement in recreating more dinos. It took them a long while to figure out a way to combine the bullfrog genetics in a similar way to what ingen did. Their moles were stealing company secrets and they were raiding the island for samples. However, the island was just the tip of the iceberg of Biosyn's illegal, and dinosaur cloning activities/attempts. On the way to the island Tim and Lex find things out about their own company and secret deals that had been made with Biosyn. Malcolm and Billy are there to help them. Malcolm out of coincidence, being brought in by the military, and Billy being sent as a dino expert in Grant's stead who has now learned a little more about not stealing raptor eggs and wants to see the situation contained. Even a trusted board member is a mole... The return to the rival company angle in a big way, and the rampages breaking out worldwide idea, could definitely take the trilogy away from the park and break up the formula while using some of the ideas in a new way; returning to the island one last time to deal with Biosyn there. Tim, Lex, Malcolm, Saddler and Billy have minor disagreements with what the military wants to do. It really could tie together a lot of the other suggested plot-lines. Especially the idea of Tim and Lex running the company and having a stake in the appearance of dinos on the mainland again. Biosyn had moles within the company and learned the genetic secrets of how they used the bullfrog genetics to clone the dinos, they had everything else figured out and needed the samples to figure out exactly how the bullfrog genetics were mixed in. They knew the bullfrog genetics were used, had amber/dino genetic samples, but needed to know specific gene sequences that Ingen altered/infused. As you may know the bullfrog genetics are the problem that causes some of the dinos to change sexes and find a way to reproduce. They use the bullfrog genetics to become hermaphoditic like some bullfrogs can do. Maybe put a twist on it where it's revealed that the rival company, BioSyn, had lots of carnivores on the mainland being prepped to be placed in their own parks in many countries. Like Euro Disneyworld etc. Hammonds dream in the first one when he meets grant and Saddler was to have a park in every country. Biosyn has almost achieved this without the public's knowledge and was prepping parks to be opened on multiple other continents. And the survivors Tim, Lex, Saddler, and Ian Malcolm witness another rampage already in progress the second they return to the mainland. The army was informed things were getting worse but while on the island the general dies before telling the other members on the team. So they know something's up and BioSyn had more on the mainland somewhere in America too. You could even build upon the idea of the Dino rampages suddenly appearing by turning it into an outbreak theme that runs through the new trilogy. Making it much darker. Where these cloned frog-hybrid Dinos start reproducing at an excessive rate instead of getting smarter like the silly idea they had for the raptors to use guns at one point. And by the third movie it's us who are almost extinct... and the middle or end of the trilogy can be called extinction when it's basically us vs them, and them vs themselves as they eat each other to survive and keep reproducing. Then it could really become a dark version of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs with Tim and some new survivors he finds as main characters. If they still really want to make the raptors super smart, then hopefully they don't give them guns, however the second movie could tone down that idea and use it in a more realistic way. Making it almost like Rise of the apes. The rise of the smarter and even faster Raptors. Multiplying and dominating. The gov'ts and armies of the world don't know what to do when many cities start having major problems similar to what was witnessed at the start of the trilogy; so they bomb the islands, but hesitate just a little too long when mass panic erupts in many cities. They try a diff solution that backfires even worse and only speeds up the transformation of Earth into Jurassic World. Really moving the story away from the parks. It could be all about the military response/inability to bomb cities leading to the loss, exploding dinosaur populations everywhere, and mass groups of raptors recognizing military locations and disrupting the ability to strategize, navigate, or exterminate the exploding populations. Becoming an almost higher class of the dinosaurs that have now allowed similar rampages and escapes to go forth worldwide. And an even larger threat in the third movie as the most intelligent species of dinos who keep Tim, the other humans, and many of the other dinosaurs on the run. We already know that the dinosaurs have found a way to reproduce.. despite being genetically altered to not be able to. Because of the frog DNA. They could become a plague on the world and spread faster through hermaphoditic reproduction.. Have you seen that episode of the Simpsons where Bart introduces a foreign species to a new environment? Sometimes when that happens the foreign species can also multiply at a hard to handle rate. In this case it's a hybrid Dinosaur-bullfrog species. So a paleobotanist can come back into it and tell us how the environment was perfect for them back at the parks... but on the mainland the bullfrog genetics have allowed them to adapt to a new climate and new ecosystems in unexpected ways. Multiplying across the world like the frogs Bart lets loose in that Simpsons episode. All because of Ingen's mistake in using the frog genetics (which was the secret the corporate moles within the company spent years learning the intricacies of and screwed up slightly, while others were raiding site b). Also because of BioSyn trying to actualize Hammond's goal of putting a park in every part of the world. Like a Jurassic-land or Jurassic World. Where Malcolm, Tim, and Lex become the main stars in a world that's rapidly becoming like a [i]Cadillacs & Dinosaurs[/i] world. Tim eventually grows into a bad ass survivor-type who collects any weapon he can get in a world where humans are slowly going extinct, and the dinosaurs are running out of food and consuming themselves. Nature is starting to balance their expansive reproduction out and the raptors are like kings because they know how to survive and stop humans from trying to build or flock to places of resistance.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-28-2012 9:01 PMNow that's what I call a reply....


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-28-2012 9:30 PMlol you should see some of my thoughts on the Prometheus sequel. I get carried away trying to show how things might tie together or go. I'll have to start a thread when i finally post my whole theory on how Paradise will go.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-29-2012 3:44 AMWow Mala'kak.....that's....just wow....great statement ^_^

    life will find a way

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-29-2012 7:33 AMso your for jurassic park extinction it would show how we killed some things like the dodo bird to extinction.that means we could go extinct by dinosaurs.i like the extinction script

    life will find a way

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-29-2012 7:35 AMi also read your reply mala'kak it is a great idea


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-30-2012 9:14 AMWow...amazing. Jurassic World, dinos ruling the world just as nature intended to. That's a perfect plot. Hopefully Johnston gets his head out of his ass and doesn't fuck this one up like he did on jpIII. Fingers crossed, people

    We aint outta here in ten minutes, we wont need no rocket to fly through space.

    life will find a way

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-30-2012 11:43 AMyes fingers crossed


    AllosaurusMember2536 XPSep-06-2012 6:21 PMCongrats you just made Jurassic Park 4 into Carnosaur 5, BTW carnosaur sucked! At Mala'Kak "You don't really know much about the military or governments do you? For starters a general is the most protected person on the battlefield also the general most of the time aren't even on the front-lines, they stay mostly in the back giving the orders, Its next to impossible to kill him with out precision strikes. The military would have no interest/research value in using dinosaurs as weapons because we have predator drones, robots, tanks, aircraft, crew missiles, SAM sites, tomahawk missiles, guns, etc. Your plot of bombing the cities sounds like an old 1980's movie plot, the united states military would never bomb a city to get rid of animals. The military has chemical weapons for a reason and bombs are expensive. Maybe if this was Russia or China then maybe. You don't know much about animals, evolution, or dinosaurs for that matter. Dinosaur were around for 165 million years and in that time did not die out from starvation, oh by the way if you didn't know dinosaurs like all other animals (Except humans) don't eat if their not hungry. You make the dinosaurs out to be like as if they were demons rising from hell to attack and enslave humanity. Dinosaurs wouldn't go out and kill humans off, for one were not that healthy treat to them and were probably not that tasty. They would rather hunt large herbivores, you the food there used to eating. Dinosaurs like other animals would retreat from Fire, Gunfire, Extremely Loud noises, and humans hunting them constantly, likes wolves fear of humans due to us overly hunting them. Bullfrogs can only rapidly reproduced because of their size and they have short lifespans, even if the Dinosaurs are infused with their DNA, the Dinosaurs 's growth rate wouldn't be like that of a bullfrog. Evolution happens faster on islands than on continents." This how i Would have it. Jurassic Park 4 Characters: Tim Lex New Protagonist Dodgson Dr. Grant John Hammond (flash back) Dr. Sattler Dr. Malcom Dr. Wu Dinosaurs & Other: Carnotaurus Dilophosaurus Velociraptor (Flash Back) Tyrannosaurus Spinosaurus (Fossil) Pteranodon Zuniceratops Plateosaurus Kentrosaurus Allosaurus (Mentioned) Carchardontosaurus They would either capture one of the pteranodons that escaped from the third movie or should there be a flash back to Isla Nublar Incident where Biosyn could recover the shaving cream can holding the embryos. A dock worker working for InGen but on the side working with Biosyn, discovers the Can and gives it to Biosyn. When the Embryos gets transported into Biosyn's hands they fortunate to find the canister when they did because they only had an hour and 6 minutes left before the embryos died. So they quickly stick the embryos In a cooler and prep it for shipping to the Biosyn's research labs. With the embryos in their possessions what would took InGen years would Biosyn a few months to developed dinosaurs. The years leading up to after Jurassic Park 3, Biosyn would be developing hatcheries inside Africa, they would pay off the local African government because zoo regulations became harsher in the United States and its territories. Biosyn's dinosaur development was kept under wraps because if they would be discovered it would mean they end of their research. Unlike InGen's goals of making Dinosaur Zoo-like parks, Biosyn's goals was to turn dinosaurs into testing subjects for lethal pathogens and to extract certain traits from certain dinosaurs. Tim would be on the board of directors for InGen instead of CEO which Lex would better suited for that Job and they would not be the protagonists. Instead there would a new character working for Biosyn so you can see how the Biosyn company plays out. This character would see the dinosaurs in their indoor artificial habitats because their inside of a large hangar-like structure buried into the mountains of West Africa. After accidentally discovers what his or her company is doing to the dinosaurs he or she tries to let release the United States government to what Biosyn is up to. The new character in a panic tries to gather as much material as he/she can to send it off but there caught by Biosyn's employees and is feed to the dinosaurs. The US got bits and pieces of the information because the new character was fax machine and the phone line was cut. Tim went to Africa to visit Dr. Grant who is uncovering a newly discovered spinosaurus remains, the reason why Tim was really there was partial to prove his grandfather company innocent of the Isla Nublar incident. The government becoming more troublesome to InGen, because the government starts sending investigators to InGen's facilities to see if there starting up dinosaur development again. The New Character struggles one of the guards while the other guard takes a pisses, knocks said guard out; Takes that guard's stun gun and stuns the other guard when he comes out of the restroom. This character will releases a Carnotaurus (because its has a chameleon-like ability to camouflage due to InGen's failed attempt to reconstructed its DNA) to cause a distraction. The Carnotaurus is not directly after the humans or anything in particular its just in a panic-like state when its trying to escape the facility. The Carnotaurus an interrupts an on-going experiment on an adult dilophosaurus, it leaps off the table and kills two of the four scientists, blinds and severally wounds the others as it tries to escape. Dodgson will be in the control room gathering up his files to leave for the South African Biosyn Labs. The new character gets an email off to his/her consultant in InGen which he or she uploads the information. Then InGen gives the information to the investigating agents. The US Government allows InGen to transport the facilities Dinosaurs back to the Islands (Las Cinco Muertes) after tranquilizing the the Carnotaurus and Dilophosaurus. InGen does a full investigation on what Biosyn was doing to the dinosaurs. Then the movie will shifts over to the South African branch of Biosyn, A Convoy of Cargo Trucks bearing the Biosyn logo enters through a tunnel into a large facility complex.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-01-2012 3:02 AMI really like your version of how it would go. Definitely things in there that would benefit this series. These are just ideas, and things I've pieced together for one way it could go. All the military stuff is something I'll admit my knowledge is lacking on, and no one could be sure of the way the plot around that might progress, because it would come about in a sequel. I mean it's why the writer of Rise of the Planet of the Apes avoided that problem for now (the problem of setting the apes against the entire military), and is now attached to JP4... And I have studied evolution, so I know things have to be tweaked to work. However, the basic idea is that the geographic isolation created by taking them out of a perfectly suited habitat changes them. Forces them to adapt in new ways. I wouldn't make them some weird freaks that Biosyn cloned up, but mainly altered by being taken out of their environment. Maybe even describing it as a rampage is wrong because nothing is technically written or set in stone yet, it's just an idea I like from another forum and passed along. Trying to let other fans help influence this in some small way because of some of the people I know... They would be taken out of a place with the ideal conditions, perfectly suited for them, cloned flora and all; and this causes problems when they're taken out of it. Mainly because of the way they adapt in the outside world over the course of the movies, instead of being purposely changed or used as a weapon. It's a lot like what Darwin witnessed with his finches when a natural disaster separated or created new islands for the finches to spread to. Darwin noticed slight variation among the finches that had split off the main group, onto the other islands. One group of Finches kept passing on a trait for longer beaks because the food source they were after was easier to get with a longer beak. Then this trait became associated with survival and it became an advantageous trait that increased with subsequent generations because those who possessed it and survived were able to reproduce. This would be on a much larger scale, and we'd find some who didn't adapt. An adaptation to new food sources and new environments. So there'd be a reason for why the carnivores are suddenly more bloodthirsty, showing up in cities to feed, and eating members of their own species to procreate and survive. No one's feeding them anymore and the only ones who survive after the initial (unseen and revealed later) Biosyn outbreak are adapting to the outside world at a rapid rate because of the bullfrog genetics and their ability to reproduce on their own with the bullfrog hermaphrodite gene (which we saw a little of in the first movie). Evolution finds a way to ensure survival of the species because advantageous traits are passed on once they appear and become associated with reproductive success. Or in this case may continue to seemingly randomly appear/mutate slightly. Oh and It's not that the gov't wanted them as weapons, or even that BIosyn wanted them as weapons in what I posted. It's just that Biosyn was following Hammond's original goal of "putting a park in every country" and succeeded in putting one on every continent behind the backs of gov'ts who have been worried about the appearance of dinosaurs since the rampage in San Diego. The Gov't wanting to bomb the island is taken straight from the books (I believe, I'll have to check to make sure), and not being able to bomb the cities could be an extension of this and one of the potential causes for being eventually overwhelmed. The raptors have already shown they can make precision strikes against power centers, and open some doors. There's a huge problem getting them in the military bases, so I hope they don't go back and make the gov't want them as weapons again like the stupid idea where they had guns. I'm thinking the second movie shows the downfall of one city and then reveals this is going on to this scale all over the world. Same with the planet of the Apes sequel which could share a number of similarities, but many differences also because they have a different point to start from. Until we see what has become of this world in a third movie. The problem is setting them against the generals in a logical way and getting them inside to cut power to everything, even though the gov't doesn't want them as weapons in some of the ideas that may be used now.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-05-2012 9:17 AM@xeno The big thing here is these aren't dinosaurs. They are monsters created from fragments of DNA. So who know how they act or when they decide to hunt. The raptors in the movie did kill plenty of people without eating them because they were defending their territory. But besides that I love both yours and mala'kaks ideas they would both make for a great movie.


    AllosaurusMember2536 XPMar-07-2013 8:59 AM@J:OG2 Umm I thought I made it was clear that I know that, with the Carnotaurus having Chameleon ability. @Mala'kak You still don't get the concept of Evolution, It takes a long time for an organism to show adaptational traits. Like Darwin's Finches, that probably took thousands or millions of years for them to evolve those specialized beaks. Not in the time frame of a movie. Rise of the Planet of the Apes used a brain enhancing virus to accelerate the ape's evolution. I never said the military would use the dinosaurs as weapons, I said that Biosyn would. If you read the book, you would know what i'm talking about. Biosyn through out Jurassic Park media are always depicted as being InGen's Evil Twin. The Costa Rican carpet bombed the Isla Nublar (Island of the First Movie) not the US Military. Isla Sorna was never attacked by the military, Biosyn in the books attacked the island using Prion The movie never stated that they used Bullfrog DNA, they said the African Tree Frog. Also the raptors didn't target the electric shed to cut the power there not xenomorphs, they were only in there because there was food/humans (Mr. Arnold and Dr. Saddler). Why would dinosaurs target cities? Animals usually avoid cities if they can. Humans would start to kill the dinosaurs before they could adapt. The Dinosaurs would be safer if they stayed in the forest and coming out only for food if they couldn't find any in the forest. Don't forget Dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs so they wouldn't need humans. Even Biosyn build dinosaur park/zoos they would have herbivores as well as Carnivores. They would have more herbivores because there cheaper and easier to contain.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPMar-20-2013 8:22 PMxenotaris, what is wrong with your first post is that it has been like 20 years since the first movie and the embryos would have died a long time ago or broken out and escaped just doesnt work
    They show extreme intelligence; even problem solving intelligence. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when she came in, she took over the pack and killed all but two of the others.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPMar-20-2013 8:32 PMall great ideas
    They show extreme intelligence; even problem solving intelligence. Especially the big one. We bred eight originally, but when she came in, she took over the pack and killed all but two of the others.
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