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    Dino's vs civilians in JP4

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-14-2012 9:40 PMWhat about dinosaur eggs fell off a truck that were heading to Biosyn. As the truck hit a rough bump, the mostly all the egg crates fell off as they all rold down the grassy hill. Camera slowly moves towards the one of the eggs and it cracks! And screen turns Jurassic Park with the IV letters scratched. Several years later New Mexico is being contained with prehistoric Beasts, as the military tries to control the population of the dinos. One military crew drive down in the middle of the enclosed area, as they get a flat, they are killed by a new kind of velociraptor, that is more deadly (and this happens at night). The next few days go by as the military find out the dino's are more intelligent than ever, and some might be carrying a deadly weapon that some terrorists want to use as a bioweapon (dilophasaurus). The military decide to organize a special team with Ian Malcom, Dr.Grant, and that bald guy from the lost world. They decide to get a research team to see the behaviour of the animals and how they are getting more intelligent. They come in with specialized equiped suv's and a few soldiers come along. That's all I got. :/
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    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-14-2012 9:45 PMAlso Biosyn releases a deadly spray that comes Out of the ground and makes the dino's more intelligent, but it affects human's eyesight and causes dizziness


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-14-2012 9:50 PMsounds great Luigi!...i love the idea of bringing Malcolm back and that the dinos are developing intelligence i especially like the genetic engineering angle...maybe some of the eggs had been gathered by the military before they cleansed the island and these eggs have been further modified for military advantage!! thanks for the thread! :)
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    IndoraptorAdmin21438 XPAug-15-2012 12:02 AMWelcome to Luigi, great discussion by the way! I too like the idea of bringing back Malcolm and Grant. Without either of those two, Jurassic Park just isn't the same. As for the story, it's an interesting concept and certainly a starting-off point to begin speculating on. Personally, I've been thinking of how a JP4 could start for the past 9 years. I think at the end of JP3 when they pan out to see the Pteranodons leaving the island it kind of sets up the fourth film to have to deal with the dinosaurs getting out. Another thing is to consider who's been hired to write the script. Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver wrote the script to the last [i]Planet of the Apes[/i] film which was set in a modern city, while still incorporating the essence of the previous films. I think we'll see a modern adaptation of Jurassic Park this time - not so "primitve" on an island int he middle of nowhere. I expect JP4 will be heavily shot in human populated areas. Without a doubt.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-15-2012 2:07 PMThanks guys! I think the best location to shoot a heavily human population is Hawaii, the city, I think that's an easy place to film. I was thinking, if the dinos do terrorize the a city population, the best location would be Honolulu Hawaii or something like that. Didn't Joe Johnston said something about having the series in a total new direction? Maybe have mysterious dinos being spotted in Hawaii, and Malcom and Grant both experience seeing these dinos. What you guys think?

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-26-2012 6:49 PMnice luigi i like it
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