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    InGen Vs BioSyn Vs Hammond

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    The Limbix

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-05-2012 8:58 PMHaving been a fan for so long, reading and re-reading the books, watching the movies so much that I know them word for word and then exploring peoples fan made stories on the internet I have inevitably come up with my own course of actions that would possibly suffice for another movie. I guess what we are going to see will revolve around the efforts of BioSyn trying to capture live animals, or at the very least "acquiring" Mr DNA. Especially when you look at Rise of Planet of the Apes and it's strong scientific background. I'm not saying we are going to see a Lost World remake, but ideas from that story will probably be seen again. Whether or not we see Luis Dodgson again I'm not sure, I mean the first two movies didn't exactly stick the books, but close enough. JP3 while being entertaining was a movie that has been repeated many times in other franchises, just this time it had enough repeat actors and continuity so it did not become a horrible re-boot. But like JP3 it is possible that JP4 will take bits of the books that were not explored in detail in the movies, or expanded on in the books and turn them into a movie. Other ideas that are not totally impossible would be exploring what happened on Site B leading up to and including the the fall of the main island. How come there was a Spinosaurus in the third movie, a fourth might explain what InGen or possibly BioSyn has been up to and why species that exist are now on the islands. And you can't have a JP movie with out the Rex and the Raptors, what about exploring the fact that InGen bred more than one species of Velociraptor due to both DNA variation and genetic engineering. I do not think we will be seeing a Jurassic "main land" movie for the fact that keeping people on an isolated island is too much fun and exploits the danger. But if it were to go main land the possibilities for a story rise hugely. I would love to hear all the ideas people have, and will be listening out for any news on the movie, be it script, actors, and locations and included dinosaurs.
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    AllosaurusAdmin4317 XPAug-06-2012 4:51 PMWelcome to the forum, The Limbix. :)


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-07-2012 1:11 PMI have always wondered what would have happened if the competitors had gotten a hold of the samples and grew their own animals. Perhaps they would have used the DNA for medical purposes and caused some sort of human mutation problem. Perhaps set/up a sucessful Park that gets out of hand with the tourists. Endless possibilities for the writers. I hope the writers don't blow it and this becomes a great movie. I'll be reading your entries with great interest.

    The Limbix

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-07-2012 4:42 PMThanks for the welcome Svanya. A while ago there was some talk with Michael Crichton (before he died), suggesting what BioSyns' intentions were. I think it was something like a game park on the main land where rich hunters could kill for trophies with out worrying about ethics because the animals they were killing were creations. I will try and find the link to the interview. I mean if they ran with a similar idea at least they wouldn't end up on one of the islands again. Not even the writers, and directors are keen for the islands again.


    CompsognathusMember40 XPAug-08-2012 5:17 AMI agree with that the Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor are icons of the franchise and at the same time can also be interesting to see a fight between the companies (maybe a plot between Jurassic Park and The Lost World) and certainly this film must tie up loose ends (especially with Biosyn). In fact I wonder if we will see some dinosaurs that are hybrids results of experiments with some purpose. With the scientific contingency I do not know, for example...Will we see the velociraptors with feathers?

    The Limbix

    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-08-2012 4:22 PMIn the originial book Jurassic Park, there is mentioned some other species of Raptors but they were too dangerous. So they were not displayed. It is only hinted to in the book but we are made to think they were Raptors of another species. This maybe where the feathered Raptors come from.


    IndoraptorAdmin21438 XPAug-08-2012 8:56 PMWelcome Limbix, your threads a re great and informative! Welcome to the community. As for JP4 and the clash of the companies, I think that's a great path for the studio to take. They said JP4 will kick start another 3 films, so diving into those other aspects of the franchise can open those doors of expansion. I would like to see new dinos for sure, but bring Rex back in a superior role. Have a rematch between him and Spinosaurus and have the Rex dominate, to re-establish him as #1. And I would like to see how Spinosaurus and Ceratosaurus and all those other dinos came to be in JP3 that were not seen in the previous JP films.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPAug-14-2012 10:23 PMAdmin supports Rex domination? Today is a good day... On a more relevant note, I feel like if it were a mainland story, they would have to work on one very coherent story. Dinosaurs just running amok kind of seems silly and cliche, plus they wouldn't exactly be a problem for our military...the game park seems like a good start to that, or BioSyn trying to replicate Jurassic Park. Would definitely like something similar to happen to Dodgson like the Lost World book. Brutal, and deviated from the previous movie in order to create a more scientifically accurate approach to the T-Rex. Maybe have them more successfully clone the dinosaurs, since the amphibian DNA is what led to them having such odd traits. I don't know, just my thoughts.
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