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    DBG: Fukuiraptor vs Shaochilong

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    TriceratopsMember267 XPJun-29-2022 11:15 PM



    Explore the Best Fukuiraptor Art | DeviantArt

    Art by Mario Lanzas

    Length:4.2 Meters

    Weight:200 KG

    These megaraptorids prefer to hunt in pairs or packs to tackle bigger prey, Their claws are deadly which is used to slash its opponents. They dominate some parts of the island. The were found in Japan, Also Fukuiraptors mostly have feathers on their neck with yellow coloring with brown stripes.


    Explore the Best Shaochilong Art | DeviantArt

    Art by Franoys

    Length:6 Meters

    Weight:500 KG

    One of the smaller carcharodontosauroids, Their claws are also deadly they can deliver bleed to opponents, They are from China and mostly inhabit the island. They usually hunt Shunosaurus. They are recognized by their blue and white color with yellow spots.


    As a pair of Fukuiraptors defend their nest, Some small dinosaurs start running towards somewhere like if something was heading their way. The 2 hear a roar, As they go into their nest, a large male Shaochilong goes into their territory. The pair tries to slash him but he bites the females neck, the male Fukuiraptor slashes the Shaochilong, But he doesnt release the bite, The female slashes the Shaochilong finally letting go of the deadly bite.


    The male Fukuiraptor bites the his neck, She also bites his leg. The Shaochilong slashes the female and bites the male, The female releases the grasp, The Shaochilong immediately slashes the female, But he wont let go of the male. As he lets go, the male slashes the Shaochilong, The Shaochilong tails whips the male and bites the female.


     The Shaochilong lets go, The Pair decides to run away, The Shaochilong catching up. The female tumbles falling down, The Male did not notice and runs away, The Female left to die, The Shaochilong goes to the female, biting her neck which ends her life.

                                                                                                             The Winner.......Shaochilong

                                                                                                                                 Shaochilong - Wikipedia                                                                                                                                                       Next Fight...... 

                                          Dacentrurus was one of the largest stegosaurids, But next time it will face up agaisnt large ceratopsian Coahuilaceratops.







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