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    Machairoceratops vs Magnosaurus

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    CompsognathusMember55 XPJun-10-2022 7:16 AM

    The battle of the M's Basically.


    Length:6-8 Meters.


    Weight:1-2 Tons.


    Length:4 Meters.


    Weight:180 KG.


    A Machairoceratops, The larger cousin of Diabloceratops and it is eating ferns near a small stream. A Magnosaurus which is a small megalosaurid dinosaur roams the area. The Magnosaurus drinks the stream from the other side. The Machairoceratops doesnt notice since it is eating ferns from a pretty far distance. As the Magnosaurus finishes a carcass it roams near the stream to find a new prey item. It spots the Machairoceratops. The fight begins. The Magnosaurus sneakily stalks the Machairoceratops.


    As the Magnosaurus stalks it, The Machairoceratops heads on to drink water from the stream. As the Magnosaurus stalks it waits for the opportunity of a lifetime. The Machairoceratops heads on to rest. The Magnosaurus still stalking. After the Machairoceratops is done resting, The Magnosaurus runs to the other side to hide again.


    The Machairoceratops notices and roars. As the Magnosaurus steps out for the battle it calls for a second one, a pair. As the 2 Magnosaurus is ready, The Machairoceratops charges. The pair acts quickly and dodges. One slashes the Machairoceratops, and one bites the Machairoceratops. The Machairoceratops kicks one off. The 2 Magnosaurus backs off and tries a different strategy. The Machairoceratops decides to charge and kick one. Eventually making it fall over. As the Magnosaurus falls over the other one backs off and leaves.


                                                                *THE WINNER*..........MACHAIROCERATOPS. It used its size and weight to an advantage. One of the biggest ceratopsians? Absoloute win.

                                                                                                                  "Keep hitting me, I love it!

                                                                                                                                    - Aran Ryan 2007


    3 Responses to Machairoceratops vs Magnosaurus


    CompsognathusMember55 XPJun-10-2022 8:31 AM

    Aran Ryan is the best character in Punch Out!! Change my mind.


    CompsognathusMember55 XPJun-10-2022 8:32 AM

    Magnosaurus is a megalosauroid


    AllosaurusMember3355 XPJun-10-2022 1:56 PM

    Oh cool

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