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    Godzilla vs Gojira sized Tyrannosaurus Rex

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    Who will win?
    Tyrannosaurus Rex (gojira size)
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    100% (2 Votes)
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    Forum Topic

    Godzilla Fan

    VelociraptorMember1713 XPApr-04-2022 7:42 PM

    I know Godzilla is not the subject of this Forum, just a little curiosity. To help you decide easier, ill give you some info.                                                                                        Tyrannosaurus Rex has a bite force, size, and weight advantage but he is slower, not a good swimmer, and doesn't have a radiation beam. Godzilla has a 500 000 degrees Celcius radiation beam, semi-aquatic, strong arms, and have long slashing tails as his advantage but it is less robust, lesser experience in land combat than the T Rex, and has a dorsal spine weakness (his back). Of course, by comparing, T rex will totally get destroyed on my opinion, so....... what am I thinking Godzilla would totally win. That beam would grill him to perfection LOL. So if you have different thoughts pls say it in the comments ok. BYE! (embarrassed, always thinking that T rex stands no chance)                                                       

    Left is Right, Right is left. They are both relatives
    2 Responses to Godzilla vs Gojira sized Tyrannosaurus Rex


    AllosaurusMember3193 XPApr-05-2022 7:08 PM

    I mean, Gojira is a monster that is designed to be that size.

    A t rex is a real animal that has to follow natural physical limitations 

    so if it became giant it would explode.

    i go with goji

    expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst

    Godzilla Fan

    VelociraptorMember1713 XPApr-05-2022 7:46 PM

    why would the Tyrannosaurus explode?

    Left is Right, Right is left. They are both relatives
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