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    sneak peak of ¨obscure dinosaurs¨

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    TriceratopsMember485 XPOct-12-2021 2:45 PM

    here is a sneak peak of my book (¨obscure dinosaurs¨),s intoduction.

    Dinosaurs! you watch them in blockbuster movies,in documentaries and in
    Occasional live events! Dinosaurs,dinosaurs,DINOSAURS! you love them,
    You know them *abrupt stop* or…..DO YOU?!
    The prehistoric world is much larger than you think!
    A prehistoric ecosystem isn't just a allosaurus, a couple brontosaurus and a
    Few stegosaurs!
    There are thousands of hundreds of different species of prehistoric
    Creatures known and scientists say we haven't even discovered a 10th of

    The terrifying abelisaurs, giant carnivores that shared the late cretaceous
    World with the Famous tyrannosaurs!

    The giant therizinosaurs, long-clawed herbivores that even a mighty
    Tarbosaurus wouldn't dare to mess with!

    The tiny Alvarezsaurs, one-clawed scavengers that clashed with the
    Mongolian pack-hunting predator velociraptor!

    And the mighty prosauropods, ancient triassic ancestors of the humongous

    Hello, i am charles poulin: dinosaur expert! (not really)
    I am your guide. Through these….
    Obscure dinosaurs


    coming 2022-2025


    4 Responses to sneak peak of ¨obscure dinosaurs¨


    BrachiosaurusMember1340 XPOct-13-2021 10:30 AM

    P O G G E R S

    quick question/recommendation, will sinosauropteryx get at least an honorable mention? i like sinosauropteryx-

    "soup or soldier? i choose soup" - Microwave Chonk


    TriceratopsMember485 XPOct-13-2021 10:35 AM

    ill think about it


    BrachiosaurusMember1340 XPOct-13-2021 10:50 AM

    yay :D

    "soup or soldier? i choose soup" - Microwave Chonk

    Reaper's Wineglass

    CompsognathusMember53 XPOct-13-2021 12:03 PM

    Your book sounds badass! 

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