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    Favorite Theropod?

    Favorite Theropod?

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    StegosaurusMember560 XPAug-05-2021 7:21 AM

    We all know that theropods are pretty cool, and we all have our reasons for liking certain types. So I was wondering, what is your favorite theropod, and why do you love it?

    "Look at this shark eating a cheeseburger"
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    Gojira Forces (Lim Chen Xi)

    BrachiosaurusMember1170 XPAug-05-2021 4:33 PM

    This is kind of Common but I like the Tyrannosaurus Rex because its weight is 10 tons and I love the sound of its roar!


    StegosaurusMember560 XPAug-05-2021 5:44 PM

    For me personally, my favorite theropod is Carnotaurus. Mainly because it was the main antagonist in Disney's Dinosaur, which was a movie that was a huge part of my childhood (It was the first movie I saw in theaters). Plus it's just a cool looking animal.

    "Look at this shark eating a cheeseburger"


    AllosaurusMember2765 XPAug-07-2021 4:40 AM

    Dilophosaurus, I love its crests on its head made it unique from the other theropods. 

    The original Jurassic Park is my childhood



    CompsognathusMember11 XPAug-08-2021 8:00 PM

    Carnotaurus, my favourite theropod, is my personal fave. Mostly because it was the primary adversary in Disney's Dinosaur, which was one of my favourite movies as a kid (It was the first movie I saw in theaters). Plus, it's a cool-looking creature.

    Gojira Forces (Lim Chen Xi)

    BrachiosaurusMember1170 XPAug-08-2021 9:25 PM

    Well, My little brother said His favorite theropod is the Spinosaurus. Due to his unique Spine that can control his temperature like a Camel 

    Die-hard Spino Fan

    TriceratopsMember486 XPAug-09-2021 1:13 AM

    Well technically, I think the jump on camels are for storing water. Also, my favorite theropod is Spinosaurus. Followed by T. Rex. Then Allosaurus. 

    That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993

    Captain Cold

    CompsognathusMember65 XPAug-09-2021 4:31 AM

    I would personally say it's a tie between the spinosaurus and the carnotaurus. The second is t-rex 

    James Inkton 5

    CompsognathusMember22 XPAug-15-2021 2:11 AM

    Do not post stuff that has already been posted, im just saying.

    My favorite theropod is the T-Rex and im answering for Kamoebas here his favorite theropod is Allosaurus.


    CompsognathusMember28 XPAug-30-2021 9:48 AM

    Personally its probably the ceratosaurus or the baryonyx 


    BrachiosaurusMember1340 XPAug-31-2021 7:51 AM

    Dromaeosaurs in general, Carnotaurus, and Albertosaurus

    "soup or soldier? i choose soup" - Microwave Chonk


    TriceratopsMember485 XPSep-02-2021 9:37 PM



    CompsognathusMember12 XPSep-15-2021 5:47 AM

    I Love the raptors because they are very intelligent!


    BrachiosaurusMember1340 XPSep-26-2021 8:37 PM

    Beipiaosaurus has peaked my interest

    "soup or soldier? i choose soup" - Microwave Chonk
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