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    Pack of Compys Vs. Huayangosaurus (EDB Season 3 Part.1)

    Pack of Compys Vs. Huayangosaurus (EDB Season 3 Part.1)

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    Kamoebas V.6

    TriceratopsMember220 XPApr-16-2021 12:39 PM

    This was a project made by Die Hard Spino Fan and Kamoebas V.6.

    Information for Composognathus:

    Compsognathus longipes could grow to around the size of a turkey.

    Weight is 6.6 pounds

    Fossil of Bavarisaurus found inside compy’s stomach

    Compys can reach the maximum length of 4 feet

    Relies on speed and agility

    May have had feathers since many of its relatives had feathers

    Information for Huayangosaurus:

    Smallest stegosaurian

    15 feet long

    2200-6600 pounds in weight

    The higher classification is Huayangosauridrae

    Back plates not as effective as most stegosaurids

    Estimated max Hip height 1.5 meters

    Found in Sichuan, China

    Let the battle begin!

    In the deserts,a lone Huayangosaurus is traveling,seeking food and water.But the Huayango's presence alerts a Compsognathus.The Compy moves out of his spot and chases after the Huayango.The Compy then jumps on the back of the Huayango and starts to bite it.Huayango shakes the Compy off,but the Compy calls his pack.The Compys arrive and immediately bring down the Huayango.The Huayango uses it's tail to push some Compys out of the way,it manages to get back up.It smacks most of the Compys that come to attack it,until some manage to get on it's head.The Compys eat one of the eyes,then they bring it down again.But this time the Compys manage to attack successfully,they then kill the Huayango with a lot of bites and tackles.The Huayango is then eaten by the pack of Compys,as it seems like the creature was destined to die from the beginning.

    15 Responses to Pack of Compys Vs. Huayangosaurus (EDB Season 3 Part.1)


    VelociraptorMember1625 XPApr-16-2021 12:49 PM

    I don’t think compys are this agressive in real life.

    James Inkton 2

    CompsognathusMember25 XPApr-18-2021 2:32 PM

    So trash you need help with this one.

    James Inkton 2

    CompsognathusMember25 XPApr-19-2021 11:19 AM


    G. H. (Gman)

    AllosaurusAdmin3943 XPApr-19-2021 11:31 AM

    James Inkton 2,
    I do not know what happened between you and others on here on Discord, nor do I care. But if you continue baiting flame wars that incite threads being locked and name calling, you will be banned. Last warning.

    James Inkton 2

    CompsognathusMember25 XPApr-19-2021 11:37 AM

    Lol guess what i aint baiting anything im stopping the wars

    Kamoebas V.6

    TriceratopsMember220 XPApr-19-2021 11:37 AM

    Stop please,the discussion remains private but just stop.

    G. H. (Gman)

    AllosaurusAdmin3943 XPApr-19-2021 11:38 AM


    Is a baiting comment and includes name calling. This isn't up for debate. Either stop or be removed. Your call.

    James Inkton 2

    CompsognathusMember25 XPApr-19-2021 11:38 AM


    Kamoebas V.6

    TriceratopsMember220 XPApr-19-2021 11:41 AM

    Gman lock the thread.

    G. H. (Gman)

    AllosaurusAdmin3943 XPApr-19-2021 11:42 AM

    K. He's gone.


    VelociraptorMember1625 XPApr-19-2021 11:43 AM

    Oh well, changing account info...

    Maybe getting rid of that account anyway

    Die-hard Spino Fan

    TriceratopsMember229 XPApr-19-2021 11:44 AM

    Yeah probably.

    That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


    VelociraptorMember1625 XPApr-19-2021 11:46 AM


    Oh I was the one he was threatening to dox by the way


    VelociraptorMember1625 XPApr-19-2021 11:46 AM

    Did I just refer to myself?

    Kamoebas V.6

    TriceratopsMember220 XPApr-19-2021 11:47 AM

    You did bruv

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