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    Classical vs Modern Dinosaur Art

    Classical vs Modern Dinosaur Art

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    VelociraptorMember1545 XPApr-13-2021 9:25 AM

    I’ve recently remembered a book I had when I was younger. I tried finding  with no luck. When reflecting on my memories of it I’ve discovered I have a soft spot for Classical Dinosaur Art. The style and portrayal just is something special.


    What do you prefer, Classical or Modern?

    10 Responses to Classical vs Modern Dinosaur Art

    Die-hard Spino Fan

    TriceratopsMember227 XPApr-13-2021 10:01 AM

    By modern, do you mean Jurassic World style? And by classical do you mean Jurassic Park style? If that is the case then it goes to classical.

    That is one big pile of shit - Ian Malcom, 1993


    VelociraptorMember1545 XPApr-13-2021 10:14 AM

    What I mean is the classical art from 1900s-1970s to and Modern which is 2000s - current. 



    VelociraptorMember1545 XPApr-13-2021 10:14 AM

    I enjoy modern work, but those old ones are very fond to me



    AllosaurusMember2532 XPApr-13-2021 10:25 AM

    1990's and up, I always dislike the dragging tail dinosaurs


    VelociraptorMember1545 XPApr-13-2021 10:56 AM

    But it reminds me of the “Golden Age” where dinosaurs were more like monsters and you’d...

    Im being nostalgic for times I never experienced... that’s a bit weird.



    StegosaurusMember880 XPApr-13-2021 2:25 PM

    I've also felt that, nostalgia for a time I never lived in.

    I like..hmmm...honestly, i can't decide. Old, dragging-tailed dinos show the effort of reconstructing something but not quite getting it right, but still trying

    New, bird-like dinosaurs by people who pour their hearts into researching these animals.

    i'm going to go with a tie for me.

    the way ant colonies work would make an awesome adventure book


    AllosaurusMember2532 XPApr-13-2021 2:30 PM

    I've watched from an old dinosaur documentary on how some of those old reconstructions actually damaged the fossils to make their tails drag, I never forgave those old dinosaur reconstructionists for doing that to those millions of year old fossils. Thankfully modern museums use replicas instead of the actual fossils

    Kamoebas V.6

    CompsognathusMember21 XPApr-13-2021 2:52 PM


    How dare they do that.


    AllosaurusMember2532 XPApr-13-2021 3:04 PM

    @Kamoebas V.6



    VelociraptorMember1545 XPApr-15-2021 11:04 AM

    People learn, and people have made mistakes in movies such as inaccurate portrayals. I don’t think this means we have to get rid of these movies or replace them, but to apprise what they teach us about the past and how we can be better. 

    So I think the same applies to dinosaurs.

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