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    The Problem of Camp Cretaceous: Season 1 review

    The Problem of Camp Cretaceous: Season 1 review

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    AllosaurusMember3626 XPMar-13-2021 12:36 AM

    Okay I've thinking about this for a while now but here are my gripes of this series.

    I understand this is a kid's show however, critics have been praising this show as being on par with the live action movies which I completely disagree.

    Gripe #1: Useless Adult characters

    Now I'm not saying the Jurassic Series was absent of useless adults until this point but come on the Camp Instructors, stranded scientist, and dock workers barely behaved like human beings.

    First the Camp Instructors being cliche camp instructors with a doofus american male who is stuck in doofus mode even when around adults and the humorless british female who is a satellite character to the doofus.

    The stranded scientist guy, acted more like an upset toddler than an adult human being because nobody celebrated his birthday then he bolts from the safety of the group to steal the teenagers vehicle only to be killed off partially-offscreen in a half-assed attempt of a mythology gag.

    Then the dock workers, like seriously they behave more like uncaring cliche soldiers from bad Sci-fi movies then dock workers trying to help evacuate people off an island, at least send a token crew to help the Instructors find those kids or something.

    Gripe #2: Cliche Main Characters

    The teenager characters I think are one of the worse aspects of this entire show.

    Nerdy Main character who embodies all the postive steroetypes of nerds, starts out as the outcast of the group only to become the leader later on and attracts the love interest.

    Annoying pseudo-alpha male that tries to bully/bond with the main character. Tries to be a playboy but fails.

    Secondary Nerdy character who has all the negative stereotypes of nerds, whiny and constitutionally weak.

    A snarky Bait-and-switch mole character who's original goal was to be the bait-and-switch but is then redirected as an anti-mole

    A sympathetic mole character that does something trivial that doesn't directly effect the current situation, but lets hate this person because they lied!

    Silent semi-stoic character that starts to emote when they grow attach to the mole character but after the reveal then becomes the worse enemy of the mole.

    Gripe #3: Lack of Iconic Style

    This show doesn't feel neither like Jurassic Park nor Jurassic World. It feels more like a Pixar/Dreamworks/Sony Animation/Weinstien (the people behind TMNT & Planet 51) movie

    Gripe #4: The mole texan girl

    She has an unrealistic backstory for a teenager, her role would have been better suited for an adult character.

    Grip #5: The pink hair girl

    Like gripe number 2 but expanded. She was set up to be the mole, was unlikeable, and did some questionable things like endanger the boys in the raptor pin. Only for her character to do a 180 once it was revealed it was the texan girl who was the actual mole.

    Gripe #5: Wrong Park Incident

    The show got confused which park incident they were supposed to be in! Its set during the 2015 park incident but for some reason they acted like the entire park had no power like what transpired in the 1993 park incident

    Gripe #6: False character Death

    The second nerdy kid forgot his name, when he gets thrown out of the monorail train by a single pteranodon, up until this point the ptrerandons were ineffectual at attacking the other kids but then one just smashes through the class to take out the whimpy kid? Darius tries to save him sure but the other kids do nothing! He just falls to his apparent death, except he lives!

    Gripe #7: Nerfed Dinosaurs

    Where to begin... Indominus Rex lacking her hyper intelligence and is easily fooled by a hide around the corner trope.

    Compies who were basically land pirahanas and pint size nightmare fuel from the original novel and second JP movie, were reduced to just hardly threatening red herrings.

    6 Responses to The Problem of Camp Cretaceous: Season 1 review


    AllosaurusMember3193 XPMar-18-2021 2:45 PM

    I kind of liked the switching of “Useless” Children and Adults in the Jurassic Park Franchise. Although a problem I’ve had with season 1 & 2 is that it lacks any twists or turns and is very predictable. Although I am more forgiving because this is a kid’s show.

    expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


    AllosaurusMember3626 XPMar-18-2021 3:09 PM

    I was kind of hoping it would have adopted more anime tropes since the promotional material suggests it would have been more closer to the films but instead of being like anime which tackles mature themes and anime's unforgiving nature; we got disney pixar instead, after the 'betrayal" part I almost half expected for the cast to break out singing.



    AllosaurusMember3193 XPMar-18-2021 3:27 PM

    Your point about the technology is interesting. What did the Indominus do that caused a power outage? There’s not really any explanation and the power is clearly on in JW.

    Yes the stereotypes are annoying. Enough said.

    The false death scene, I get that you don’t like it but it is a kids show.

    Also what confused me is what did the Texas Girl do that actually offended the athletic girl?

    expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


    AllosaurusMember3626 XPMar-18-2021 5:48 PM

    The false death scene just strikes me as a kid show trying to be edgy/dark but it failed. The only kiddy american show that actually had the balls to kill off heroic characters was The Land Before Time original and The Lion King

    As for the athletic girl getting pissed off with the texan girl, the texan girl lied which I guess was a huge no no with the athletic girl 



    AllosaurusMember3193 XPMar-18-2021 5:58 PM

    But was that enough to elicit that reaction?

    expecting the worst, sets you up for thr worst


    AllosaurusMember3626 XPMar-18-2021 7:58 PM

    Nope, I mean everyone lies especially when we are teenagers but the athletics girl made it seem like lying was as bad as murder. This plot point has appeared in every Pixar and Dream Works animation since the 90's now its in Camp Cretaceous

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