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    How about marine dinosaurs?

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    CompsognathusMember12 XPJan-03-2021 11:23 PM

    There are missing marine dinosaurs in this game like Mosasaurus or Plesiosaur or Liopleurodon and it would have been great


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    BrachiosaurusMember1443 XPJan-07-2021 2:41 PM




    AllosaurusMember3444 XPJan-08-2021 4:08 AM

    Technically the only aquatic dinosaur linage are the spinosaurids. All other aquatic reptiles are not dinosaurs in the strict sense because pleisosaurs and pliosaurs (including Liopleurodon) are more closely related to turtles than dinosaurs and the mosasaurs is the furthest away from being a dinosaur proper since mosasaurs are lepidosaurs rather than archosaurs like dinosaurs. All remaining prehistoric aquatic reptiles are either  archosauromorphs, lepidosauromorphs, primitive diapsid reptiles, or parareptilians.

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