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    Popular Movie Dinosaurs

    Popular Movie Dinosaurs

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    Member2358 XPMar-21-2020 11:03 AM

    Okay time to make a dinosaur topic. I am going to type down a list of the most used dinosaurs in pop culture history.

    10. Velociraptor

    Reasons: Hey why is Velociraptor so high on the list! Well the velociraptors didn't become popular until the 90's thanks to Jurassic Park and Carnosaur.

    9. Ceratosaurus

    Reasons: Prior to the velociraptor, the ceratosaurus was the original smaller theropod to terror people

    8. Pachycephalosaurus 

    Reasons: Medium size biped and a dome shaped skull invoke a ram-like reptile to our collective imaginations.

    7. Allosaurus

    Reasons: It was considered the smaller rival to tyrannosaurus and sometimes even confused between the two creatures.

    6. Ankylosaurus

    Reasons: The armored shell and a club tail invokes that alien reptile creature vibe

    5. Hadrosaurids "Duckbill Dinosaurs"

    Reasons: An odd fusion of reptile and bird made it popular among dinosaur fans and fiction creators.

    4. Stegosaurus

    Reasons: Its bizarre designs with its back covered in diamond-shaped plates and spiked tail invokes an alien reptilian creature.

    3. Triceratops

    Reasons: Easily the most popular medium-large sized dinosaur and its iconic three horns invoke a reptilian rhinoceros-like creature to our imaginations.

    2. Brontosaurus/Apatosaurus

    Reasons: Its one of the biggest dinosaurs discovered at the time. Brontosaurus was originally considered a separate animal to Apatosaurus before being lumped under the Apatosaurus genus for almost a century before being re-recognized as its own genus again. I lumped both genus together because of their shared history on the big screen & small screen and in the science community.

    1. Tyrannosaurus rex

    Reasons: Prior to other larger/par sized theropods discovered afterwards, Tyrannosaurus was the largest for a very long time hence why it is very popular in popular culture.

    What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with my list or mention any that I left out? share your thoughts.

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