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    Why Do People think Dinosaurs Are Fake?

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    James Smilus

    Feb-21-2020 8:56 AM

    I have been on the internet looking at some of the most Rediculous Articles saying dinosaurs are Fake. But why do people think they are Fake? Science has proven that Dinosaurs Existed Millions of Years ago Many times.

    Many people think Dinosaurs Are Fake in Many Ways. Many people have said that its because of the Bible, They couldnt have existed if the earth is 6,000 years old. The Second Claim is that they think Scientists Are Hiding Dragons, Which is more Rediculous than This Topic Itself, the Third Claim is that Fossils in Meuseums are Fake, its True, But they are Castings of the original Fossils that have Been Excivated.

    Image result for sue the t rex

    The T-rex named Sue Is all Real Bones, Well some bones are Missing or maybe even none. The Fourth Claim is that Scientists Have Just Casted the Bones and Faked it all, Incorrect, if the Bones are Fake, Why are they Hard and Old? If this is all Fake then why are they Digging in the Earth to Find these Fossils? Its not Like God or Us Humans put them in the ground to begin with! MAny people who Think Dinsoaurs are Fake, Also Doubt Evolution.

    This whole Topic has Sky Rocketed in 2015, If you Remember what Dinosaur Movie was released that year, Yes, Jurrasic World. So thats that, But What do you think? Are Dinosaurs Real or Fake, Tell me in the Comments Below.

    "A Dino Doesn’t Win

    Because of Popularity, It's Because of Science"

    James Inkton, August 28th, 2019.


    12 Responses to Why Do People think Dinosaurs Are Fake?


    Feb-21-2020 9:59 AM

    Because sometimes religion can make people believe the weirdest crap. That sounded really insensitive holly heck

    Yeah, dinosaur are pretty much confirmed to be real.

    "It's cute, therefore it is above your silly thing called 'logic'."

    -Me when I make literally anything


    Feb-21-2020 3:19 PM

    There are people who still think the earth is flat, so...

    Bill Hicks talked about dinosaurs in the early 90s. (It's less than 3 minutes).




    Feb-23-2020 7:24 PM

    because some people are just can't comprehend the concept of a past without humans


    Feb-26-2020 2:53 AM

    I had specific pages on Instagram that were 'the truth given to you' and videos like 'this is the flat earth and the horizon evens out only on the flat earth' and I didn't do as much research upsers


    Feb-26-2020 10:20 PM

    I will not claim that religiosity is the root of it.

    A common harsh and irrational explanation is that it's a genetic disease that is difficult to overcome.  And that has been used to demonize other demographics one opposes.

    The common theme is cognitive dissonance.

    THAT is the root of the issue.  Flat-earthers, dino deniers, anything like that is caused by cognitive dissonance.


    Feb-27-2020 4:31 AM

    Although you may claim cognitive dissonance to be the root of this issue Alpadino65, that is in essence just a fancy way of saying that the cause is one's belief system (AKA Religion, whether institutional or personal) offering inconsistent testimony to what is otherwise commonly held, scientifically proven fact. And let's be bluntly honest, most of those that believe in a flat Earth or are dino-deniers, or those that refute evolution have deep religious beliefs.

    I have also found that the arguments used by those that go against known facts to justify their beliefs to be quite flimsy.

    When it comes to evolution most deniers claim Adam and Eve to be the first humans and that they came into existence 10,000 years ago (8,000 BC), which of course ignores gathered and carbon-dated remains that indicate that Homosapiens are hundreds of thousands of years old.

    Flat Earthers deny the curvature of the world despite that it can be clearly seen out of the window of an airliner, and yet no Flat Earther can show us unrefutable prove of the "edge of the world".

    And dino-deniers just don't make sense. Mankind can either be a race that was created and fell from grace in the eyes of some omnipotent being or the accumulative result of 100's of millions of years of genetic and ecological growth.

    Finally, if there is an all-powerful omnipotent entity responsible for everything in existence do you really think he cares what book you read or on what day you pray?

    The Film Theory Of Everything

    Feb-27-2020 8:39 AM

    I hear exactly what Your saying Man! Structured, logical reasoning goes out the window when dealing with individuals that dig-in intellectually & proceed to reason the world out through a pair of swimming goggles as-oppsed to a pair of reading glasses then eventually just their own two eyes. Their politics feeds their beliefs which in-turn feeds their politics, thus, their beliefs - so-on & so-forth. Those types of people like to close-ranks around those patterns that favor either a pro-religous bias, pro-political bias, pro-activist bias. Maybe others.

    Truth begins to get watered-down in favor of intellectual ignorance, there is no other word for it! Those creatures existed, yet certain "believers" engineer their minds to not want to face the concept of Man-from-the-origins of Apes, or dinosaurs-to-birds then to Our modern world, they expect it to be spelt-out to them across the span of Human lifetimes that they can comprehend. Multiple-Millions of Years is hard for their type of thinking to comprehend where-as-most of Us are like: "I can get that". It took hundreds of millions of years upon the tree of life before the species We see on Earth now came into existence. The scales of time We know We're talking about fly-in-the face of what those types of individuals are able to comprehend! It can be frustraiting dealing with that kind of BONE-IDLE modern-Day IGNORANCE within people & IGNORANT THINKING!! VERY FRUSTRATING!!      


    Feb-28-2020 12:43 AM

    @Gavin, yes cognitive dissonance is a belief, but that's not necessarily religion.  I'm fortunate enough NOT to be aware of any of these fools in my personal life, and I doubt you do too.  Therefore, claiming that most of those individuals have deep religious beliefs is only a hypothesis.  However, I've had the DISPLEASURE of encountering several individuals who held no religious beliefs whatsoever and denied the proven existence of prehistoric animals, claiming it's some sort of government conspiracy and that the fossils were formed artificially in labs.  

    I really want your hypothesis to be right...but the non-religious are not immune to cognitive dissonance.


    Feb-28-2020 1:11 AM

    Alphadino65 What you describe sounds like willful ignorance and I am assuming you are talking about adults. I am unsure of where people like that fall into categories like stupidity, dumb, moronic etc...imbeciles maybe?

    I agree with Gavin . Most of these people I know hold- or at least claim to hold- deep religious beliefs. I have NEVER met someone with no religious beliefs who deny science or evolution. None. The people you mention sound like imbeciles. 


    Feb-28-2020 1:51 AM

    Mike Hughes (flat earth advocate) pitted belief against science a few days ago and died for it. Maybe a lesson was learned in about 45 seconds what most learned at age 5. A very graphic display of belief vs reality. You are warned:



    Feb-29-2020 11:44 PM

    Flat Earthers need to be put on a space ship and blasted off into space see the Earth is round then send said space ship into the sun


    Mar-01-2020 12:14 AM

    Xenotaris Using actual rocket fuel instead of steam would be a good start.

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