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    PPFC Round 1: Giganotosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus

    PPFC Round 1: Giganotosaurus vs Carcharodontosaurus

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    CompsognathusMember23 XPDec-24-2018 10:09 PM

    Hey guys,welcome to the first round of Prehistoric Predator Fight Club.

    Giganotosaurus stats:

    Nickname: Bonebasher 

    Full name: Giganotosaurus Carolini

    Height: 4 meters

    Length: 40-43 feet long

    Weight: 14 tons

    Advantages: Agility (50 km/h),size,jaws,brute force,claws,tail,pack hunter

    Disadvantages: Nitwit brain,(and i will still add more stuff if i count it a weakness)short arms

    Carcharodontosaurus stats:

    Nickname: Daggertooth

    Full name: Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus

    Height: 4.3 meters

    Length: 11.0 meters

    Weight: 7,500 kilograms

    Advantages: Same as Giganotosaurus

    Disadvantages: Same as Giganotosaurus


    Bonebasher was scavenging a kill from his pack,after he's been kicked out of his pack. He lifted his bloody maw and scanned around. He saw a lone Carcharodontosaurus near his kill.  Daggertooth was near the brink of extinction and so was desperate to eat something. He walked near the Argentinosaurus and lowered his head to eat. Bonebasher growled to scare him away. But he just came back to eat,ignoring his growl. Bonebasher roared at him and stomped on the ground. Daggertooth backed away and stomped on the ground,preparing himself for a fight. Daggertooth bit Bonebasher's neck and he rammed him to a tree. Bonebasher ran at Daggertooth and bit his neck,slashing him and biting him. Daggertooth shook his head to make his grip loose and rammed his hip. He bit his leg but Bonebasher smashed his head on his back,making Daggertooth squeal in pain. Daggertooth slashed Bonebasher's neck and bit his arm. Bonebasher bit his tail but Daggertooth rammed his head,making him knock to the ground. Bonebasher whipped his tail to Daggertooth. He slashed his sides and but his back,his dagger like tooth cutting up Bonebasher's skin. Bonebasher slashed his opponent's face and slashed his shoulder. He rammed him and slashed him before Daggertooth can slash his belly. He rammed Bonebasher over a log making him crush 4 ribs. Bonebasher got up and bit Daggertooth making him tumble to the ground. Daggertooth kicked him,making him trip. He bit his opponent's neck and sent him flying to a tree. Bonebasher whipped his tail to Daggertooth and slashed him to make him tumble down. It was no use for Daggertooth,as for his opponent is bigger and stronger than him. But,he wouldn't give up without a fight. Daggertooth got up,roaring. He ran to his enemy,charging at him making him flip down the ground. Bonebasher used his head and bashed it too Daggertooth. He wheezed in pain but he got up and bit his belly,making him roar in pain. He slashed his opponent's eye,making him growl in pain. Daggertooth roared and looked for a strategy. About 300 meters away from him,he saw a herd of Argentinosaurus feeding on large trees. Daggertooth impaled his jaws to Bonebasher and ran away to the herd of Argentinosaurus. Daggertooth knew that Bonebasher's species were fast,so he used the remaining energy to boost his running to the sauropods. Bonebasher got up and ran at Daggertooth. Daggertooth turned his head to see Bonebasher running at him at a distance. He decided to slow down a bit to make them chasing side to side. Now they were nearing the herbivores. Bonebasher saw the Argentinosaurus and they saw him too. So the alpha of the herd sounded a warning call and so encouraged the herd to escape. They saw an Argentinosaurus feeding on a tree that hadn't heard the call yet. Bonebasher tried to bite Daggertooth but he escaped and he ended up biting the Argentinosaurus's leg. The Argentinosaurus screamed out and lifted its leg to smash Bonebasher's head and so ran with the others while Daggertooth stayed and fed on Bonebasher's corpse,ROARING IN VICTORY! Or maybe not. 

    Winner: Argentinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus


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