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    26 Jurassic Park Creatures Ranked (Fallen Kingdom Edition)

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    I Meme Everything

    AllosaurusMember4115 XPJun-30-2018 6:41 PM

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has added six new dinosaurs to the franchise, so of course I must decide which creatures are the best.


    (26-17 have no impact on the franchise, so I didn't add descriptions.)


    26. Corythosaurus

    Image result for jp corythosaurus


    25. Mamenchisaurus

    Image result for mamenchisaurus jurassic park


    24. Dimorphodon

    Image result for dimorphodon jurassic world


    23. Apatosaurus

    Image result for apatosaurus jurassic world


    22. Ceratosaurus

    Image result for ceratosaurus jurassic park


    21. Pachycephalosaurus

    Image result for pachycephalosaurus jurassic park


    20. Sinoceratops


    19. Stegosaurus

    Image result for stegosaurus the lost world


    18. Parasaurolophus

    Image result for parasaurolophus the lost world


    17. Allosaurus


    16. Gallimimus

    Image result for gallimimus jurassic park

    The first movie made this dinosaur recognisable with the scene where they try to flee from Rexy. This scene also had Tim Murphy's now-famous line, "They're flocking this way!" But still, it hasn't done much else in the franchise besides get captured in Fallen Kingdom.


    15. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx is one of the six new dinosaurs introduced in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and it's one of the four good ones. Sadly, it's the worst of these four, because it only has three scenes. The first is its best, where it tries to attack Claire and Franklin as lava seeps into the communications centre. The second is when a helicopter brings it to the ship transporting all the dinosaurs away, and the last is when it's seen being taken away by one of the buyers at the auction.


    14. Stygimoloch

    This dinosaur is one of the new FK dinosaurs. A female individual of this species, nicknamed "Stiggy," (hey, everyone calls the original T.rex Rexy), helps Owen and Claire break out when they are captured and locked in the Lockwood Mansion. She later crashes the auction, hitting several people and causing them to flee the manor.


    13. Triceratops

    Image result for sick triceratops jurassic park

    You probably expected the second most-famous dinosaur of all to be higher since it's my favourite herbivore. Although it's the second herbivore to appear in the series, it doesn't do much. Ellie Sattler helps treat a sick individual, and it was Alan Grant's favourite dinosaur as a kid. In TLW, it destroys some of InGen's equipment, and in FK, it's one of the species rescued from Isla Nublar. Outside of these scenes, it doesn't do anything.


    12. Ankylosaurus

    Image result for ankylosaurus

    Well, at least this franchise did my second-favourite herbivore justice. This dinosaur makes a brief cameo in JPIII, but in JW, it fights the Indominus rex, even landing a blow to its jaw (which should've ended the fight). In FK, it is one of three dinosaurs confirmed to have been auctioned, with the other two being Allosaurus and Baryonyx.


    11. Compsognathus

    Image result for compsognathus jurassic park

    The Lost World helped propel this tiny creature almost to the top ten. A group of this species attacks a little girl in the opening, and later on, one of them gets killed by Dieter Stark. However, the Compies get their revenge and kill him in one of the darkest scenes in the movie. Aside from a few small appearances in Fallen Kingdom, it does nothing else, which is what drags it down.


    10. Mosasaurus

    I originally had this one much lower because of my burning hatred of JW. But I eventually let go of my resentment towards the movie, which is why the Big M makes it to the top ten. She makes a stunning first impression where she eats a Great White Shark, later kills Zara, and delivers the finishing blow to the Indominus rex. In FK, she is set free thanks to Rexy (returning the favour I suppose) after eating a mercenary. The Mosasaurus isn't seen again until the end, where it attacks some surfers, which is why it's not any higher.


    9. Pteranodon

    Image result for pteranodon jurassic park 3

    This famous flying reptile's first appearance was at the end of TLW. It had a bigger role in JPIII, where a flock of them attacks the main characters and separates Billy from the rest of the group. They escape Isla Sorna to find new nesting grounds. In JW, after being freed from the Aviary (courtesy of Indominus rex), Nublar's Pteranodon population attacks Main Street, killing Zara with the help of the Mosasaur. It is also one of the species saved in FK, with the post-credits scene showing that some have made it to Las Vegas.


    8. Dilophosaurus

    Image result for dilophosaurus jurassic park

    This dinosaur only has one major scene, which is when it kills Dennis Nedry. However, the scene was iconic and changed the public perception of this creature. Other games like ARK and Primal Carnage based their versions of this creature off the JP incarnation. Aside from its influence and killing of Nedry, it doesn't do anything else, which is why it isn't higher.


    7. Carnotaurus

    This is the second-to-last of the new dinosaurs introduced in Fallen Kingdom, and my fifth-favourite dinosaur. Its first appearance is when it attacks a Sinoceratops, but fails, and it gets killed by Rexy. However, it was still a cool scene. It later gets captured and makes it off of Isla Nublar. In a homage to The Lost World, the Carnotaurus attempts to get a midnight snack from Rexy as she eats Mills, ripping him in half. Just before this, it appears in the floodlights of the background, a reference to the TLW novel.


    6. Spinosaurus

    Image result for jp3 spinosaurus

    My history with this dinosaur is rather...interesting. The problem is, it's treated as a monster despite being a normal dinosaur. It relentlessly chases the main characters of JPIII across an entire damn island when there's bigger prey, and its power level is inconsistent. It kills a Rex, downs a plane, and destroys a spiked metal fence, but it can't break through a door. However, it has some cool scenes, and it truly shines in its backstory. It was supposed to be a genetically-modified predator that could cause an extinction on the island, like an invasive species. However, this wasn't explained in the movie, so it barely misses the top five.


    5. Indoraptor

    Coming in at fifth place is the best new dinosaur from FK. The Indoraptor is the spiritual successor to the Indominus rex. I wanted to place it above its ancestor, I really did, but I just couldn't because it was created as a military weapon. Yes, we use military animals today, but I am against this. Its saving grace is its cool scenes and terrifying nature, from his massacre of several humans to his fight with Blue, which ends with his demise on the horns of a Triceratops skull.


    4. Indominus rex

    Image result for indominus rex

    I used to hate this creature, but I liked it a lot upon rewatching Jurassic World. The I.rex stole the show, singlehandedly bringing down the theme park. Hell, the ramifications of this creature's existence can still be felt, because her DNA is used to create the Indoraptor. She appears in quite a few cool scenes, like fighting some ACU soldiers, an Ankylosaurus, the Raptor Squad, and, of course, the true Queen of Isla Nublar. As a result, I bumped her up from an admittedly harsh #20.


    3. Brachiosaurus

    Image result for brachiosaurus jurassic park

    Well, we've reached the top three, and what better way to kick it off with the first dinosaur fully seen in the series. The Brachiosaurus' first appearance changed the public's perception of dinosaurs. It showed that they were so much more than mindless killing machines; they were living, breathing, feeling animals. This alone shot it up to #3 on the list. Oh, and it also dies in FK's most emotional scene.


    2. Velociraptor

    Image result for the big one velociraptor

    Velociraptor is one of the two species key to the series (you know the other). It is one of two dinosaurs that has made an appearance in every movie, with the other being the one creature that tops it. It has so many iconic scenes in every movie, I can't even list them all. There's JP's opening, Clever Girl, the kitchen hunt, and that's only the first three. Velociraptor would've been number one if a) one didn't get killed by gymnastics in TLW, and b) if Alan didn't have a dream about a talking Raptor saying his name. Regardless, the good outshines the bad, and it firmly sits at second place.


    1. Tyrannosaurus rex

    With Velociraptor at second place, it was crystal-clear that Tyrannosaurus rex was first. It's the other of the franchise's key dinosaurs; it's on the logo for f*ck's sake! The tyrant lizard steals the show in every scene in which it appears, and it has just as many, if not more, iconic scenes than the Velociraptor. It only has one bad scene, that being the JPIII fight. It's not bad because it lost; it's bad because it's short and unsatisfying. The T.rex has played both the hero and the villain, attacking the heroes while also disposing of the villains. Its roar is one of the best known sound effects from cinema, and it's the poster-child for Jurassic Park. Because of too many reasons to write, the Tyrannosaurus rex is the best creature in the Jurassic Park series.

    "Part of the journey is the end..."

    2 Responses to 26 Jurassic Park Creatures Ranked (Fallen Kingdom Edition)

    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPJun-30-2018 6:47 PM

    Personally I’d switch the Dimorphodon and Ceratosaurus, Apatosaurus and Gallimimus, and Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor but I agree with the rest. 

    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    StegosaurusMember934 XPJun-30-2018 6:54 PM

    I agree with this list. My top five dinosaurs would probably go, like this.

    1. T. Rex

    2. Velociraptor

    3. Dilophosaurus

    4. Carnotaurus

    5. Brachiosaurus

    Godzilla... Truly a God incarnate.

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