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    My Own Jurassic World Movie?! (PLEASE READ)

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    CompsognathusMember3 XPApr-23-2016 4:51 AM

    Ok, I'm not sure if any of you considered doing to too but...... I've been thinking most likely nine months ago, which would be soon after Jurassic World was released. I wanted to write my own movie that was inspired by the new love for Jurassic World and horses! Later, I began getting to work on this new movie of mine, 'Maybelle and Lily: Jurassic World'. Please note that was changed to 'The Adventure Mares: Jurassic World' or 'TAM: Jurassic World' for short. The island's name is Nublaron, in which is similar to the name of Isla Nublar. The only difference is that this island's name has a more american tone. Now the plot of 'TAM: Jurassic World' involves two brave horses. Both are two out of five leaders of their herd. The two bravely decide to explore Island Nublaron and along the way learn more about the humans, dinosaurs, and buildings that are occupied on the island and not only that but the dinosaur theme park located on it, 'Jurassic World'. But, at the same time they are forced to unite with a fimilar Navy Veteranarian or 'Cowboy', Mike Shawfield, the park's Operations Manager, Heather Shawfield (Mike's cousin), three adnormal teenagers, and a pack of four overgrown velociraptors when they both relize a deadly hybrid, the Denachikasuchus Rex has escaped captivity. I still making some improvements now, but anyway I hope you all can support me on this! If any of you want for me to post my movie on Scified when I actually  can, just let me know and I will do so! I'm really hoping for this to be an actual movie sometime in the future, so I'll need all the support that I can get! :D

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