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    A Night at Jurassic World

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    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-13-2015 8:56 PM

    Hello, I made this to be a "scary" short story, and I hope it is at least eerie or unsettling. I apologise for any spelling errors, if I see any I will soon correct them. This story is sort of an "experiment" I guess you could say. Anyway, please enjoy.


    If you comment I aqsk you be honest with this one like I always do, this story I made for fun and did not take as much time as I do with my other stories and articles, but I do hope I was able to craft up something thrilling in a short amount of time.



    "Finally." I rumbled. It was 1:30 AM and I finally finished coding the DNA sequence for the Microraptor and Compy hyrbid.

    All this pointless crap these days, I thought to myself. Will they ever come up with something that will actually be interesting? I mean Microraptors are cool and all, but with this...


    I began closing the programs. Gary is next to me, he too begins to close his programs. Gary always tried to be around where I was, but I didn't mind it, we were both lonely around here.


    After we walked out of the room, we began to head to refresh ourselves with some of the unlimited drinks and snacks the Jurassic World employees in the Coding Sequence labs were exclusive too, after all, it's nice to have quick goods for such a tight job.


    "So are you going to visit your family for Thanksgiving next month?" Asked Gary.

    "I probably will, it depends on whether or not I'll get paid for travel expenses and the vacation has to be at least 2 weeks long for me." I said. "Your Plans?"

    And then we talked about our vacation, excited to finally have a break from this place.


    We heard a screech coming from the raptor paddock. Our lab was built close to it, but we just shrugged it off. When we finally reached to the Refreshment Room, as we called it, I saw some of the bushes below the window shake quickly and violently, and stop... It was like something ran through it, and it was in the direction of the entrance to the lab...


    I'm probably imagining this stuff, after all, I was in the lab staring at a god damn computer screen for nearly 11 hours, with 2 bathroom and a lunch break for some rest. Me and Gary got into the room and like little kids on Christmas Morning opened the fridge...


    I got an ice cold bottle of handmade Root Beer, along with some Potatoe chips, gourmet chocolate, and granloa bar. Gary got his snacks and we prepared a frozen pizza and set it in the oven. In the room was Joe and Beth, they had been waiting for us to eat.


    The four of us had some sort of bond, we always talked in here, made computer jokes, and just enjoyed our time here. After 30 minutes, we were so tired we finally decided to head off to our dorms.


    Not until we heard a scream from downstairs and a gunshot... It was from the security guard, Dave... We then heard glass break...


    Joe ran to the phone but right when he was about to respond to the head secuirty patrol of Jurassic Park, the phones went offline... Lights went out...


    "Well, f--k." I said, only using these words whenever I was scared... Not that I was scared.


    "alright uh..." Beth said...


    We decided to make Joe, the strongest and tallest of us our leader in this. We decided to stick together. We decided to no longer make haste.


    We grabbed some flashlights, and pulled out some emergency weapons. We had two pistols, and I was given an grenade. As we walked down, we heard another scream from a women downstairs... At this point everyone was scared to death, it was now whether or not we would show it or face it.


    We walked towards the exit, only to hear a call, no a cry for help behind us... We turned around. Down the hallway was Dave, his upper body crawled out from the office center... His hands were covered in blood and his mouth was bleeding...


    Then a white, scaly arm protruded from the door and sank what seemed like demon claws into Dave's face, ripping him upwards into the office room, sending him muffling in pain and blood spreading from the door.

    I felt like screaming and throwing up at the sick site, while also terrified to death of the white scalry arm with small rivers of cheery red dripping from its claw...


    Our plan to stay together evaporated into the air as we all headed out in different directions. I chose to run onto the staircase to my left, with Beth following me. As we continued to run upstairs, I heard someone following us, to find out it was Gary. We made it to the top of the 3 story building, all of us panting.

    Luckily, we came to another room with more weapons... We got the guns there and more grenades... We decided to descend back down... As we made it to the floor and looked where Davy was...


    We saw some long white scaly tail coming from the hallway on the right... It became shorter and we didn't see it anymore...


    Then we heard the beast make its call, it sounded like the growl of a lion, the sound of a ghost, and a demonic snake-like hiss... We heard Joe scream "No, GET AWAY FROM ME YOU SICK BASTARD!"

    We heard 4 gunshots from Joe's pistol, only to hear him scream, and he ran from where the white monster came into the opposite direction. He turned his head to us, one of his eyes gashed out. He seemed to be crying. He began running left from my point of view and I saw the white beast sprint from the right to the left, running towards Joe.


    I have weak vision, but I saw some white beast running, parts of it soaked in strawberry read, with read eyes seeming as if it was crying some red... there were more terrifying aspects to it, but I did not have tiem to see it. Joe screamed loudly with some gunshots heard... It was all in vain... Blood squirted across onto the windows of the office rooms, oozing donwn...


    We then headed for the exit and tried to open the door... Since the door locks were powered and controlled in that specific building, and that beats managed to turn it all off, the door wouldn't budge, and the windows were tough and would not be broken by scrawny wimps like me... Maybe I should have taken that fricking weight lifting class and learned how to fight when my dad offered... I thought.


    Now was not to shame myself on my regreats, but to get the hell out of here. If we could find the emergency key in the control room, we could get out of here. Me, Gary, and Beth run to the North East part of the floor and move a story up... THe way there we passed two bodies, horribly disfigured, with blood somehow managing to sprink around the windows... We even passed by purple blood, which I presumed belonged to this white beast.


    As I made it up the stairs, Gary met up with me. I looked Beth, barely reaching the halfway part of the stair case making her half-circle turn when something tugged at her leg... She fell down, smashing her chin harshly, making blood already come out of her mouth and a horrible bruise came from her bruise. She began screaming and crying as she dragged down. I saw the tip of the mouth of the beast, with long sharp and black teeth sinking onto Beth's neck... she was pulled down the stairs, and again blood sprinkled on the walls, even to my own goddamned face.


    Beths' blood was on my f---king face.


    The sounds of the beast sound like the hooting of a majestic owl, mixed with the sounds made by the raptors daily... But at the same time so damn different, the more sounds it made the more it sounded like the other already scary animals here at Jurassic World.

    I was no longer even concerned in hiding my fear. Me and Gary began to run to the nearest door, and he tripped behind me... I saw an unlocked door and headed into it. I waited by the open door, waiting for Gary to run. He had a petrified face, ghostly white, his somewhat long hair blowing against the air he was sprinting too.


    But then the white beast came again, this time I really couldn't see it from afar... All I could see was the figure running towards Gary... I realised there was no way in heaven, hell, or earth almighty Gary was gonan outrun the monster. I set the Grenade off, 10 seconds left to explode, and I threw it towards Gary, and trying not to look at his face in the response of me, a traitor, I slammed the door shut. After 5 seconds he jumped onto the door, shouting:

    "LET ME THE ___ IN YOU SON OF A B-TCH DONT PULL OF THIS SH-" He yelled, stopping after that, as his face was pulled away...


    Again to my horrified eyes I saw the blood sprinkle all over the windows, Gary's hands slamming against the door, crying

    "Just let me in... PLEASE JUST LET ME IN..."


    I ran away to the far end, behind the desk... The grenade went off... The explosion was not too powerful, but the door opened... I heard nothing come in but only heard the fire set ablaze... I ran and triggered the switch would set water to sprinkle on the fire...



    I never saw that beast... What it was I did not want to know...



    And I fell down and began to cry...




    Only to hear a sound similar to an owl's hoot and a snake's hiss.


    5 Responses to A Night at Jurassic World


    CompsognathusMember0 XPOct-14-2015 11:59 AM

    Nice story! I could tell where it was suppost to be errie but for some reason it wasn't to me. Maybe it's because I was exspecting it or because I've seen all the movies and read the books I'm just waiting for it xD. Will there be a part 2?


    BrachiosaurusMember1067 XPOct-14-2015 12:05 PM

    Eish, this really was unsettling! What was that creature? I figured it could be the Indominus but it was kinda too small.

    Remember that chap, I forget his name, he climbed Everest without any oxygen, came down nearly dead. They asked him, they said "Why did you go up there to die?" He said I didn't, "I went up there to live".


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-14-2015 4:11 PM

    Thanks VirtualVel, and I can understand why someone wouldn't find this eerie, since they may have found it predictable. There won't be a part two, I tried to make an ambiguous ending, though looking back I don't think I established it well. I do hope to make more of these types of things, though!


    And Godzilla 316, I'm glad to read you found it at least unsettling, that was my goal of the story. I just stated it was white to make it a bit creepy. The point of the story was that you never found out what exactly was the "white beast" as I called it, (hopefully) making it eerier.


    Something Real

    Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPOct-14-2015 5:52 PM

    RAPTOR-401 - That was a very fun story! I greatly enjoyed the way in which you presented the more unsettling qualities you instilled therein! Fantastic work! Thank you ever so much for sharing this with us! :)


    AllosaurusMember3687 XPOct-14-2015 5:55 PM

    I am very glad to hear see you enjoyed it and felt the feelings i hoped the readers would feel!


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