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    Aggression Indexes in Raptors and I.rex

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    Apr-20-2015 4:21 PM

    With the new updates on Jurassic World's official website, only Indominus Rex and the Velociraptors are given an aggression index of "very high".  

    Not even Rexy has that.


    Is this basis the reason why Owen's raptor squad was chosen to pursue the I.rex? Each one of the pack is puny compared to I.rex, and even together might not be much of a confrontation for her, except for the fact that they are extremely volatile in combat (and especially in a pack mentality).


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    11 Responses to Aggression Indexes in Raptors and I.rex


    Apr-20-2015 5:00 PM

    i think the aggression lvl for the raptors is based on the fact they are excellent escape artist and are very smart as they are deadley, which is why they are not an attractionatm...

    Primal King

    Apr-20-2015 6:52 PM

    Rexy's aggression index used to be that high, before the trailer. Not sure why it was bumped down. Maybe the "bigger than the T-Rex" thing? 


    But yeah, it probably deals with the power and attributes of the animal. 

    "If you can't see it... It's already too late."

    -Jurassic Apocalypse (by Paden)


    Apr-20-2015 8:52 PM

    Well I think it also involves what Dr grant said from the first movie. T rex wants to hunt and not be fed. So maybe t rex only is very aggressive when hungry, it's territory is challenged, or its young is in danger. This would be based off the other movies as well.

    Zigo Sid

    Apr-21-2015 1:02 AM

    I think it's mostly a matter of intelligence and instinct. When the T-rex see you she will probably attack of course but if you get out of her reach she'll try one thing to reach you, maybe two if that's a clever one but in the end she'll probably give up pretty soon and go somewhere else. Except if she's really hungry or to protect territories/babies like Mitchell87 said.


    But that's not the case for the raptors and the Indominus who will try mostly many many things to get you, using their brains to find ways to reach you and kill you, sometimes only for fun.


    My apologies if some sentences are weird, i'm not english :p

    Peter Zanetti

    Apr-21-2015 6:13 AM

    Makes perfect sense to me. I.rex and Velociraptors alike are killing machines. The Tyrannosaur has never been like that. The Tyrannosaur is just a dinosaur. The others are like....monsters.

    It has a lot to do with the born in captivity syndrome. Chrichton touched upon this in the Lost World novel. The velociraptors are extremely social animals...and back in their day, they would have been born into a pack from which they learned behavior. None of the Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Velociraptors have had the benefit of learning how to behave from a family of true, natural Velociraptors....thus making them completely untamed, unchecked maniacs. Killing machines.

    The I.rex is similar to the Velociraptors in that regard, but with a slew of other variables as well. It is literally insane. Or worse, very sane, and very angry.

    Perhaps Tyrannosaurus is (was) less of a socially educated animal, and did not suffer much from the lack of parenting.

    Tl;Dr Tyrannosaurus is closest to a normal dinosaur, Velociraptors and I. rex are monsters.

    Sci-Fi King25

    Apr-21-2015 2:03 PM

    ^I agree.

    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster

    Primal King

    Apr-21-2015 2:18 PM

    Again, Rexy's used to be that high, but was bumped down after the trailer. I believe the Tyrannosaurus is just as dangerous as the 'Raptors. Its just a more widespread destruction, instead of focused "Raptor-like" kills. A Tyrannosaur would more than likely kill just as many people in a group as a small 'Raptor pack would for hunting and territorial reasons.


    Also, I agree with Peter Zanetti, except for the killing machines bit on the 'Raptors. Many animals kill other animals for simulation purposes rather than feeding. The social aspect definitely plays a major role in their aggressivity problems, however, as we saw in TLW:JP the 'Raptors are just as aggressive naturally wild bred as in captivity. I believe the Velociraptors have a natural "chase and kill" instinct and stalk prey to show dominance to other species or for simulation. Don't get me wrong. I'm not calling them monsters. I'm saying that they most likely are doing it for many different purposes, mainly for food and instinctual reaction. Or maybe they are just plain overly aggressive. :/ However, how you stated the social aspect of the Tyrannosaur was a very good point.

    "If you can't see it... It's already too late."

    -Jurassic Apocalypse (by Paden)

    Something Real

    Apr-21-2015 6:54 PM

    ALPHADINO65 - This is very compelling information! I feel that the Aggression Index for each animal is accurate. However, I feel that the I-rex's Aggression Index should read something more along the lines of "Really quite mean and will think nothing of biting your face off in front of your mother and grandmother. Please do not tap or bang on the glass."

    Primal King

    Apr-21-2015 8:05 PM

    Lol, SR. Also, I saw that you're "About Me" page had a binary code. I translated it and got I AM REAL. Is that right?

    "If you can't see it... It's already too late."

    -Jurassic Apocalypse (by Paden)

    Something Real

    Apr-21-2015 8:12 PM

    PRIMAL KING - You are quite right. ;)


    Apr-22-2015 7:02 AM

    I'm going to go with that Rexy is strong and stuff but doesn't have the intelligence of the Raptors and I-Rex but still..... 




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