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    Jurassic World; Codeame: Shadow Rex Part 5

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    Lord Vader

    Feb-05-2015 3:33 PM

    Here's the final part of this story. Hope you all enjoyed.



    If you missed part 4 or want to read it again, follow the link.

    Part 5

    After Jurassic World

    It was two days after the I-Rex escaped it's paddock. It destroyed part of the island. The island was evacuated and the park was shut down. The I-Rex was defeated by one of the Tyrannosaurs, and now, the island is completely abandoned. There are no humans on it anywhere. The vendors are gone, the maintenance crews are gone, the scientists are gone, the boss is gone, Owen is gone.

    Shadow stepped out of the remains of a building. This is where he last saw Owen. Owen told him to stay in the building until he came back. That was two days earlier. Shadow was hungry, so he went to find some food. He walked past one of the vendors, and he jumped over the counter and dug into the remaining food. He ate quickly, and he thought he heard something. He turned around, and saw the Metriacanthosaurus heading his way. Shadow ducked behind the counter, completely hidden. He peered through a crack, and he watched the Metriacanthosaurus walk past.

    When the Metriacanthosaurus was gone, he jumped back over the counter and started exploring. With no one telling him what to do, he was his own master. He liked the feeling of freedom. He liked being able to go anywhere without being told not to. He walked to the I-Rex paddock. He passed the Tyrannosaur paddock on the way, and he saw some damage to it. He got to the I-Rex paddock, and saw the whole building had almost been levelled. There were bodies everywhere, and just when he thought he had seen everything, he saw an arm. He looked at it for a moment, and recognized it as the I-Rex's arm. He grabbed the arm and took a chunk out of it. It felt good to him to take a chunk out of the reason Owen's gone.

    Shadow looked around the rest of the park. There were some dinosaurs, mostly herbivores, but some carnivores, but mostly herbivores. He avoided the carnivores, the large herbivores ignored him, and the smaller herbivores ran away. Shadow weighed about two tons. He was already one of the larger carnivores on the island. He still wanted to avoid carnivores. He never got a formal lesson for combat, just what he saw Blue and the other Raptors doing.

    Shadow found his way to the main plaza. He looked around. Destruction everywhere. He hardly recognized the place. Buildings were knocked down, signs were hanging loosely, and banners were torn. Shadow walked through, looking at the damage. The place he considered home was no more. He was about to leave when a roar got his attention.

    Shadow turned around, and the Metriacanthosaurus was looking at him. Shadow knew he had to fight, and he got ready. The Metriacanthosaurus was the same size as him, so he didn't have the size advantage, or disadvantage. The Metriacanthosaurus charged, and Shadow sidestepped. Shadow bit his neck and started pushing him. The Metriacanthosaurus fought to free himself, and he did. He mock charged, and Shadow took the bait. He bit down on nothing, and the Metriacanthosaurus bit his head. Shadow pulled his head free, and then shoved the Metriacanthosaurus into a wall. The wall collapsed, and the Metriacanthosaurus hit the ground. Shadow quickly finished it off.

    Shadow began eating his prize when a steady booming got his attention. He looked at the puddle of blood, and it was rippling with every boom. Shadow knew what this meant. With no where to hide, he stood defiantly as the Tyrannosaurs walked towards him. First thing he saw was the scars. It looked like both had fought the I-Rex. Now Shadow was really scared. The adults walked up to him, and Shadow looked at them. He lowered his head. He didn't want any trouble. The adults lowered their heads at Shadow, and Shadow knew he had their respect. They turned to leave, and the female gestured for him to follow. Shadow did follow, happy to have the island's rulers looking over him.

    Jack of all trades. Master of none

    4 Responses to Jurassic World; Codeame: Shadow Rex Part 5

    Sci-Fi King25

    Feb-05-2015 3:50 PM

    Nice way to finish it! I enjoyed the small battle between Shadow ad the Metricanthosaurus.

    “Banana oil.”- George Takei, Gigantis: The Fire Monster


    Feb-05-2015 3:55 PM

    Great ending, I also agree that the battle with Metricanthosaurus was a nice touch.

    When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Tell life I don't want you're damn lemons, and then squeeze them into life's eyes!

    Something Real

    Feb-05-2015 4:15 PM

    LORD VADER - What an excellent conclusion to your series! I greatly enjoyed the amount of time you have obviously placed into crafting your story - simply excellent! I certainly hope you create another series in the near future! Thank you ever so much for having produced and shared this with us! :)

    Lord Vader

    Feb-05-2015 4:24 PM

    I've got something I'm working on. It's Called Isla Sorna Survival. I'll leave it there. Currently working on Chapter 7.

    Jack of all trades. Master of none

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