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    Owen Finds a Plane!

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPDec-14-2014 11:00 AM

    So... Owen Finds a Tank was actually a Rather Fun write, So. 


    I've decided to maybe do more of these... Each time, Starting from Site B's Operations facility. 


    Suggestions for whatever Owen Finds will be taken... Litterally, Anything. Drama Rules apply though, (Meaning it must be something I can have more then 300 words about. Or actually continue)


    Here we go. 




    Owen spun in his Black desk chair.


    He didn't Nessicerely Hate having the Shift at the Operations Centre...


    He dispized it. 


    'Well, At least They've got some pretty Stellar Wi-Fi and Rooms...' Owen thought to himself, Stopping his chair to Monitor the Cameras.


    As usual, Nothing was going on. 


    He watched a Stegosaur Slowly munch on some Grass. 


    Owen slammed his head onto the desk and sighed.


    He had played Litterally Every game on Steam and the JurassicWorld.Com website. The ones on the park website weren't horrible. They were rather fun, But didn't compare to anything over here. 


    He Frequently got stuck watching Cameras, Perhaps because Hamanda was up at 2 AM Assigning tasks, He made sure to Sign Owen up on the Cameras Every time. Owen tried Out smarting him once, By signing his name before Hamanda, But that only got more confusing for them both.


    Owen had gotten called out Two weeks ago to track down a Raptor Pack on the Island that had Reportedly Killed one of the Scientists... Turns out, The Scientist was just back at the Operations Building, And Owen had chased down the pack of raptors on foot for 5 days for no Real reason. 


    Owen sighed again.


    'Even that would be better then this'


    He began Flipping through the Cameras again when He stopped on one he hadn't seen before.


    The Camera Was angled at a Hanger, Something Owen hadn't noticed before, Inside the Hanger doors sat a P-51 Mustang fighter plane in Jurassic World colours.


    Owen's eyes Grew in Excitement. Something to Occupy his time. He quickly Hopped out of his Chair and Grabbed his Vest and Rifle.


    Running outside, He Grabbed one of the Four Quads on the Island, And Toar off towards the Old Runway. 


    It was a short drive, Owen saw some animals Almost Hit a Compy. 


    As Owen pulled up, The hanger was still empty of the Lab Engineer.


    "Perfect" Owen thought to himself, As he Started to climb into the Cockpit and play with the gauges. 


    Owen had no Idea what the purpose of the Plane was. He opened up the Instruction manual and began speed reading.


    "Welcome to your very own P-51 Mustang, Custom Built for Masrani Corperation at Jurassic world by the Boeing Aerospace Company"


    "Oh, So that's its Purpose!" Owen shouted to no one.


    Owen read on for about 30 more Minutes until he Understood what he was doing. 


    "Your New Boeing Mustang is Designed for the Modern Park Ranger, Simply Insert the Key, Push foreward on the Throttle and you'll be prepared to soar like a Pteradon!" Owen Recited, Again, Loudly. 


    Owen turned the Key and Pushed the Throttle Down. The engine Quickly Sputtered to Life and the Plane Rumbled out of the hanger and down the runway. 


    Owen soared into the Sky, Laughing like a Maniac as he Preformed aerial Stunts. 


    Then, he saw the large leathery obstruction in his flight path.


    "Oh shit!" Owen Shouted as he Veered the plane right, Barely missing the Pteradon.


    Owen Brought the plane around as the Bird struck again.


    Ca-Thunk screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech.


    Owen glanced over to see that he had hit the Pteradon, And it had Torn off some of the metal of the wing. The Un balanced Air Foil began to cause the plane to shake.


    Pulling the Control stick back, He began to remember having read there was  a Tranquilizer Firing Mechanizim in the wings. 

     Lineing up his crosairs, He opened fire on the big bird again, Striking a Crippling blow, The bird began to fall from the sky... But not before it Crashed into Owens Canopy, Tearing it off and damaging the Tail fin. 


    The plane began to shake even more, As owen saw more Pteradons attracted to the sounds of their falling comrade. 


    Owen knew either him, Or these birds wasn't going to fly out of this. 


    Owen approached the flock of birds as his phone rang, Playing ACDC's thunderstruck.


    He picked it up.




    "What in gods name are you Doing Owen!" Hamanda Shreiked into the mouth peice. 


    "I got bored... You guys need some better Internet games..."


    "THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS" Hamanda shouted


    "I think you'll find it does. Stop signing me up for the Camera shift, No one wants it, No one needs it."


    "Fine, Just get down!" Hamanda replied.






    "Nope. I think i'll deal with these birds before I com--" Owen was cut off as a Pteradon Struck the Phone from his hand


    "I'LL CALL YOU BAAAAACK" Owen shouted at his phone as it tumbled towards the ground. 


    Turning back to his plane, He noticed the Pteradons were right on him.  Owen squeezed the trigger down and tried to hit as many as he could, But he soon ran out with many still on him.


    These final birds took note of this, And began digging their claws into the Plane and tearing chunks off. The plane shook more and more. 


    One of the Birds crashed into the Propeller, Killing itself and damaging the engine. And flying back to hit owen.


    Owen Cursed, Wiping Pteradon blood and his own blood out of his eyes. "You wanna play games, Let's play some games then!" Owen Brought the plane around, Its nose towards the clouds, And put the hammer down. 


    The birds followed, Seeing their Prey was now wounded. Owen felt the Restraining Straps pushing him down, Tighter and tighter the higher he went. Then, It happened.


    The engine stalled and he began to fall back to earth. Owen pulled out his rifle and began to pick them off.


















    Owen had ran out of ammo. 


    One bird remained. 


    The engine sputtered back to life, And owen Aimed it right at the bird.






    Hamanda rolled up In the heavy armoured Mercedes 6x6, With a Machine gun mounted to the roof.


    He watched as Owen sped up towards the big bird, And the resulting Explosion. 


    No one was sure of what happened after the Explosion.


    Some say, The chute didn't deploy.


    Some say, Owen didn't read that part of the Instructions. 


    But the truth is. 


    Owen survived.




    Hamanda wasn't sure. 







    So... Yeah.


    I decided to go with an "Andy" Persona of Chris pratt this time. It's still owen... But it's more humour and less actual story. 


    Thats that. 




    If you have any suggestions for what Owen finds next, That'd be great.



    Peace out!

    Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

    2 Responses to Owen Finds a Plane!


    CompsognathusMember0 XPDec-14-2014 3:14 PMy'know i wish i could write half as good as this... great job once again

    Nature doesn't deceive us; it is we who deceive ourselves.


    CompsognathusMember0 XPDec-14-2014 3:35 PM

    Believe it or not, I'm not a great writer.


    I'm much better then I was when I started, I've improved Greatly through this site. 


    I had a project I had to hand in for language arts, I went above the expectations, But after Re-Reading, It was really... bad, Kinda drug out. 


    And then I compare it to some of my FBR writes which dwarf it in Style and Greatness. 


    I learn from each of my Writings, And I strive to improve. 



    Life cannot be contained, it breaks walls, crashes through barriers sometimes painfully, but uh... Life uh, finds a way

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