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    When will principle photography start? Jurassic World?

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPSep-17-2013 4:30 PMSo now that Jurassic Park 4 I mean Jurassic World has finally been announced, when do you guys think Jurassic World will start principle photography? And do you guys think it will be set on Isla Nublar and having a new amusement park like intended by John Hammond or is it going to be set where humans must now live in harmony with dinosaurs after the dinosaurs have taken over the world! I had this idea of doing a thing where Jurassic World where scientists have found a breach in the space time continuum, and they took this advantage to be able to take bring back the dinosaurs from the past and bring them into the future to make a new Jurassic World like that documentary on Discovery Channel called Prehistoric Park. They decide to bring back some of the animals from the prehistoric eras and bring them to the Jurassic World park. But of course things go horribly wrong as the time machine the scientists build go out of control as dinosaurs come out of the time machine like crazy! Or Jurassic World sends a team of experts to the past to collect dino DNA as proving of amber mining has become ineffective. They create a time portal, and the scientists go to each era to collect dinosaur eggs.

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPSep-17-2013 4:46 PMYour ideas are interesting, but too out there for Jurassic World. Colin Trevorrow has said numerous times that he wants to stay true to the franchise and bring back the same awe, amazement, and pure radiance as the original Jurassic Park. Tampering with the space-time continuum and portals it a little too unrealistic for a film that is trying to make dinosaurs a reality. If you want time travel, try Marvel. As for principle photography, it's hard to say. Most films start photography when they have started filming, but to each director his own.

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    CompsognathusMember0 XPSep-17-2013 5:07 PMI don't know. As for your plot idea, no offence, but I just say no.



    CompsognathusMember0 XPSep-17-2013 9:52 PMI heard they started filming in July, but I think it's fake. Most likely November or December, if the weather in Baton Rouge and Kauai comply. If not, then next spring (February-May 2014).


    CompsognathusMember0 XPSep-18-2013 8:54 AMI dont think theyll take on a um... highly strange plot idea, no offense, But JP is set to be believable, so ideas with dinosaurs over running the world.. I dont think so... HOWEVER the general idea is hammond reopens nublar

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