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    Feathered T-Rex! Pictures of the Jurassic World Dominion F9 preview footage have leaked online!

    Feathered T-Rex! Pictures of the Jurassic World Dominion F9 preview footage have leaked online!

    Scified2021-06-16 17:35:08
    13,832 Reads15 CommentsAdd A Comment

    A 5-minute preview for Jurassic World 3 (Jurassic World Dominion) is attached to the theatrical release of Fast & Furious 9 and already a couple pictures of the exclusive footage have found their way online!

    The following images were snapped and leaked on Twitter, showing a prologue sequence which takes place 65 million years ago and for the first time ever in Jurassic Park franchise history, we have ourselves a feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex! Check it out:

    More images and the full preview will likely be available soon. Be sure to check back often for more updates on Jurassic World Dominion!

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    Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-06-16 17:35:08

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    About Jurassic World 3 / Jurassic World Dominion

    The official Jurassic World Dominion release date is June 10th, 2022.

    Jurassic World Dominion (2022) is the third film in the Universal Pictures Jurassic World movie trilogy and is the sequel to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. For more on Jurassic World Dominion including its plot synopsis, cast and character lineup, trailer and other information, visit the About Jurassic World Dominion movie page!

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    15 Fan responses to Feathered T-Rex! Pictures of the Jurassic World Dominion F9 preview footage have leaked online!


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-16-2021 5:51 PM

    I would be a little careful, Universal might not like these leaked images being on the site...


    AllosaurusMember2521 XPJun-16-2021 6:06 PM

    Oh well, Universal is a big company, theyll get over it


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-16-2021 6:43 PM


    I'm more concerned about the site receiving a copyright claim and having to take the images down. 


    AllosaurusMember2521 XPJun-16-2021 9:31 PM



    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-17-2021 7:57 AM

    There's a brightened image where you can fully see the Giga's face. It looks a little bit like the Jurassic World: Evolution design: 



    AllosaurusMember2521 XPJun-17-2021 4:31 PM

    love the giga design


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-17-2021 5:40 PM


    Same, It looks really cool. I'm wondering what difference there will be between the prehistoric Giga and the Modern Giga (since the prehistoric rex and ankylosaurus look slightly different from their modern versions).


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-18-2021 7:26 AM

    I just saw part of the Imax preview online! It showed the scene of Rexy rampaging through a drive-in theater as well as some other clips of dinosaurs on the mainland, like the Allosaurus in Battle At Big Rock (the video did not show the Cretaceous scene). Overall, It Was Awesome!!! Interestingly they altered Rexy's design a bit, she looks somewhat bulkier (probably don't want to know what she's been eating) and she looks more like how she did in Jurassic Park, they even fixed her wrists to give them a more scientifically accurate position! As a massive dinosaur lover and Jurassic Park fan, I'm hyped as hell!!!


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-18-2021 7:37 AM

    Also, I love the dark humor of the drive-in theater playing the "Let's All Go To The Lobby!" cartoon as Rexy starts attacking!


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-18-2021 10:04 AM

    Here's my partial description of the scene: 


    StegosaurusMember562 XPJun-19-2021 1:48 PM

    I've deleted the old description in favor of a new description, one that is more detailed.

    Kamoebas V.6

    CompsognathusMember23 XPJun-24-2021 12:49 PM

    Sadly the giga is in the movie just to be killed by rexy


    CompsognathusMember75 XPJun-25-2021 10:31 AM

    I’m not much a fan of how they decided to add *some* scientific accuracy by adding feathers to the T-Rex… and then completely disregard all of the other inaccuracies of the rest of the scene. I suppose we are to believe it’s set in North America, but there 3 dinosaurs that aren’t North American straight out the gate such as Dreadnoughtus and Giganotosaurus (South American) and Iguanadon (European) and what’s supposed to be an Oviraptor (Mongolian).

    I’m also not the biggest fan of the Giga’s design… it’s too… busy? Like they tried to hard to make it look badass with the exaggerated eye crests and back spines and it’s more akin to Godzilla than anything. I mean all they had to do is use the JWE design and make tweaks here and there, which would have made for a much more fluid design, but they decided to give it a look that seems to be an overdraft from Primeval or Terra Nova. Idk about you guys (my opinion), but I don’t think they’re off to that great of a start, personally.

    All of this superfluous backstory just to set up a fight at the end… I can’t say I’m sold.


    CompsognathusMember70 XPJul-18-2021 12:16 AM

    Why do they always have to have a hero dinosaur and a villain one? This is not Godzilla! I miss the old trilogy where they're at least trying to be more accurate to science, and that it's about humans versus dinosaurs, not good dinosaurs versus bad dinosaurs...

    Gojira Forces (Lim Chen Xi)

    BrachiosaurusMember1170 XPAug-08-2021 9:30 PM

    They have feathers is because they are about 65 years old, just like us. When we get old, We will have white hair. 

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