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    Colin Trevorrow Confirms Animatronic Dinosaurs & Sequels for Jurassic World!

    Colin Trevorrow Confirms Animatronic Dinosaurs & Sequels for Jurassic World!

    Scified2014-04-23 08:58:15
    3,052 Reads9 CommentsAdd A Comment

    In an exclusive interview with Empire magazine, Jurassic World director, Colin Trevorrow has confirmed that Jurassic World will be filmed with the intention of planning for sequels! Not that this is necessarily as "big" of news as we were expecting, as ever since this film was announced we reported that Universal was aiming to kick-start a new trilogy. But regardless, the confirmation from Trevorrow himself is exciting. In addition to the reveal, Colin also talks briefly about a few of the characters we'll be seeing in the new film. Below are a couple excerpts:

    “We definitely talked about [sequels] a lot,” the director/co-writer revealed. “We wanted to create something that would be a little bit less arbitrary and episodic, and something that could potentially arc into a series that would feel like a complete story.”

    With those story arcs already in place, Trevorrow hinted at the characters likely to participate in them across further films. One of them is cast newbie and Untouchable star Omar Sy. “He’s essentially Chris Pratt’s best friend,” he said of the Sy character. “They work together and have some pretty cool action scenes together. I wanted to create a relationship there that could be memorable and potentially carry on to future films.”

    Also, Trevorrow confirms that Jurassic World will feature animatronic Dinosaurs, just like in the previous Jurassic Park films and Legacy Effects will be responsible for bringing the Dinosaurs to life:

    While it’s well-known that Jurassic World revisits the Isla Nublar 22 years after the events depicted in Jurassic Park – the film’s shoot is currently underway in Hawaii, before heading to New Orleans – the specifics of what exactly has come to pass, dino-wise, in the intervening period are remaining under wraps. Trevorrow, though, was happy to confirm that he’ll be using animatronic dinosaurs and elaborated on the movie's broader set-up.

    “It’s about alpha dominance and the fact that humans have been the alpha species for a very long time", he explained, "and so now we’ve brought back another that happened to be the alpha species during its time, and we have to co-exist, so what is that relationship?”

    Very exciting news for sure! Be sure to check out the full article over on Empire and let us know what you think by commenting below!


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    Written by ChrisPublished on 2014-04-23 08:58:15

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    9 Fan responses to Colin Trevorrow Confirms Animatronic Dinosaurs & Sequels for Jurassic World!


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-23-2014 9:18 AM

    I cannot believe this! I am beside myself with happiness to know such things. Of course, we would always expect that they thought about sequels, but to read the director's (and writer's) words is much better. I just hope they manage to make a wonderful and exciting movie so that audiences throughout the world relive the magic and crave for further movies. 

    I'm so happy about the direction the whole thing is taking I simply cannot wait for the release of this movie. I have high hopes for it (even though to have expectations is not good, because the chance of getting frustrated is bigger, I can't help but be excited).

    Bring it all on, Trevorrow!


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-23-2014 10:06 AM

    That is actually great news......except for the animatronic dinos! I HATE animatronics, they just dont look realistic at all!! Apart from that though the news regarding the sequels and the characters is all good!


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-23-2014 12:17 PM

    So we are going to have more sequels in the future? That is great news. :)


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-23-2014 12:55 PM

    EESS EXELENTE FANTASTICO¡¡¡ es genial que allan dinosaurios animatronicos y principalmente un tiranosaurio rex es estupendo estoy emocionado por saber mas noticias¡¡ YA QUIERO VER LA PELICULA¡¡

    Sci-Fi King25

    AllosaurusMember4297 XPApr-23-2014 1:37 PM

    So...sequels, eh?




    (P.S. I LOVE the new Rex color scheme!)

    Phantom Raptor

    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-24-2014 7:03 PM

    @Sci-fi King25

    That's the rex from Jurassic Park 3, genius...


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-24-2014 7:03 PM

    The sequels were promised way back when (Before the staff upriisng, and faked cancellation) 


    Colins a good director, He followed through with his original plan...



    *Dind't have faith in his work before, I have faith in it now....*


    CompsognathusMember0 XPApr-25-2014 6:33 AM

    “It’s about alpha dominance and the fact that humans have been the alpha species for a very long time", he explained, "and so now we’ve brought back another that happened to be the alpha species during its time, and we have to co-exist, so what is that relationship?”

    Well, here's my take on "Director Trevorrow's Quote":

    It is true that, at present, humans are the most dominant ALPHA SPECIES. We have gained and developed higher intelligence (GOD being the highest) amongst other known species. Dinosaurs were once the ALPHA and ruled the earth for millions of years in the past. And apparently, they lived much longer than we do. But what do we really know about DINOSAURS? What is their true level of intelligence and How did they manage to live very successfully? We know for a fact that what we have are just pure theories. THERE IS NO CONCRETE EVIDENCE. All we can do is to have optimum scientific guesses and be amazed on what we can discover about them.

    To be a DOMINANT ALPHA SPECIES, one has to be intelligent. BE SMARTER THAN THE OTHER. In the first three movies, they'd shown the intellectual capacity of Dinosaurs (based on theories):

    JP1: They can open doors... They can break into mirrors... They can work in coordination as a team (talking about raptors here)... They are fast and agile. They are very fascinating.

    JP2: They can nurture and protect their young (T-rex & stegosaurus scenes). They did live in herds / family groups.

    JP3: Dr. Grant said, "Dinosaurs are smarter than dolphins, THEY ARE SMARTER THAN PRIMATES". They can even communicate with each other. They can set a trap.

    "If"Dinosaurs will be brought back to life through de-extinction and will somehow pose a threat to us, with human population and technological advances especially in weaponry that we have right now, clearly, dinosaurs are outnumbered and won't even stand a chance to survive. They will just fall in human traps and will always end up in a zoo. Because, WE ARE SMARTER THAN THEM. That's what we think.. Because we are the dominant ALPHA SPECIES. They are just animals? Right?


    "What if" Dinosaurs are SMARTER than what we think they were?

    "What if" Dinosaurs know HOW TO LEARN?


    or maybe in a lesser degree, "What if" Dinosaurs and Human have the same level of intelligence?

    Well, now, that's a completely different story... With such kind of intelligence, DINOSAURS can do really pose a big threat to our existence and in a long way, they can possibly reclaim the dominance being the ALPHA SPECIES. And we might face our own extinction. And from that, we will learn our lesson that, NO ONE IS ABOVE GOD, so don't play like God. Because everything that we do against His will and against the will of nature is certainly have consequences.

    Well, just a thought......

    BUT... whatsoever, I'm really looking forward to this new movie and the sequels to come. I hope they can really do justice to this well-loved franchise. I'm really excited!!!

    -nyke noble

    Peter Zanetti

    CompsognathusMember4 XPApr-28-2014 5:50 AM

    Only the original Jurassic Park managed to pull off a realistic mix of animatronic and CGI dinosaurs. The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 had horribly inconsistent uses of the two. The animatronic raptors looked terrible, more or less puppets with minimal movement. Then they would switch to a CGI shot that barely looked like the same animal, and now moved so fluidly that it was not believable. Same can be said of the Spinosaurus, and just about every JP 3 dinosaur. HUGE disconnect between the animatronics and CGI.

    I would honestly prefer they not use animatronics anymore, or at least be very stingy with it and control the shots (as Speilberg did) to ensure that it all looked like the same animal.

    Please take for example, the Tyrannosaur attack on the Explorers in Jurassic Park. That scene, while benefiting from darkness and driving rain, so elegantly mixed a robotic T-rex and CGi T-rex that the casual viewer would never know the difference from one shot to the next.

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