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DF F1 Deltadromeus vs Siamraptor

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TriceratopsMember331 XPMar-30-2022 6:16 AM

The first fight of Erliko Dino Fights!


Length:7.9 Meters


Weight:3.5 Tons


Length:7.6 Meters

Height:2.4 Meters

Weight:1.15 Tons


A female Deltadromeus wanders around in the forest. Many tall trees tower of her. A male Siamraptor walks knowing its way around the forest. They stumble upon eachother. Both are very hungry. They clash. They fight with their claws. The Siamraptor bites the Deltadromeus's neck and keeps clawing on her. She slashes the Siamraptor.He would still bite the neck with a strong grip.She slashes him again. The Siamraptor lets go of the bite and slashes her. She bites the Siamraptor's neck also with a strong grip. He claws on the Deltadromeus. Claws again on the Deltadromeus. The Deltadromeus lets go. The Siamraptor bites the neck of the Deltadromeus and pins it down. It lets go and lays down to rest. The Deltadromeus slowling blinks and closes her eyes and her life goes away.

                                                                                             The Winner......SIAMRAPTOR! He has the size advantage and uses its weight too!


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