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Daspletosaurus Vs. Allosaurus (EDB Part.8)

Daspletosaurus Vs. Allosaurus (EDB Part.8)

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Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 2:52 AM

The last EDB,maybe,you guys decide if i continue.EDB stands fro Epic Dinosaur Battles,Part.8 means that this is the eighth battle.


The information about Daspletosaurus:

  • Weighed as much as an Asian Elephant
  • Was 3 car lengths long
  • Was a story high
  • Had 72 razor sharp teeth
  • Lived in North America
  • Had a top speed of a pig—about 15 MPH
  • Was half as fast as a Albertosaurus or Gorgosaurus

About Daspletosaurus

Daspletosaurus is a dinosaur which lived about 75-77 million years ago during the late Cretaceous Period. This dinosaur was first discovered in 1921 by Charles Mortram Sternberg around Steveville, Alberta. When he first discovered it, he thought it was just another species of Gorgosaurus. An idea that would remain for the next 49 years—until 1970—when Dale Russell described it in complete detail and came to the conclusion that it was an entirely different type of dinosaur. It was then named Daspletosaurus—a name which means “frightful lizard.”

And a frightful lizard is what this dinosaur must have looked like when it was alive. This dinosaur was about 30 feet long, 9 feet tall at the hips and probably weighed around 3 tons. It had a fairly massive skull that was about 3 feet long and contained about 5 to 6 dozen teeth. It had the largest teeth of any predator—including those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The dinosaur it is believed this dinosaur devolved into. The size and ferocity of Daspletosaurus would have most likely made it the apex predator of its time.

Since this dinosaur was a bipedal carnivore, it probably feasted off a variety of different dinosaur species. One dinosaur that it is known to have eaten is the Hadrosaur, but these dinosaurs probably ate a variety of different herbivores including Diceratops and Eoceratops.

An interesting fact about Daspletosaurus is that it might not have just been the hunter but also may have been the hunted. There is some evidence found in the fossil record of these dinosaurs being bitten by other dinosaurs. Which wouldn’t be too surprising because a lot of tyrannosaurs live around the same time as this dinosaur. Some of these included the Dryptosaurus, Dromaeosaurus, Gorgosaurus and Dromiceiomimus. These animals may have hunted each other or engaged in combat to defend their respectful territories.

The information about Allosaurus:

  • This dinosaur weighed about half as much as an African Elephant
  • It stood 16 feet tall; 3 feet taller than the average elephant
  • It was 40 feet or longer; this made it as long as 3 Hippos
  • Allosaurus means “different lizard”
  • It could move at about 20 MPH—the speed of a charging giraffe.

About Allosaurus

Allosaurus is a type of dinosaur called a therapod. This dinosaur lived about 155 million years ago—during the Jurassic Period—and probably lived in parts of the Western United States. It was first discovered in 1869 by Ferdinand Hayden and was later named in 1877 by Othniel Charles Marsh. It was named using the Greek words “allos”, which meant different, and “saurus” which meant lizard. Therefore, it’s name literally means “different lizard”. It was given this name because its skeleton was quite different than any other dinosaur found up until the time of its discovery.

Although most of the specimens of this dinosaur have been found in Colorado and Montana, there have been an increasing number of specimens found elsewhere. These include specimens found in New Mexico, Africa, Australia. Tanzania and parts of Europe.

This dinosaur was a large carnivorous bipedal predator that scientists believe preyed on the many herbivores of the time. This conclusion has been reached in part by the number of razor sharp teeth that can be found in this predator’s mouth. It had rows of razor sharp teeth that had saw-like formations on its edges. It is believed that the Allosaurus was able to attack larger predators with these teeth by using its upper jaw like a hatchet and attacking using the element of surprise.

One interesting fact to note is that the largest Allosaurus specimens may have rivaled the T- Rex in size. The size of the largest Allosaurus is approximately 16 feet tall, 43 feet long and weighed more up to 5 tons. This contrasts pretty well with the T- Rex who was approximately 13-16 feet tall, 42 feet long and weighed approximately 7 tons.

The battle begins!

In the hot desert,there was an Allosaurus which was sleeping,it woke up after he heard a loud noise,then the noise got closer,and more closer,until the Daspletosaurus attacked Allo,he bit Allo's neck,Allo quickly slashes Daspleto's head,and stabs him in the eye,Daspleto bit Allo's leg,making Allo vulnerable and making him fall down,Daspleto bit him in the leg and hands,Allo got back up,and he bashed his head into Daspleto,Daspleto fell down,then Allo tried to snap Daspleto's neck,he didn't snap Daspleto's neck,but he made Daspleto bleed out and die,and then Allo searched for a forest,he did find a forest,and he never returned ever again to the desert,and the dead body of Daspleto became a skeleton.


Reason:He was more faster,he had big claws and he was one of the strongest Dinos to ever live

11 Responses to Daspletosaurus Vs. Allosaurus (EDB Part.8)


VelociraptorMember1630 XPSep-28-2019 3:29 AM

WOAH!!!! Hold on, Allosaurus never got bigger than 33 feet long... unless you're mixing in Epanterias and Saurophaganax, which is a whole other mess... And one of the strongest dinos to ever live? Um... the aforementioned Saurophaganax, Epanterias, Carcharodontosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, Tyrannotitan, Spinosaurus, and a lot more were longer, taller, and bulkier, basically meaning they were "stronger". Not necessarily that they would win the fight, but in physical strength, stronger. And bigger. Other than that, nice fight. 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 4:15 AM

Ok guys,EDB ends with this battle.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 4:19 AM

Listen,Allosaurus hunted Dinosaurs twice his size,for me,as i told you,EDB is where i write a battle,get information about the combatants and how they will win,and bigger doesn't mean better.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 4:24 AM

So if Allosaurus can hunt Dinosaurs twice his size,are Epanterias,Saurophaganax,Carchandontosarurus,Giganotosaurus,Acrocanthosaurus,Tyrannotitan and Spinosaurus the size of a Apatosaurus or Diplodocus?Because Allosaurus hunted both of them.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 4:27 AM

Listen,we all learned how big are some Dinosaurs in different ways,and some of thought they were 33,40,25,ect.All of us knew things in different ways,well not all of us,so yeah,some of us didn't know that a new fossil has been found,or maybe a new Dinosaur specie.


VelociraptorMember1630 XPSep-28-2019 4:53 AM

This isn't exactly new information, but I see your point. But still, there isn't any actual proof it hunted Dinosaurs twice its size. The largest Dinosaur we have evidence of it is fighting is Stegosaurus, which is about the same length. There is no evidence of it hunting Sauropods, and even if it did so it would have to be in packs or mobs, due to how those creatures are several times heavier than an Allosaurus. Second of all, even if that were true, a Sauropod that's trying to run away and only fights when attacked is VERY different than a fast predator that's out to get you. Especially since the weapons on a Daspletosaurus, its jaws, are much easier to aim and effectively use rather than, say, a tail or its size. Also, a Daspletosaurus would be around the same length but heavier due to its robust build. Allosaurus' advantages would have been to its morph, not its size. Not to call you out or accuse you of anything, but I don't think you're going to more than one site for your information, and you're not weighing in the controversies over the animal that affects the information. Also, I have a suspicion that you're copy pasting the info, due to difference in grammar and spellings in the fight and information sections. No offense, or anything.


Also, pls don't let this be the last EDB.

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 5:19 AM

I type fast,so i might make difference in grammar,im in high school,so im not the smartest person on the planet,im starting controversy and i know that.

''Also, pls don't let this be the last EDB.''

Sorry,EDB season 1 is over,SEASON 1 BOYS!There will be a season 2,don't worry.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 5:21 AM

I did copy and paste once,but it wasn't on EDB,someone caught me and reported me to an admin,and they deleted the topic.


VelociraptorMember1630 XPSep-28-2019 7:21 AM

Ok. That's fine. But here's the thing: We don't need info lol. We all know stuffs about Daspletosaurus and Allosaurus and a very large amount of others. If anyone doesn't know what they are, they can just look it up. So please, put more effort into the fight itself (like putting spaces between sentences) than typing up information. If you don't know much about one, sure, research it. I encourage you to research the ones you know too! But, don't spend most of your energy writing the information... 

If people weren't lazy, we wouldn't try to be efficient. If we weren't efficient, we'd never get anything done.

Kamoebas V.6

StegosaurusMember765 XPSep-28-2019 7:24 AM

Listen,if i make a long battle,pffffft,for me,1v1s are short,so a 3v3 or 2v2 will be longer.


VelociraptorMember1789 XPSep-28-2019 9:59 AM

Cool fight.

Season 2 is inbound? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Zwei Wing is the best singing duo. Change my mind.

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