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Sneak peek : The Apocalypse

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Elite Raptor 007

CompsognathusMember7 XPMay-27-2017 11:43 PM

2 Hours After The impact

Not much have been seen in Mongolia, there… its bussines as usual, a pack of sauroplophus is feeding near a bush jungle… but they don’t know that a Tarbosaurus is stalking them… this humungous 30 ft male is hungry, but soon, he must have worried about other thing but hunger.

5187962_orig.jpg (1100×618)


Back in America the Torture haven’t finished yet, the impact of the meteor have caused tons of rock to fly in the air causing the rain of rock as big as a house pouring towards the Dinosaurs.

Gambar terkait

Our female Tyrannosaurus is lucky enough to escape the first wave of the ejecta cloud, hiding below a cave system not far from the nest, the other dinosaurs are forced to cover from the clouds, among them are two Triceratops, and 8 pachycephalosaurus that have to share the space with our T-rex, as soon as the clouds disappear, the Pachy are the first to bail out but they are welcomed by an unpleasant surprise.

Coming out of the sky are thousands of rocks, no… flaming rocks hurled down toward the poor dinosaurs that manage to survive the ejecta clouds. One of them, as big as a car, falling down and hit the poor pachycephalosarus herd, killing 3 of them, the panic herd rushed back to the cave where they settle down next to the horned Triceratops. The other dinosaurs panicked when thousands of boulders crashing through the top of the cave. The already restless Tyrannosaurus was getting more anxious and head deeper inside the cave.


In Patagonia, the dreaded Ejecta cloud has come, this time accompanied by the super hot pulse wave, even thought wasn’t as hot or strong as the one near the impact site. Right in the path, a group of Saltasaurus migrating, the cloud was so hot that upon impact it burned and torn apart the dinosaur’s skin, and the ashes and other toxic material just suffocates the Gigantic sauropods, causing a herd of more than 30 sauropods, reduced to 12, among them, our juvenile Saltasaurus.

Hasil gambar untuk dinosaur extinction

but sadly, her mother was suffocated to death protecting her cub. The rest of the herd headed south… looking like a Zombie straight out of a nightmare with white blistering flesh desperately keeping the dangling skin of the sauropods body.

The Theropods however, are facing the same dilemma… the once thriving pack of Mapusaurus has been cut down to two individual, a young male and the alpha female… the two of them are struggling on the storm of the blast pulse wave, itching to run towards a cover just a few yards away.  But the wind are just to strong for the two of them… they were flung like ragdolls in the air, crashing into an already hard rocky ground… and in the process, killed the young male but miraculously, the female survived… with struggle she lift herself up and continue to move.


did you like it, i've been making this small story of the struggle of the dinosaurs after the impact of the meteor, its heavily inspired by the Discovery channel show last day of the Dinosaurs so expect some similar scene from the documentary.

this story will follow several dinosaurs.. some shown here are a female Tyrannosaurus, a Juvenile Saltasaurus, a Male Tarbosaurus, maybe even considering putting a Hatzegopteryx too, still cant figure out their name, but if you have a sugestion, please comment the name

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