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Giganotosaurus vs Spinosaurus and Tyrannotitan vs Irritator

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CompsognathusMember67 XPNov-04-2016 9:54 PM

Alright welcome ladies and gentlemen to my first DINO RUMBLE first up we have the Giant southern lizard better known as the Giganotosaurus fighting the Spine lizard or as most people know it as the Spinosaurus then we will have the Tyrant Titan battling the most irritating dinosaur the Iriitator alright let the battle begin.


It was a scorching summers day as Spinosaurus swam in his river to cool off, he was catching fish and having a feast when he hears a roar in the distance, his head shoots up from under the water letting the fish go he looks into the distance and sees a Giganotosaurus charging toward him along the bank. Spnosaurus lunge out of the water he was worried no other dinosaur had ever tried to fight him, he was feared for a thousand miles in every direction, but this Giganotosaurus was not fazed by the huge Spinosaurus he charged lowered his head and rammed the Spinosaurus. Who was tired from catching fish tried to dodge Giganotosaurus but wasn't quick enough and got rammed he was thrown to the ground and stomped the Giganotosaurus was bigger, fitter and stronger than the older Spinosaurus. The Giganotosaurus stepped backwards ready to deliver a finishing blow but it was not to be, the Spinosaurus rolled into the river he swam to the other side, now he waited the Giganotosaurus didn't leave he just stood there and stared at Spinosaurus eventually he walked back into the jungle Spinosaurus waited a while before diving back into the water he swam to the other side and lay down on the hot sun was setting and the sky was red suddenly the Giganotosaurus reappeared he stood over the Spinosaurus he roared before crushing the Spinosaurus's head into the sand turning it red. Alright guys hope you enjoyed the first battle please comment on how I can improve them now get ready for the second DINO RUMBLE Tyrannotitan vs Irritator


It it was a mildly cold winters day the ground was covered in morning dew and the queen of these lands Tyrannotitan was wide awake hoping to get an easy catch on a sleepy herbivore when out of nowhere on the hills that marked the edges of his valley a dinosaur appeared from this distance she couldn't tell what it was but she could tell it was not just passing through. Tyrannotitan slunk away into a small grove of trees and lay down she waited for what felt like an eternity, but eventually the dinosaur walked past it was one of those pesky Irritators that constantly challenged her for the valley, normally she would just charge at it and shred it to pieces but she decided she would make and example of this one she stood up and slunk through the trees she wasn't stealthy but the Irritator wasn't smart. The Irritator just walked along he had his eye on a nest of Guanlongs  their mother must have been out hunting because they were alone the Irritator charged as he got closer he noticed a scent that he hadn't recognised before it was the scent of a Tyrannotitan the Irritator became nervous he did not want to anger another dinosaur but then thought If it was here it would have attacked already he turned back around and marched up to he babies he wasn't about to eat one when he was thrown to the ground he rolled down a little embankment and landed in a stream he stood up a bit confused he looked up the hill and saw a huge Tyrannotitan staring down at him she was a lot bigger and probably stronger to he didn't want to get hurt so he spun round and came face to face with two Guanlongs he could easily beat them but it would mean the Tyrannotitan would catch him he spun back around and charged at the Tyrannotitan. The humongous Titsn was not fazed at the show of bravery, she stood her ground and as the Irritator reached her she jumped on top of him crushing him into the earth her weight to much for the Irritator to handle. She bit down hard on the sail of the Irritator then ripped it off she chucked it down the hill the two Guanlongs hurriedly picked it up and ran off towards their young the Irritator was bleeding badly he new it was the end but he was wrong the Tyrannotitan was in a forgiving mood for she stepped off of the Irritator and roared a clear sign telling it to leave and never return the Irritator struggled to its feet and turned and scampered away he would never be able to show his face ever again he would probably die from blood loss anyway the Tyrannotitan turned around and walked over to the Guanlongs who cowered in fear she bent over and ate the mother before stomping on the father and gobbling him up too she then ate all the babies she had eaten breakfast and was now ready for another day preparing for her next fight. Alright everybody hope you enjoyed this little rumble please leave suggestions on how I can improve and who should fight next and always remember stay PEACHY

Stand Your Ground, Never Back Down

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Darth Shiro

StegosaurusMember883 XPNov-04-2016 11:10 PM

I liked it!

Dinosaurs incredible creatures who roamed the Earth 65 million years ago. Never had nature been filled with so much terror and beauty...

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