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Acrocnathosaurus vs Titanovenator

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CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-17-2014 1:36 AM

Well I haven’t written but one fight, so I decided to have another go at it. It’s a long one and I gave each competitor a little bit of a story. Here’s the result...





Weight: 6.5 tons

Height: 19.5 ft

Length:40 ft


Acro had large claws, strong jaws, and a muscular ridge on neural spines lining his back. His neural spines on his neck had a locking system that would prevent prey from moving. Acro was fast, strong, agile, and preyed on large sauropods and hadrosaurs.


This individual has experience with fighting other acros and a tyrannosaurus on occasion, he’s a young gun with plenty of energy and strength. He was abandonned by his pack after a failed attempt to de-thrown the alpha.





Weight: 6 tons

Height: 16 ft

Length: 40 ft


Titano was like a bettering ram, his square head and neck were great for charging into things. What titano lacked in arms, he made up for in bite, he had a very strong bite force for crushing. He preyed on hadrosaurs and ornithipods, his speed and power serve him greatly. He has bony bumps that run down his back to provide some pretection against other predators.


This male has lived alone most of his life, he is middle-aged and has fought countless dinosaurs. He’s a harden veteran and his cruelty has earned him survival.





As his eyes opened from an afternoon nap, a titanovenator stood and stretched his legs and breathed in the warm summer air. Then he put on that ever-present scowl and trudged on towards the river to quench his thirst. On the way he was annoyed by a compie walking happily in front of him, so he gave it a short but powerful kick in the side which sent the helpless creature flying twenty feet into a tree. The titano snorted in disgust and moved on. He was a harden male with a short temper, the scars from previous battles marked his body. That spinosaurus attack has haunted him for years, it was the last he saw his mate, and the last he ever felt any joy.


A fully grown, young male acrocanthosaurus is making his way into new territory, he sees plenty to eat, drink, and room to make a pack. The only problem was that this place was already claimed by another predator, he didn’t know what, but he would find out soon enough. After surveying the land from a tall hilltop, he decided to see what was at the river.


The acro had been cast out of his birth pack after a failed attempt to defeat the alpha male, he had taken a lot of damage in that fight. Since then he’s become an expert fighter, capable of taking on predators his size and larger. He recalled having a brief brush with death when he challenged a t-rex that was two and half tons heavier than he. That was a brutal battle and part of his sail on his tail was still gone, healed and grown over, but sometimes he could still feel the pain. He’d been tracking down a female acro for days and had lost her scent, he was desperate to find a mate, mating season was almost over and he was still alone. He’d felt something missing from him, maybe it was the chunk taken out of his sail, but he thought it was more of loneliness.


The titano finally reached the river after a quarter mile journey, he dipped his mouth in the cool water and drank heavily. He closed his eyes and savored this precious, cool, clear stuff that runs down your mouth and drips onto the ground below. He saw several dinosaurs at the river, a paralilititan, a parasaurolophosaurus, a few velociraptors, a kaprosuchus, an afrovenator, and a female acrocanthosaurus. Only the afrovenator was on his side of the river, the death zone. The titano didn’t like killing females, so he ignored her, but he just saw the afrovenator as a future nussaince. It was 27 ft long and 1.8 tons, not a monster, but a threat. Titano roared a challenge and charged the afrovenator, but before afrovenator knew what was happening, titano rammed him in the side with a rib crunching blow. The afrovenator layed there breathing heavily, fear in his eyes. Then the titano placed his foot on the afrovenator’s head and with a low growl, crushed his skull with all 6 tons of tyrannical fury. No mercy. Attention had been drawn to him, he turned around and roared a challenge as if to say, “Who’s next?” No one stepped up to meet his challenge. The velociraptors climbed a nearby tree, the kaprosuchus slid back into the water, and the parasaurolophosaurus ran away in fear, omly the sauropod and the female acro stayed, they wren't too concerned. This was titano in a good mood.


The male acrocanthosaurus walked onto the bank of the river and was about to lower his head to drink when he saw the female acro. He walked toward her, at this point the titanovenator noticed him walking up and took it as a challenge accepted. The acro was about to reach the female when the titanovenator started walking through the thigh level water towards him, groaning like a bear, then roaring like a tiger. The acro was confused, what was this abelisaur coming at him for? He went with it anyway, it was just a just chance to show his true power and masculinity. He knew he had to win this to impress the female acro, so as soon as the titano got across the river, he lowered his head and growled fiercely. The two began to circle each other flashing their teeth and growling all the while. The velociraptors leaned forward or climbed to different branches to get a better view of the fight.  Acro was slightly bigger, and his sail made him look imtimidating, but the titano wasn't intimidated, he could throw-down as well.


The titano mock charged and the acro flinched, he almost fell for it. The titano would’ve laughed tyrannically at his competitor if he could have. The titano charged for real this time, headed for acro’s chest. But acro had other plans, he lunged forward and left and grabbed titano’s neck and held, the momentum of the titanospun them both around, but acro's grip never let up. The titano roared in pain as the acro dug his sharp teeth in to his flesh. The bony bumps on titano’s neck were small and helped little. The titano thrashed side to side, then surprised everyone by rolling away from acro, and while on his back kicked acro in the chest. Both competitors were on the ground and recovered at the same time, though acro was winded and wobbly. The kick titano gave left acro with broken ribs and some major bruising later, that is, if there will be a later. They both charged at the same time and went neck to neck, shoulder to shoulder in a pushing match. The acro dug his claws as deep as he could into titano's chest and shoulder. But finally the younger, more muscular acro finally prevailed and flipped titano over on his back. Then he went for the kill, but was countered by another kick to the chest. The acro was still standing, but his face was on the ground, he was tired, but not of the fight yet. Titano enjoyed the pain of others and watched as acro coughed up some blood. Acro shook it off and stared at the titano.


The acro looked over at the female and decided he needed to finish this. Adreniline was sent pumping into his bloodstream and he grew more focussed. The titano went for acro’s neck, but acro got under neath the attack, then grabbing titano’s right arm, ripped it off with ease. Then, out of rage swallowed it whole to mock his attacker. Blood streamed down titano’s chest, he didn’t mind the pain, in fact, he was in shock. He was surprised by this act of mockery, he thought it was something he would’ve done, he now had some respect for acro, but still had to kill him. They stared at each other, then titano lunged for acro’s face, but acro whipped him hard in the face with his tail, sending teeth flying. With no time to spare, and one foot on the ground, acro stepped on titano’s back, dug his claws into his shoulders, and clamped his jaws around titano’s neck. He brought his locking neck and muscular spine into play here to keep him and his opponent in place. No matter how much titano jerked and thrashed, he couldn’t shake him off his back, there was nothing he could do as soon as acro’s neck locked in place. His claws and teeth gripped and tore more and more flesh as titano struggled against acro’s power. Acro was slowly pushing titano to the ground, and he took his foot off titano and put it on the ground to get more leverage for what he was about to do. Then, with a twist of a head and a snap of a neck, a dictator, titanovenator, went limp in the jaws of the high-spined lizard.


Acro dropped titano’s body and roared triumphantly, then he dragged is prize over to the female and she accepted it. He finally had a mate, and a land to call his own.


The next night acro and his new mate lay on the bank of the river, leaning on one another, when a small compie limped in front of them with a stick protruding from his shoulder and his whole left side purple, yellow, and blue, it was one big bruise. The acro female was wondering how that had happened when the kaprosuchus launched from the river, snatched up the compie, and dragged it underneath.




Winner: Acrocanthosaurus

Had too much to gain and was strong enough to get the job done.

Hope you enjoyed it, I know I did when writing it!


Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

6 Responses to Acrocnathosaurus vs Titanovenator


CompsognathusMember0 XPJul-17-2014 3:57 AM

Nice fight, rooting for acro.


"Somewhere on this island is the greatest predator that ever lived. Second greatest predator must take him down."Roland Tembo"

"Jurassic park: The Lost World"

Lord Vader

Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPJul-17-2014 4:30 AM

Good job, I was rooting for Acro.

Jack of all trades. Master of none


CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-17-2014 11:30 AM

Thanks guys!

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.

Something Real

Tyrannosaurus RexMember5639 XPJul-17-2014 11:47 AM

JEZZA - Alright! Acrocanthosaurus! I greatly enjoyed this battle - especially since my favorite dino won the day! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! :)


CompsognathusMember1 XPJul-17-2014 12:04 PM

You are very welcome Something Real. I had a little editing to do a moment ago, it's all covered now.

Youre fat, and I'm not sugarcoating it cause you'd probably eat that too.


CompsognathusMember18 XPDec-21-2016 11:24 AM

I should do an ultimate predator showdown. Anyone who has any suggestions should tell me any I should use. As of now I'm going to use these two, T. rex, S. aegyptiacus, S. morroccanus, C. iguidensis, C. saharicus, G. carolinii, and Saurophaganax maximus.

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