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Torvosaurus vs. Siats

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UCMP 118742

CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 7:16 AM

Torvosaurus vs. Siats

Torvosaurus Tanneri


Length: 36 feet (11 meters)
Weight: 3.5 tons
Era: Late Jurassic
Location: North America, Europe

Torvosaurus prefers swampy, jungle-like areas. It has long, muscular legs and mid-sized arms which are good for gripping and holding onto the prey. It also has a long, narrow skull which is used to get closer to the prey item, often larger herbivores, and repeatedly bite it. Torvosaurus has thicker teeth, where others have thin, blade-like teeth, which suggests it has a stronger bite force than most other theropods its size. It mainly hunts large sauropods and stegosaurs.

Siats Meekerorum

Length: 40 feet (12 meters)
Weight: 4.5 tons
Era: Late Cretaceous
Location: North America

Siats is a solitary hunter. It has long, powerful jaws and strong arms. They are fairly fast, yet very robust. They can hunt most dinosaurs on the island. InGen didn't have enough time to study them before the outbreak, so there isn't a lot known about these Dinosaurs.



A herd of Miragaia is slowly wandering by the tree line when a Torvosaurus suddenly jumps out and positions itself between an old bull and the rest of the herd. The Miragaia has no choice but to fight.
The female Torvosaurus is circling the Miragaia and the Miragaia always tries to position itself side-ways to the Torvosaurus. The female has had enough of it and tries something risky. She snaps her jaws in front of the Miragaia, which then proceeds to swing it's tail.
The Torvosaurus jumps back and as the Miragaia's tail is swinging back to it's normal position she charges in and bites the neck of the Miragaia, instantly killing it.

She is slowly lowering her head in order to take a bite, when suddenly an old male Siats charges out of the tree line where she was hiding before. The male is hungry and roars a challenge at the female Torvosaurus. She doesn't tolerate other predators in her turf so she accepts the challenge.

They start circling each other. They are both staring right into their opponents eyes. Then the Torvosaurus jumps to the left and charges at her opponent. The Old male has a lot of experience in battling other predators and already knew what the female would do, he easily avoided the attack, which woud've been a challenge to predict for somebody as young as the Torvosaurus, and bit her. He missed her chest but managed to get a hold of her tail. The panicking Torvosaurus tried to kick the Siats, but that was his plan all a long. As she kicked him he let go of her tail and she slipped.

The Siats was so close to killing her, but in the last moment she regained consciousness and kicked the Siats away. She was able to get back to her feet and then rushed towards the male Siats. She jumped on his back to keep him down, but the Siats rolled over in an attempt to crush her. Most of her managed to get out of range, but her left arm was crushed. 

The Torvosaurus snapped at him, but he didn't fall for the bait. They started circling each other again. They were both trying to figure out how to kill their opponent. The Torvosaurus suddenly ran towards him. He didn't expect her to go for a simple charge, but he'd stil be able to counter her. In before she hit the Siats, she side stepped, ran past him, turned around and bit his leg as strong as she could.

The Siats roared in pain as he fell down. Now the Torvosaurus climbed onto the Siats' back and went for the killing blow. The Siats bucked and manged to throw the Torvosaurus off. They were both trying to get back to their feet now. The Torvosaurus, being smaller and younger, stood up first and instantly charged towards the Siats again. He rolled to his side and kicked her in the chest. The Torvosaurus was launched back for at least 2 meters. She was breating heavily as she was trying to stand up again.

The Siats then ran to her and wanted to kill her before she could regain her footing. She got back to her feet before the Siats could reach her, but he knocked her down once again. the Torvosaurus was starting to get exhausted, but so was the Siats. He lowered his head to land the decisive blow, but she rolled into him. The Siats fell down and the Torvosaurus rushed towards him again. The Siats hit her face with his arm.

She let out an angry grunt and then proceeded to attack. The Siats  bit her snout and didn't let go. Her arms were out of range and she couldn't stop him from throwing her away like a rag doll, after standing up. They were both wounded and exhausted. The only difference was that the Torvosaurus was lying on the floor and the Siats was charging at her.

First he rammed into her, fracturing some ribs. Then he bit her back and rolled her over. Next he stomped on her chest. She was breathing heavily and she was too exhausted and wounded to fight back. And then, finally he bit her neck as strong as he could. She was squealing in pain and then it stopped. She closed her eyes and the Siats dropped her dead body.

Winner: Siats Meekerorum


Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-

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CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 7:44 AM

Great fight. I was rooting for Siats.

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Lord Vader

Tyrannosaurus RexMember6270 XPFeb-25-2014 8:02 AM

Good fight, but I was rooting for Torvosaurus.

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CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 8:17 AM

good job, i was rooting for torvo, but still good.

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UCMP 118742

CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 9:20 AM

At weight paritiy a Torvosaurus would probably have an advantage, but i used the american Torvosaurus (i wrote this fight before I knew about the 40 feet american Torvo). Thanks.

Keep in mind that many people have died for their beliefs; it's actually quite common. The real courage is in living and suffering for what you believe in. -Brom-

Rex Fan 684

CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 3:27 PM

Nice. I was rooting for Siats.

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Primal King

CompsognathusMember0 XPFeb-25-2014 5:38 PM

Great fight! I was rooting for Torvo, but whatever. :)

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CompsognathusMember67 XPNov-24-2014 3:33 PM


Sigmund Durkheim

CompsognathusMember0 XPDec-20-2014 8:21 PM

What should be mentioned first and foremost is that we know almost nothing about Siats or torvosaurus.




Your estimates for torvosaurus is incorrect. Torvosaurus being 36ft in length was recently debunked officially.


It turns out that specimen was actually 33ft in length, not 36ft. Even Wikipedia acknowledges this change.

Though it must be emphasized that wiki's weight estimate is innaccurate and very unlikely. At that weight for that size on such a slenderly built theropod, torvosaurus was even more robust and heavier than its much broader 39ft cousin, acrocanthosaurus; which is utterly false. If anything, based on torvosaurus close, similarly built relative allosaurus, torvosaurus was likely ~2-3tons.

Screenshot of Wiki article on torvosaurus




Siats meekerorum

As for Siats, your size estimate for it is misconstruing the difference on how large Siats really was and how large it might have possibly been through maturity.


I don't know where he is getting his numbers from, but every legitimate source I read on Siats meekerorum puts it at about ~30ft in length. Additional size estimates are primarily based on potential growth estimates of which are not even really conclusive.


Even the actual, full scientific papers for Siats meekerorum states it at around ~30ft, not 40ft in length:




Lindsay Zanno has explained this to prevent confusion.

Just watch at 8:42 on Dr. Lindsay Zanno's video:




There is also no way we can truly say if Siats meekerorum could grow up to 38ft, if at all. I watched an interesting YouTube video by content creator ThePrehistoricMaster where someone actually made a very good point


Quote by YouTuber +calibersoul2012

"As for Siats growth estimates (which is obviously what you certainly must be referring to, I assume), it is potential considering that it might have been a sub-adult.  However, we do not know if Siats could have reached its maximum estimate estimate of just under 39ft, a more realistic estimate of 34-36ft or grow a mere foot longer. You also have to strongly factor in that this is all considering if Siats would have grow in size at all. The sub-adults of certain species will not grow after that stage in terms of size, just in appearances and maturity. We just do not know enough about this dinosaur to make such claims."


Siats was ultimately around ~30ft in length, not 40ft.




Who would win?

Siats meekerorum would ultimately triumph regardless of the torvosaurus length advantage.


Elaboration to why Siats would triumph:

The reason is because torvosaurus was not significantly larger and was a primitive megalosaurid of which were just a subcategory of even more primitive and relatively gracile allosaurids.

Siats was a member of the neovenatoridae, which are more robust than allosaurids but not as much as carcharodontosaurids; somewhat like the bridge between allosauridae and carcharodontosauridae. Thus, it is with great reason to expect Siats to ultimately be overall stronger than torvosaurus.

Additionally, Siats was also likely overall more advance.

Lord of the Spinosaurs

CompsognathusMember0 XPDec-21-2014 1:29 PM

Nice battle, I was rooting for Torvosaurus though I knew Siats would win.


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